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  1. Team Teleport does not honor the Prompt for Teleport setting
  2. P2W, AE for normal rewards, and Incarnate powers are the top reasons the game is "too easy." If people want to perma Hasten or Rage, let them. It takes at least 3 slots to do it. Adding the crash to Rage just punishes a set that doesn't have nearly as many high damage attacks or a chain bonus.
  3. Sometime you just want to give your Tanker/Brute Fly. :)
  4. These are very nice! Piercing Beam and Penetrating Ray seem to be the same sound, but I'll keep the duplication over the old effects.
  5. As the title says, remove the 4 pool limit. Not asking for Epics to be more than 1
  6. I've been hiding Floor Torches inside Ground Torches (lit) to make them cast light. center them on the post then lift the Floor torch up 1 grid and it pretty much hides it.
  7. I'd like some more npcs: Cimerorans. The basic NPCs from the various city zones that walk a path. NPCs that you can customize, like the AE mobs.
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