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  1. I have to second this - it's great for Masterminds, or even certain Controller types... but it really doesn't feel like a good set to use for Defenders or Corruptors or anything with more than a couple of buttons to push in their accompanying powerset. Chaining self-clicks would work far better; even if only on a couple of the powers. (I'm on the fence as to whether I'd prefer Faraday as-is or as a toggle aura.)
  2. Tl;dr - experiencing the entirety of the Praetorian story, starting *as* a Praetorian, was a Live project I just never got around to finishing due to the way it hops around all sorts of level ranges - and I'm looking to fix that! The hope is to create a spoiler-free 'map' of where all the contacts, trials, and TFs involved fall chronologically so that I can run through them 'in order' on various characters and see the whole story in a way that makes sense. Following the Wiki's Issue releases, I was able to cobble a starter together - but I'm not sure where the other 30-40 arcs (Provost Marchand, Sgt. Schorr) actually fall. Any help/corrections would be appreciated! 1: Praetorian Starters (1-20) 2: Apex (50 Incarnate) 3: Tin Mage (50 Incarnate) 4: Behavioral Adjustment Facility (50 Trial) 5: Lambda Sector (50 Trial) 6: Admiral Sutter TF (20-40) 7: Keyes Island (50 Trial) 8: First Ward (20-30) 9: Night Ward (20-30) 10: Underground Trial (50 Trial) 11: TPN Campus (50 Trial) 12: Dark Astoria (50 Incarnate) 13: Dilemma Diabolique (50 Trial) 14: Belladonna Vetrano (50 Incarnate) 15: Magisterium (Incarnate Trial) ??: Provost Marchand
  3. Not entirely sure which part of this is a bug, but the text for the power reads: I could have sworn this was actually instant-cast before Page 5; unless that was a /Devices bonus or I'm just misremembering. Either way, it's definitely not instant cast at the moment - in fact, it's the same length of animation lock whether you're in or out of combat - it's simply uninterruptible in combat.
  4. Manufacturer: Nvidia Model: GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB Operating System and version: Windows 10 Home (1809) Does the game load (and error you get if not): Yep! Driver Version: 425.31 Monitor Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Multi-monitor?: No. Graphics Preset Used: All Overall experience: The game mysteriously runs at 60 FPS in some place; 20 FPS in others - regardless of whether or not the graphics settings are at their absolute minimum or absolute max. Any steps taken to resolve issues you encountered: Mostly, research - but the only potential hook I've been able to find is that the game forces itself to run on 'Low Priority'. Attempting to set it any higher only makes it set itself back; so I've been unable to see if that might be a potential cause.
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