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  1. Typically the best place to find people that RP as classic superhero archetypes is in dedicated RP SGs. There's Pocket D as well of course but it can be a very mixed bag, so if there's a particular theme you're looking for with your RP you're probably better off finding a group with that same interest first. Don't be afraid to ask around on the forums or in LFG/Help/General chat in-game if there are any classic superhero themed RP SGs around that may be recruiting, and you should be able to find a group of people you click well with both in and out of character. As for the extra de
  2. Unfortunately I haven't really been able to commission any artwork of my characters for myself, but I do have a few pieces done of my main character that were paid for as gifts by some wonderful friends! In spoiler tags because they're some biiig images. Fighting Gold done in a style meant to imitate the manga Jojo's Bizarre Adventure on which she was heavily based: artist: Viored Fighting Gold and her fiancé Rebelle: arist: Squaffle Also as a gift from one of those friends was this piece of my character Fun Gal with her boyfriend Strob
  3. A GM already stepped in to address the issue and clarify the relevant rules of conduct, lets not have this devolve into mud slinging in either direction. That's just going to make both sides look like assholes. People are going to like what they like and if what they like doesn't hurt anybody, leave'em be. That's all that these sorts of discussions really boil down to.
  4. I'm assuming in the OP's case that they are still specifically playing on Everlasting for the purpose of roleplaying; It's just adult oriented RP specifically they take issue with. If they have no interest in roleplay at all and just want to play the game, then yeah there's plenty of other servers where this would be a total non-issue. But there's only one "unofficial RP server".
  5. Any kid old enough to be playing CoH (it is a T-rated game still) is probably old enough to understand if their parent explains to them what that tag means and for them to avoid people that use it. If I had a 14 year old that played CoH and they were going to play on the RP server and possibly try roleplaying as well? I'd be warning them about that right away to steer clear. As long as they aren't overly explicit in their bios or public conduct, those three little letters at the top of their description are inoffensive on their own. If the bio after it is pure smut or they're engag
  6. So I just had a thought, with how the base portals in the red/gold side zones were graphically updated to respectively be tinted red or yellow, along with the existence of the green version of the base portal FX used in the RWZ base, and iirc those new summonable base portals accepting custom colours under power customization... Would it be possible for the entry portals inside bases themselves to be made into tintable objects? Or at the very least adding some way to replace the default blue portal with the red, yellow, or green versions present in other zones? Maybe as an extra se
  7. I say, aim for a middle ground. Does everything need to be connected in some way? No. But I wouldn't put everything into its own isolated bubbles either, because finding plot threads connecting things in places you didn't expect can be a lot of fun. If everything is connected by some central unifying thread (it all coming back to the Well or all a Nemesis plot), it becomes less of a surprise when you find two seemingly separate parts of the lore tie in with each other.
  8. I don't think they were disagreeing with what you said, I think they were just adding that for players that find the enhancement system a bit daunting/confusing, there's resources and people willing to help. To tell people that think they can get through the game completely unslotted, that others are willing to help them learn because slotting is so integral. A lot of the time the people that are trying to play the game without touching their slotting at all, just aren't sure where to start with it. Though I think the OP's point was more that, you don't need to super-op
  9. 100% this, I can barely even count how many times I've been developing a storyline on a character, only for another character's ideas/theories to help completely change the direction I was planning to go with it. I love those moments of just going "Oh snap, that's way cooler than what I actually had planned, I might work that in." It's the collaboration that makes RP so fun, involving each other in the creative process.
  10. Well, figured somebody should make this to contrast with the Pet Peeves thread. What are some things you really enjoy seeing in RPs? What things do other roleplayers do that impress you? What helps make the act of roleplaying more fun and engaging to you? One thing that I always have fun with is when people just "roll with it" and play along with your character's concept. My favourite example of this being my character of Lord Dreadnaut, a literal saturday morning cartoon villain brought to life. So it always makes things a lot of fun when people lean into that, having
  11. It's a bug with bases, I don't know what exactly causes it but occasionally items will just "drift" ever so slightly from where you placed them. A lot of the time it's barely noticeable because it's usually just an object getting scooted a couple pixels in some random direction, but in some cases... If it happens to an object that needs to be lined up a very specific way, it can cause infuriating issues like this. What's worst is in both the above cases I've tried moving the drifted objects back to their original positions, only for them to just drift again
  12. Here's a few base building annoyances I run into a lot: - Selecting an object to shift it and having your cursor perfectly on the item, only for something to lag the moment you go to move it and you end up selecting and moving a wall behind it across the map instead. Thank god we have a ctrl-z function now. - On a similar note, items with selection boxes that get in the way of other nearby items. I can't tell you how many times I've been trying to select one object only to keep ending up grabbing a nearby tree instead because my cursor was too close to its leaves or som
  13. I think one of the most important starting points is just to establish in your head first, just who your character is. What's their personality like? How does the backstory you've come up with for them inform the way they act and think? Do they have any unique quirks that might come out in conversation or while punching Council goons in the face? What kind of values and morals do they hold? In any given situation, how would they react and what choices would they make? A lot of roleplay is heavily driven by character interactions. So a massively important thing is keeping that chara
  14. Tiktok for the Clockwork? And then Vine for the Devouring Earth!
  15. I am a cryptid and I have no idea how to act at a bar either.
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