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  1. Yeah it is kind of unfortunate that the way CO freeform works is that you normally pick 1 energy builder, 1 single target attack and 1 AoE attack and that's your entire attack change. There were some really cool powers that I wish we could replicate in CoH. My favorite was always the Orbital Strike Cannon which in it's base form had a really cool buildup of a large targeting reticle slowly focusing in around the mob and then suddenly a massive blast came down dealing huge damage. However whilst that was awesome it was the 'Anvil of Dawn' (a clear play on the Hammer of Dawn from Gears of War) advantage that turned it into this huge tracking beam (it followed the mob targeted) of energy that not only dealt the huge blast damage but also large Damage over time in an area. Unfortunately the fact it had a very long wind up along with, at least back then, a fairly sizeable cooldown, meant it was basically junk as an AoE power since it couldn't be spammed. The other advantage was the 'size growth on Enrage' one which let your character get bigger and bigger the more stacks of enrage you had until you could have a character who towered over everyone else in combat.
  2. When playing CO the FIRST thing I would do on making a new character would always be to shorten the arms because of this. Mind you in CoH the first thing I do on female characters is shorten the legs because I swear the leg proportions are off in CoH, especially if you make a max height female character it feels like they become 80% leg.
  3. Those are the Imperial Defense gloves if I'm not mistaken.
  4. So decided to make a Necro/Rad MM and went with something a little different sort of a fairy tale Evil Queen look, wondering what you guys thought.
  5. When of my many character concepts was one based on USS Enterprise from Azur lane. Her drones were Hellcat, Wildcat and Bearcat (all naval fighters). Her Protector bots were Dauntless and Helldiver (both dive bombers) and her Assault Bot was USS Farragut (Destroyer ship)
  6. The funny thing is. Here in the UK it's actually the PEOPLE that are treating the situation as kind of a joke. Namely why the hell people are buying literally two years worth of toilet paper when the Virus has virtually no symptoms that would require that much. In fact the general consensus is 'do the basics (if you show symptoms self isolate, carry tissues with you, try not to gather in large numbers), otherwise keep going about your day to day business'. It also helps that I have a sister who works in the medical field and actually HAS the data that was gotten from Italy (who is about a month ahead of us in terms of infection) and all the data points to 'a stronger, more virulent flu that unlike regular flu is actually stable(the reason the flu can't be cured is it's one of those viruses that constantly mutates making it impossible to properly vaccinate against) which means it can probably be actually vaccinated against' that is a danger to the Elderly (which are at danger from REGULAR flu as well) and people with heart problems (also at danger from regular flu). The media is doing its absolute best to blow the whole thing massively out of proportion. Proclaiming the Coronavirus as though it was the next black death. The situation IS a joke, it's all media hype making a situation out to be MUCH worse than it is...so you know what...you being all "oh it's so bad..", no, you don't get to do that, not for a situation like this. Treat the situation with the level of dignity it deserves and you know what...this doesn't deserve ANY, it's a joke. "Oh but people have died" the REGULAR flu has already killed more people this winter season among those at danger groups than Corona has by order of magnitude SO MASSIVE that it boggles the mind. Yet people are free to laugh and joke about that...so yeah...screw your "I'm so offended" act, god damn get over yourself. I lost my Granddad to the flu (Pneumonia, which is what the flu becomes when it progresses when it hits the elderly who can't fight it off) but you don't see me acting offended when people make jokes about it.
  7. I personally have no experience with Crabbermind builds, I'd suggest asking in the Widow/SoA section of the forums I'm sure someone will be able to help with a high end build for it.
  8. No there isn't anything like the RP addons like TRP you get in WoW. Mainly because you can use the description box to give a description (it's only 1000 characters but you make do with what you can) unlike in WoW where there is no ingame option to detail things. If you need to write something longer most will just use the Virtueverse wiki to provide major details and provide a link to VV in the description box.
  9. Yeah I've still not managed to beat old Lord Recluse with the towers up. I know people have done it but I can't seem to get it to work in my three attempts so far.
  10. Dr Aeon was the first AV in the MsLTF where I would recommend splashing some cash and getting an 'ultimate' insp (which boosts your combat level by 1 during combat) and bringing in a truckload of large purples and large oranges. This is what I had to do in order to bring him down on my TW/Bio scrapper. Recluse I've still not bested, managed the four AVs but Recluse is a massive pain in the arse and I keep getting blasted by him when Solo.
  11. Definitely the two stalker procs. Despite someone upthread putting them in 'middle tier' the two Stalker ATO procs are massive game changers for Stalkers. Chance for Hide in AS effectively removes the need for placate as a clunky way of getting a second hard hitting power from stealth and has pushed Stalkers from 'middling' to 'seriously good' in the single target. The global chance for Build up to recharge is also nifty, sometimes proccing enough that you can stack build up 3 times in a row for a stupidly heavy hit (if the mob has survived that long).
  12. This is a known issue with all ranged only controller pets and thankfully the Phantasm etc. will be looked at 'soon' to be updated to have the new and improved Ranged AI (that the HC devs implemented) that the ranged MM pets got.
  13. Oooh I would love for Crab Spiders to get the Meat Doctor packback as an option as well if there were at all possible, completely forgot about them. Still it's a lot of work for not a huge amount of gain (even if that gain is 'opening up Crab spider to be a lot more different concepts')
  14. I'm just curious if the Arachnoid legs that they use it a wholesale model change simply using the skeleton of the Crab Spider backpack or is it simply a 'retexturing'? If it's a simple retexturing then I would love to get that texture as an option for Crab Spiders, would further allow for more player customization. Admittedly this would probably require digging through the files and finding the Arachnoid model, stripping out the textures and modifying the textures to be usable by players. If, however, it's a bit more advanced than that and is actually a more major model change then obvious that's not going to be an option. If we could I'd also like to see the Arachnoid faces as options for males and the Regent Korol face as an option for females...but I think that would take a LOT more work.
  15. Sadly I don't have a build to hand but I'm sure someone in the VEAT forums would be more than willing to part with a high DPS crab build.
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