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  1. no, there was 1 "tab" at one point though.
  2. I think someone made “we have some issues” as a classic villain group
  3. I left out taunt/confront/placate
  4. My dream of a TMNT homage super team has been forever hindered because of the lack of a nunchuck melee set. I had a suggestion a while back about the idea, and I thought I might try and flesh it out a bit more. Name/description Quick Strike - melee, light smashing, +rech self Nunchuck Barrage - melee, moderate smashing, 2 hits Flail - melee, high smashing, chance to confuse Build Up replacement - melee, moderate smashing +tohit +dmg +rech Figure 8 - cone, moderate smashing Throw nunchuck - Range, moderate smashing forced redraw No Name - pbaoe, moderate smashing Onslaught - toggle on target and auto follow target looping animation melee attack, light-high damage increasing, endurace cost increases the higher the damage goes I'm not married to any of the names or powers so it won't hurt my feelings on any offered changes. What I am looing at now is any animations in game that gould be used for nunchuck powers. I think the throw nunchuck could use the shurkin animation or the freakshow throwing the sawblade animation (are they the same one?). I was thinking for Flail to have an overhand smashing animation and could use heavy blow from street justice. Not sure on any of the others
  5. I would love to play one, but there would be problems (either too bad or too god) which others can do a much better job explaining.
  6. I dont know if its good or bad, but these i0 characters are the only one I enjoy playing now.
  7. Anyone planning on being on in the sg later tonight?
  8. Do you think the rewards (merits, I know most of the hammios are little more than garbage) for the hamidon are what they should be, lower than they should be or higher than they should be?
  9. Mobs with no rewards: grey cons summoned enemies summoned CW, BP, rikti out of portals, demons out of portals, sure there are a few more all that were removed because of afk farming sprites in croatoa
  10. Ignoring the “insult” because your only intent is to incite me. For your comment that it gives no benefit, if something is updated where a new strategy is needed, isn’t that new content? I would want new power sets and maybe a new AT(I’m not keen on any more zones, but that’s a different argument), but to say that the hamidon raid isn’t in need of a hard look (either changing or reducing rewards) I think is not arguing in good faith. What I think is you don’t want someone taking away your easy way to get pretend money in a free video game. but that’s just me.
  11. I’m not aware of any places with no rewards... also, you didn’t answer the question. also, why shouldn’t they spend time on it? Because you don’t want it to change?
  12. The nukes are not as fun without the crash, but I’d assume I’m in the minority.
  13. I don’t think very many people would claim that current rewards are inline with the difficulty of defeat the hamidon. So I’m gonna throw out a (admittedly, false dilemma) question for those are against making changes to the current hamidon meta: given the choice between keep the same difficulty and lower reward or increasing difficulty and keeping rewards the same, what would you choose?
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