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  1. Glad people are enjoying them so much! Here's another batch of oldies but goodies. Child of Talos, quite literally a descendant of the hero that Talos Island was named after Fun Gal, a hero with the power to control fungus and mold. Gross. Normal, a trio of genetically engineered heroes that all share one consciousness (All one character, just costume swapping as the situation needs!) Devoratrix, a demon representing the sin of Gluttony. She's since been rerolled as Claws instead of Titan Weapons now though. Phanto-Mime, a spooky spectral mime with the power to create invisible objects Two aquatic themed villains, Jaws and Beached. A shark and a whale, respectively. Beached uses the volcano back detail as a blowhole!
  2. I've thought about submitting it to base contests when those pop up, but it's still a very unfinished base despite what's on display here so far. Most of the other buildings are still just big slabs of brick wall without windows yet, and there's a BIG chunk of still completely empty real estate behind the main penthouse building. Just wouldn't feel right entering such a big WiP into a contest.
  3. Next up, directly across the canals: The beaches: Little bit of convenience and a little bit of history: HOT DOGS, GETCHA HOT DOGS:
  4. Heading up into the penthouse itself! Elevator up to the apartment: Hanging out corner! Don't mind the glowing skull: Out by the pool: Fancy decor: Home gym: Living room: Bedroom: Bathroom: Kitchen:
  5. Starting of course, with the penthouse itself: Main entrance: A cafe: Inside the cafe:
  6. This base has been my baby for about a year, and is still nowhere near done but hands down my proudest creation as a base builder. Allow me to introduce the home neighborhood of my main character Fighting Gold, and her Founders Falls Penthouse Screenshots giving a more in depth tour of the base to come soon!
  7. And now here's an assortment of random one-offs that don't see as much play as the above two. The Dwarf Fortress, a steampunk mecha piloted by Dwarves. Rip and Tear, a literal Doomguy knock-off from a fictional DOOM clone game that replaced the demons with Rikti. O Canada, Canadian superhero! Webby, does whatever a spider can! Used Elec Blast tinted pure white to great effect to resemble web blasts! Mermaiden, former swimsuit model finds a trident washed ashore from a sunken city, gains super powers! States Man, a hero who can manipulate the states of matter and doesn't understand why his name confuses people. More to come soon, so I don't clog up the thread too much!
  8. Next up is one of my personal favs: The tyrannical saturday morning cartoon supervillain brought to life, Lord Dreadnaut! Beam/Dark Blaster
  9. Well, after being on the server for over a year now, it's about time I think I finally shared on the forums! Starting here with some costumes of my current main, Fighting Gold! Elec/Nin Stalker (Along with five other variations using different powersets)
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