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Haven't tried the combo but i can tell from playing both parts over the years.


Viable? yes in certain instances downright nasty. 

Bonus damage on disintegrated foes is really nice to begin with, then add on proc joy and stormie natural goodness and you will do some nice damage.

some decent synergy with stuns a plenty.

Biggest drawbacks are:

low aoe damage early on. Once you get Tornado that will clear right up... but you will still want cutting beam. it hits hard when disintegrate spreads.

End hungry!!!!!! but you will still chase recharge so it will be a vicious cycle.

As with most stormies, you will PO your teammates until you learn how to go about kback (or IO to solution).



If you make one, you will prolly be happy. keep up with your BF flavored vitamins and some greens and you are probably good to go.


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I have one at lvl 23 as of Virgil Tarikoss SF today.


Solid damage output with Freezing Rain and Disintegrate.


Hurricane creates an island of safety for you to blast away.


I have hover, which is mandatory I think for this combo to pick out targets to disintegrate.



Healing and shooting with redraw is slow and challenging on large teams in a timely fashion. You can often get caught trying to FR, Disint, spread disint, blast, blast, and suddenly... Oh, no, teammate dying! Where'd I put that O2 Boost? Crap, they're dead... too late. I've found that I can either ignore the health bars and make sure I'm spreading the damage, or I can focus on protecting allies and miss a lot of disintegration opportunities.


Ranged defense is non-existent so if you anger enough people and they're surrounding you from range, you'll take a beating. I just got Snowstorm so we'll see if that helps. Otherwise, your only defense is dropping FR and blasting them before they get back up. You can leverage hurricane to dust groups with -to hit, but the repel effect seems much wider than the visual effect of the swirling cloud, so it's tough to judge.


Endurance is an issue in long fights. But on a team with wounded allies, Vigilance is really nice. Just blame their low HP on your crappy heal and keep on blasting.


Getting disintegration leveraged is challenging if you knock away clumped targets with hurricane or gale.



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