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  1. My guess, to be taken with a grain of salt because it is just a guess based on limited knowledge of the game's code, is that it would be a pretty big undertaking because: A) As far as I know, the raw custom enemy group files used by AE are only used by AE, so it wouldn't likely be as easy as plucking a custom mob from AE and just adding it to an enemy group spawn list for radio missions. Either they'd need to have some way to convert a custom AE mob into something the game will recognise as a regular enemy group, or rework how radio missions work so that they can create some sort of frame
  2. This is about the only way I could see something like this working, via something like forum contests where players can submit their custom enemy groups for a chance to have it added to radio/safeguard/mayhem mission spawns, or something similar to the Dev's Choice for story arcs in AE itself. BUT that would still require a dev to spend hours they might not really have on testing the balance of these player made enemy groups (Which in the context of a contest, could be hours of testing for each submission to be sure things will be balanced properly, you can't just fight a mob with one characte
  3. Wouldn't taking only powers from your primary be less dedication to your archetype? An archetype is defined by its primary and secondary. What separates a Controller from a Dominator? A Blaster from a Corruptor? Archetypes are kinda defined by how their primary and secondary sets synergize with each other to form their playstyles. Sure you can make an effective build by focusing on purely your primary, which is the beauty of how CoH handles builds so that really anything can be viable with smart slotting. But that's not being dedicated to your archetype, that's being dedicated to that powerset
  4. There's nothing really wrong with dark/edgy/angsty characters and concepts themselves, with the right player they can be fantastic. A lot of the stigma of "Edgelord" characters comes less from the character themselves, but the how and why their player presents them. I always saw it as primarily being a craving for attention, and lack of self awareness that separates an Edgelord from somebody that just wants to RP a darker character theme. An edgelord is typically just following what they feel is "really cool and badass" and think it will get others to look at them and go "wow, they're really c
  5. There's usually a pretty clear difference between what's just a simple compliment on a costume, and a more "creepy" comment I feel. It's like somebody on the street just saying "Hey, nice shirt!" vs. "Hey, nice shirt, it makes your boobs look good!" one of those will get a response of "oh thanks!" while the other gets a slap in the face and I'm sure it needs no saying which one gets which response.
  6. The way I look at it is, the "creepiness" comes less from what specifically is being said, and more just the other factors around it being said. Like for instance, somebody you've never interacted with at all sending sexually suggestive messages completely unprompted. Or continuing to make advances after you've asked them not to or otherwise clearly expressed you are not interested. Or even in cases where maybe you have expressed interest in ERP with them, and then they start making sexual advances OOC as well that you didn't consent to (just because you said yes to one thing, does not mean yo
  7. I feel like something a lot of people are overlooking with the OP's post is how rude the person sending tells quickly became when they didn't get a response or invite. It shouldn't matter if sending tells or broadcasting for invites to GMs/MSRs/etc is the norm or a better way of doing things, if a leader specifically requests one over the other, it is not okay to harass them over that choice. That does go both ways as well, if you're leading and saying "no tells" and somebody sends you a tell anyway, don't get rude or snippy with them over it. The matter of broadcasts or tells is completely
  8. This really is a simple, but great and underappreciated bit of advice. One of my personal pet peeves in roleplaying in any environment are the people that act like they're "above it all" and not impressed by anything. It can be discouraging to have a character that's for instance supposed to be built up as some imposing, intimidating big bad to act as the major antagonist of a story, that is meant to be taken as a genuine threat, only to have That One Guy that goes "okay so what? you're not scary to me." There's nothing wrong with a character that's cocky and confident of course, but I feel li
  9. Here's a few more one-off costumes that I'm still pretty proud of as well! Buddha of Boomtown Queen Comet Dinogirl Laughterhouse Shepherd of the Lost War Crime Hero King Just Chill Duckling PPD Descended Raveyard Currently nameless concept design for an oni that works for the Yakuza Aaaand last but not least... Villainous
  10. Been awhile since I posted anything here, so time for another costume dump! First up, Throwing Hands, Energy/Elec Scrapper. Former competitor in some underground fighting leagues, now turned hero with some fancy cybernetics! Next is Outstanding Otter, Martial Arts/Shield Scrapper, an aquatic heroine that disrupts smuggling routes of illegal goods to Paragon from the Rogue Isles. Beelzboss, Sonic/Dark Blaster, a powerful demonic beast that has been sealed inside a mechanical monstrosity. Rinad, Stone/Bio Brute, a member of an
  11. Typically the best place to find people that RP as classic superhero archetypes is in dedicated RP SGs. There's Pocket D as well of course but it can be a very mixed bag, so if there's a particular theme you're looking for with your RP you're probably better off finding a group with that same interest first. Don't be afraid to ask around on the forums or in LFG/Help/General chat in-game if there are any classic superhero themed RP SGs around that may be recruiting, and you should be able to find a group of people you click well with both in and out of character. As for the extra de
  12. Unfortunately I haven't really been able to commission any artwork of my characters for myself, but I do have a few pieces done of my main character that were paid for as gifts by some wonderful friends! In spoiler tags because they're some biiig images. Fighting Gold done in a style meant to imitate the manga Jojo's Bizarre Adventure on which she was heavily based: artist: Viored Fighting Gold and her fiancé Rebelle: arist: Squaffle Also as a gift from one of those friends was this piece of my character Fun Gal with her boyfriend Strob
  13. A GM already stepped in to address the issue and clarify the relevant rules of conduct, lets not have this devolve into mud slinging in either direction. That's just going to make both sides look like assholes. People are going to like what they like and if what they like doesn't hurt anybody, leave'em be. That's all that these sorts of discussions really boil down to.
  14. I'm assuming in the OP's case that they are still specifically playing on Everlasting for the purpose of roleplaying; It's just adult oriented RP specifically they take issue with. If they have no interest in roleplay at all and just want to play the game, then yeah there's plenty of other servers where this would be a total non-issue. But there's only one "unofficial RP server".
  15. Any kid old enough to be playing CoH (it is a T-rated game still) is probably old enough to understand if their parent explains to them what that tag means and for them to avoid people that use it. If I had a 14 year old that played CoH and they were going to play on the RP server and possibly try roleplaying as well? I'd be warning them about that right away to steer clear. As long as they aren't overly explicit in their bios or public conduct, those three little letters at the top of their description are inoffensive on their own. If the bio after it is pure smut or they're engag
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