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  1. I know there was a thread on here that posted this information, but my search-fu is failing me. Anyone have a link? Or feel like re-posting the information? And can we get it stickied once found? It's very useful information when planning a new build.
  2. Demons have naturally good resistances and nature buffs resistance. Combine that with the IOs for resistance, and your demons are very hard to kill, even when they insist on not standing on the healing grass and/or you can't be bothered to debuff the enemies. Add on to that the fact that your buffs affect you too (unlike /sonic) and are clickies (unlike /time) and it allows you yourself to also be both fairly active in the fight and tanky, while not needing to micromange as much as something like /rad. That said, you're quite squishy in the early stages, endurance can be an issue (like all MMs) and anything that makes you drop toggles is the bane of your existence in tough fights. Of course, none of that is why I picked it. I did it for RP reasons. Enraged elf turns to demon summoning to engage in ecoterrorism ftw ;) My build below. It's currently theoretical as my MM is only 45 and will need to respec to be fully in line with it, but currently its about 80% accurate to what I'm actually running, with the only real differences being a few pool powers and incarnates, and of course, missing IOs (poverty sucks T.T). http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1533&c=712&a=1424&f=HEX&dc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
  3. I don't know what changed, but it takes like 20 clicks to remove a slot now when it used to take 2. It's extremely annoying.
  4. Yeah, that was the first place I checked, but I'm not sure if the lore pets are exactly the same as the actual monsters. And going through page after page of monster faction information trying to piece it all together when you don't even know if any of it is accurate, isn't exactly my idea of fun 😉
  5. That mainly focuses on DPS and only briefly touches on a small handful of the support pets. It's better than nothing, but not really what I'm looking for. Thank you though 🙂
  6. I'm considering getting the invincible buff pet for my Lore slot, but I don't know what any of them do or if any of them would be appropriate to any of my builds on any of my alts. Is there a list somewhere of what the various faction pets do? Preferably one that also mentions the expected up times for the buffs, how strong they are, and if they're ST or AoE, as well as what kind of healing the pet does, if any?
  7. Demons specifically. I feel like I could probably hit it with the right buffs and enhancements since they've got such high resistance already, so I'd like to know what it is so I'm not wasting resources going past it.
  8. Yes, just found this out the hard way when I got Bloody Hands 😞 I guess I'll be grinding Echinda since I'm not high enough level yet for MLTF or Mendor Silos 😞
  9. I also did Who Will Die part 4, but at 0x1. I didn't find any progress on the badge in the defeats section, so I wasn't sure if it was doing anything. After that, I went and killed Frostfire, and still nothing. I just don't know if the methods work because I'm not seeing anything in my Badges. Starting to wonder if I need to file a bug report or something. Edit: I figured out the problem. You need to do at least one bank job before the badge will start counting. I'll check tomorrow if Who Will Die p4 will count this time or not.
  10. Is there an easy/efficient way to get Villain Disruptor? I don't really want to have to do 75 radio missions and 25 bank jobs just to get access to this NPC. Also, where does the badge show up in badges? I know for certain that I've taken down villains from the rogue's gallery (Frostfire specifically, but I'm fairly certain others as well), but I don't see anything that looks like it might be it in my Closest to Completion, Defeats, Accomplishments, or Achievements.
  11. I'd very much like to see this converted to "affecting self only". It'd keep them inferior to Fly, etc, while actually making them usable. Right now, there just isn't a point to these powers outside of a costume contest or something.
  12. As they are now, they're basically unusable for anyone with more than one toggle (which should be the vast majority of those that can afford the powers). Changing them to prevent the player from affecting anyone else should accomplish the same goal of shutting off all the player's other non-travel powers, but without forcing them to recast everything after they stop using them.
  13. If you have the AH interface open and you double click an enhancement, and hold the button down on the second click, then the client crashes. I also had the Enhancement Converter interface open both times I did this, but I'm not sure if its related.
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