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New Assault / Beam Rifle Models


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I was wondering if the developers ever plan on adding the mini gun model to the Assault / Beam Rifle customizations?  I am making a Hunk (Voltron) themed toon who is a beam rifle sent and a low carry heavy gun would be perfect!  Just a thought.  I've seen forms of this in game already used by some of the Council NPC's

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The AR and Beam Rifle animations are all oriented around a shoulder arm. In particular, Beam Rifle's 'ready' pose makes you look like a SWAT or SpecForce team member, weapon up and sighting down the barrel. Allowing a weapon wielded like a TF2 Heavy would require all of the animations to be changed for one weapon model.

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Actually what I'd do is instead of BFG weapons. It would be FPS weapons, mimicking the loadout of your classic FPS ala Doom.


level 1: Pistol (already have animations (would use the less fancy Thugs MM pistol animation) and customization models ingame).

Single target, low cooldown, light damage tier 1.


level 1 alternative: Dual pistol (As above, uses Thugs MM animation etc.)

Single target moderate cooldown, moderate damage.


level 2: Shotgun (already have animations as they would share assault Rifle pose and we have several options ingame that are NPC used but not player used).

Essentially a copy of Buckshot from Assault Rifle but using a shotgun model.


Level 4: Heavy Assault rifle (animations already in game and we have all the Assault rifle models to pick from).

Fires a 3 round burst from the assault rifle, an updamaged (damage wise) version of Burst from Assault rifle basically.


Level 6: Super Shotgun (same as shotgun).

Much wider cone, higher damage, higher recharge version of Shotgun.


Level 8: berserk fury.

gives half the damage bonus of Build up but also comes with a +50% recharge bonus for rapid firing action. Combined with Hasten you become a death dealing machine for 10 seconds able to spam out all your attacks in rapid succession.


Level 12: Chaingun (this would require new customization options bar the one already ingame and porting the animation from NPCs to PCs).

A toned down version of Full Auto, moderate damage, much shorter range but a wider cone to compensate.


Level 18: Plasma gun (uses the beam rifle models and animations but fires a Proton Volley style projectile).

Superior single target damage.


Level 26: Chainsaw (we have the model ingame for one and I thought I'd throw a curveball in the set).

Extreme melee damage using the momentum version of Titan sweep.


Level 32: BFG (again uses Beam rifle animations and models).

Essentially a copy of overload from beam Rifle.


Apart from the Chaingun all of this is already available in game and would represent a weapons master without the hokey thing of piling it all onto one weapon. It would naturally come with a no-redraw mode though due to the high number of model swapping going on.

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