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Stone / ? for a Brute


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I tried out stone/wp last night and loved it (didn't even mind the slowness). But I was wondering if Willpower was the right secondary to be using. It has some decent end recovery and damage resistances, but is there another that would be optimal?

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Both here and on live back in the day my primary character was a Stone/Fire Brute.  Although I'm planning a different build for this time around,  I used to go Mu Mastery for the aoe immobilize and ball lightning.  Group up a pack or two immob them, hit fault to stun (Fault alone causes the mobs to wander around) then hit ball lightning and burn.  Normally melted the packs and I could move on. Pop Buildup or Fiery Embrace before you hit burn/ball lightning for more damage.  Tremor is a terrible power so you can ignore it, while fault is your biggest mitigation power.

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