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  1. When the game was live, I was in college so there were a few nights I’d get home intoxicated and play. I’m sure I got put on some ignore lists. Now, I am a responsible member of society. I drink every once in a while, sometimes while playing, but I don’t remember the last time I was drunk. As far as what, usually a dos x or a lone star.
  2. I may be wrong about them stopping, ill test it tonight.
  3. I know it use to be until you zone. Anyone else remember citizen herding? Now I think its a couple minutes and you can only have 2-3 chasing you down to thank you.
  4. Title says it all. edit - Oooh, my first thumbs down!
  5. Tardy to the party here as you are at/near level 50, but in case you are thinking of blaster number two, I submit the Energy/Energy/Force Blaster. This was my original character from way back (closed beta) and I am a bit biased, but it does perform Areas it excels: Great single target damage from range and melee the best sustain (imo) - energize neat utility powers that are nice to have but can be skipped -boost range, power boost The coolest T9 primary in the game Freem good survivability (KB and stuns). Areas it lacks: AoE - it
  6. I want a regen/regen to be able to team up with an empathy/empathy ALL THE HEALS
  7. daggers and shivans make a solo tf pretty easy
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