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  1. What if instead of removing it, it was changed to they can attack?
  2. I disagree. I actually like this and the MoG on the paragon protectors. If you focus on the boss with a mez or burst damage at the tight time they become no problem. Spam aoe and you’re looking at the frustration factor. A little bit of strategy in this otherwise easy game.
  3. I guess we have the ski slopes for the Xmas event. But a hockey rink would be cool.
  4. I’d like to see a some sort of sports theme map. Baseball field, football, basketball, whatever. Hell even auto racing.
  5. I suggested this as an option a while back, not many people seemed to like it, I think it would be awesome
  6. I refilled my inv/em tank from live a while back. It was a grind all the way to 50.
  7. Death shamans will have husk pets. The pets xp was removed way back when do to afk farming.
  8. I would love reducing reconstruction’s time and have it -regen resist. And that might well be enough. But I think the cool down on either mog or ih should be (slightly) lower.
  9. Me not reading his argument doesn’t mean I agree with yours
  10. Just because something is popular, doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t need improvement
  11. I didn’t read your post before I posted. I don’t think there has been a thread specifically about the -regen resistance, but it has been brought up in the eleventy hundred regen thread (one of which was mine). Your suggestion has merit, and it’s part of my “improve regen” plan.
  12. Time to post again... how to fix regen 1. Give more -regen resist 2. Either lower recharge a bit or increase duration of instant healing or moment of glory 3. give stalkers some +recovery in combination with fast healing 4. allow Rez to be used while alive (like sentinels) 5. Have the heals in dull pain and reconstruction fire off at the beginning of the animation, rather then towards the end. thats all ( copy pasted from last thread)
  13. Quoting my own post because this thread is back 😁
  14. I think the big problem with all the pvp zones (for me anyways) is the need for a very specific build. If I could be mildly successful with my pve build I would go to the zones more often.
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