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  1. During live there was a redside mission that involved "trapping" spirits.
  2. Here are the locations for all the badges in Echo Faultline https://imgur.com/a/tOolCgA
  3. I am excited for these new additions, does the maps indicate which got in?
  4. There's a villain mission for Mr. G called "Part Two: Good Television" Its a farm able mayhem mission. I used it to get all the Mayhem badges accept the Hero Slayer and Firebug Badges cause there are no signature heroes and or bomb missions. If you're going after the Doorbuster Badge this mission is usable as well. You can get into the PPD and bust up their doors but there's only 8 doors, so you'd have to restart the mission 13 times to get the badge.
  5. No badge, just a random fun thing they track.
  6. These are the locations for regular faultline. https://imgur.com/a/2cGp709 The game is down right now but when I can get in again I'll get the Echo Faultline badge images that aren't on the wiki for you.
  7. Go to Mercy, Fort Darwin. The long bow line up in groups of 11 and they respawn fast. If you’ve got a character with AOE and are a high enough level you can take them out easy.
  8. That's right Dungeoness...If you create a Macro - /macro SCN "target_custom_next bone" Then you will have a button on your power bar that will only target objects with Bone in the name, like "Bone Daddy". Or you could do it as a bind, and have a keyboard button that will do it /bind G "target_custom_next wolf" and everytime you press G, it will only target objects with Wolf in the name, like a "Nightwolf" Ohh that is excellent information, thank you.
  9. If you get the Monitor Duty day job badge and the Patroller day job badge you get the base teleporter power for free as well, that’s the long way. You can get the Pocket D teleporter and use that to get to the Base entrance pretty easily by chilling in Pocket D for 2 hours.
  10. I really have to try for those skiing badges again.
  11. Skele101

    River Rat Badge

    I had some trouble with this one too, look for buoys and what I did was move along the bridge's length as well as traveling past it. The hardest part is the point around the east of Nova Praetoria, try hitting those points again and then hitting the bridges. good luck.
  12. You might need to be in Echo Faultline rather than Faultline. They definitely do. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/index.php/topic,1395.0.html
  13. Bump for all the people who still ask where the Faultline badges are.
  14. I wish costuming had it's own section on the board because this thread has been handling staying on top of the GD board for awhile. We could hold costume building contests on the forum or challenges to build based off names or powersets.
  15. Just adding Coralax to the list Blondeshell provided. Coralax (Has a gladiator) The rest of these are hero, villain, and praetorian teams that I would recommend that we make badges for if you defeat every member like the big praetorian bosses. Civic Squad (A superhero team you take on in a villain mission which also has no badges. We should rectify that.) Powers Division (A group of Praetorian villains that should definitely have a badge) The Hearts of Darkness (A villain team you take on as a mirror for the Shining Stars.) The Shining Stars (A hero team... you all know who the Shining Stars are right?) And while this character is in a group above I would make a special badge for them cause, COME ON! There's a VILLAIN named BAD PENNY?! Two Cents: Defeat Bad Penny Twice. You defeated the crafty coin criminal twice, making your opinion worth being heard in most groups.
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