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  1. Thanks for all the feedback, except the do it on your own server. Like I said in the original post this was only slightly serious, but thinking about it more (Spitballing here), this could end up being a Crey AT. You wouldn’t necessarily get a choice of which powers you would get, but it wouldn’t be totally random. Low levels, you would be the face of crey, doing good in atlas and kings but it could open up an arc where you realize who you were, etc, etc. Im not dead set on any ideas, but I think there might be something there. All thoughts and comments welcome.
  2. (Slightly serious) Idea for a new AT, The Random. -You would get assigned a random AT base stats/hp/dmgcaps/etc -At level 1, you would be assigned 2 random powers from any set (1 would be an attack) -Every level you get a power, you are assigned a new random power. -Slot levels would allow you to slot normally -AE would be disabled -one per account -could only delete once you hit 50 This would make for some interesting possibilities, some being very powerful, some not so much.
  3. I don't know why, but I didn't think of this at all. What if DPA was the exact same across powers that would share the same ammo? Damage/Animation=x for all 3. I dunno if that would work or even be possible, I'm kinda spitballing here.
  4. Emphasized the most important part in bold. Overall, this would be very interesting. Yea it is!
  5. I will try whatever they roll out. But if it’s not nonconditional fast ET, I am afraid I’ll be disappointed.
  6. They said after master brawler, they wouldn't do that again.
  7. Battle waffle I knew there would be people who would like powers as is. I think, if this were to be implemented it would have to be a new set, battle waffle
  8. -yes -shot, burst & aimed shot (shotgun would be a separate magazine if possible). Aimed shot would probably need the long snipe animation at all times (maybe, I’m spitballing now) -that was the idea. I was thinking it could be balanced around damage, accuracy penalty and/or recharge for the 3 affected powers. The number of rounds in the magazine could be easily adjusted too. Just off the top of my head, I would think a big accuracy penalty may be the best bet. With 20 rounds and no recharge, you’d just click again. But I think there are plenty of options in there. Story of my life
  9. I think everyone is on the same page in thinking Assault rifle needs work. Part of it is animation times, and part of it is powers. I'm not good with numbers so I'm going to stick with my wheelhouse of coming up with ideas (most are bad, but I have so many I end up with lots of good ones, quantity over quality). Assault Rifle as it sits now Power Level as Primary Level as Secondary Effect Burst 1 1 Ranged, Moderate DoT(Lethal), Foe -DEF Slug 1 2 Ranged, High DMG(Lethal), Foe Knockback Buckshot 2 4 Ranged (Cone), Moderate DMG(Lethal), Foe Knockback M30 Grenade 6 10 Ranged (Targeted AoE), Moderate DMG(Lethal/Smash), Foe Knockback Beanbag 8 16 Ranged, Minor DMG(Smash), Foe Disorient Sniper Rifle 12 20 Sniper, Extreme DMG(Lethal), Foe Knockback Flamethrower 18 28 Ranged (Cone), Extreme DoT(Fire) Ignite 26 35 Ranged (Location AoE), Moderate DoT(Fire) Full Auto 32 38 Ranged (Cone), Superior DoT(Lethal), +Special Battle Rifle (because I don't like the term "assault rifle" but they can call it whatever if we get improvements) -Would come with inherent power "Magazine" with 20 rounds -Powers that use the same ammunition would draw from this magazine and would not need to recharge(reload) until the magazine was empty. (like burst of speed but a much longer timer than 10 seconds) -rifle would be defaulted as modern military rifle with a quad rail on the fore end (for the shotgun, grenade launcher, and flamethrower) -Cottage Rule be damned Power Level as Primary Level as Secondary Effect Burst 1 1 Ranged, Moderate x3(Lethal), Foe -DEF -3 rounds (there would be an accuracy penalty) Shot 1 2 Ranged, moderate DMG(Lethal), Foe -def -1 round Undermount Shotgun 2 4 Ranged (Cone), Moderate DMG(Lethal), Foe Knockback (a rounds system would be cool for this too) M30 Grenade 6 10 Ranged (Targeted AoE), Moderate DMG(Lethal/Smash), Foe Knockback (unchanged) Extended magazine 8 16 Increases Magazine capacity to 30 Aimed shot 12 20 Sniper, Extreme DMG(Lethal), Foe Knockdown (name change and kd instead of kb) Flamethrower 18 28 Ranged (Cone), Extreme DoT(Fire) (unchanged) Additional Magazines 26 35 Reduces reload(recharge) time of all powers using "rounds" Full Auto 32 38 Ranged (Cone), Superior DoT(Lethal), +Special (same, but with a faster animation) Hopefully (if implemented (pipe dream maybe)) this set would play more as a 1st person shooter set, which as you can probably see was my inspiration for suggesting this. I only spent about 35 minutes think this up and posting it, so if you see any glaring weaknesses, please shoot holes in them. If anyone else has any other suggestions to add on to this, please throw it out there.
  10. Time to post again... how to fix regen 1. Give more -regen resist 2. Either lower recharge a bit or increase duration of instant healing or moment of glory 3. give stalkers some +recovery in combination with fast healing 4. allow Rez to be used while alive (like sentinels) 5. Have the heals in dull pain and reconstruction fire off at the beginning of the animation, rather then towards the end.
  11. So, now that we have page 6 details... Any ETA on page 7????😜
  12. In a vacuum, I would give it a fair shake. My problem in practice is the fact that you can’t unring a bell. If it is changed to a gimmick mechanic it would really hard to change back, especially if ~50% of the people like it. If it were me, I would start with reverting the ET animation. If after testing, it needs adjusting, then we could talk about more changes including stored energy. My analogy that I thought of while typing this: If a lightbulb goes out, let’s change the lightbulb. I don’t want to start with rewiring the house.
  13. New badge for making maps? Custom maps in AE confirmed
  14. If the animation is conditional, we are not getting what we want.
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