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  1. OK, Assault rifle is probably, IMO, the worst preforming blaster primary at the moment (Dual Pistols may be second, not sure, it seems popular though) but what it lacks in single target it makes up for having ridiculous amounts of Cones and AoEs. Buckshot, Flamethrower, Full Auto for cones and M30 grenade launcher and Ignite for AoE. Its single target isn't bad...it's just not amazing. Now we get to Assault Rifle on Sentinel. It's single target, thanks to the lower damage modifier is still only OK even with Disorientating shot, Aim and Incinerator but its bread and butter, its cones and AoEs just feel so lacking thanks to the combination of lower target caps, lower damage and narrower cones. Been talking with other people and most of them seem to agree that AR is probably the worst Sentinel Primary....so maybe it needs some love?
  2. That is kind of the problem, I really liked the concept I had in mind for an AR/Invuln sentinel but the fact that AR just absolutely SUCKS on Sentinels (and it's not an amazing set on blasters lets be honest, they took what was probably the worst preforming blaster primary and actually made it worse) killed my mood for not only the concept but the AT as whole, ever since then every time I go to make a Sentinel I go "oh yeah...I remember that..." and then proceed to make literally any other AT.
  3. Just curious is there people out there that simply don't play an AT because they, rather unfortunately, happened to pick a terrible combo the first time they played it and have, ever since just been like "hmm no thank you...I'll try everything else before I make another one of those". For me it was AR/Invuln Sentinel. I didn't know but apparently that combo is just kinda trash. Assault Rifle suffers horrendously on Sentinel thanks to the lower target caps and smaller cones (which ignite does NOT make up for) since like 90% of its attacks are cones of some kind and from what I can tell is widely considered THE worst primary on Sentinel. Invuln just felt so incredibly lackluster on Sentinel, even at 38 (which is where I got to). I saw blasters and scrappers doing everything I could do but better...so ever since then I've been incredibly unlikely to ever touch Sentinels again until they get a major rework that is in the works. I know that there are powerset combos on Sentinel that are awesome but that first impression is really god damn hard to shake especially since I loved the concept I had but it just didn't work out and that kind of annoyed me.
  4. So far the only Sentinel I've tried was an AR/Invuln. Needless to say I think it made possibly the worst first impression on me that a Sentinel could have done. The lower target caps, lower damage AND smaller AoE cones hit AR really god damn hard on Sentinel and Ignite doesn't feel like a worthy trade off for all of that. Combine this with a secondary that is both end hungry and probably the worst pick out of all of them for Sentinel...yeah things went as well as you could expect and I've not touched the AT since because of that utterly terrible first impression. I know I picked probably the most awful combination but it has kind of colored my view on Sentinels.
  5. Definitely going to look in to more prep work. Probably change my Lore pet as well. Since I can out damage the regen of AVs (managed to get Black Scorpion down to half health before I had to go help someone) I feel like a buffing/healing pet would work out better, not sure which one to take but ah well.
  6. Well some cock ups on the way but defeated Dr Aeon. Yeah taking purps and oranges was the way to go. First attempt on him accidentally used the tempo power before he became invulnerable again which caused problems and I ran out of insps. Second time, all buffed up to the nines I've got him...just the final mission to go now... >.> Sadly something came up and I had to ditch at the last mission...gave it one attempt and yeah...got to try to figure out a way to separate each of the AVs together.
  7. How did you find Lord Recluse and the tower section? I'm assuming the towers still have their ridiculous HP.
  8. Yeah I think I'm going to have prep a little more next time. I seemed to survive fine until Aeon hit half half and then no matter what I did I just got murdered..I'll probably try again tomorrow.
  9. Yes they are auto-hit because they're using the raditation debuff toggles annoyingly, I'm going to have to try it some other time and just taking a tray full of purples and oranges...see if that works.
  10. Anyone managed to pull this off? To be fair I did it on a whim, so no shivans/nukes etc. Did it on a TW/Bio scrapper set it on normal +0/x1 (she has recently solo'd a +4/x8 ITF) since I wasn't sure how things would go. Mission 1: Easy, no trouble at all. Mission 2: Also easy, solo'd the AVs just fine. Mission 3: Being TW became something of an annoyance since killing the vines quickly proved to be tough, thankfully managed to get it done, solo'd the tree, got my power and done. Mission 4: Now HERE is where the problem start. Firstly Silver Mantis, done but the only stand out from the villain sidekicks that really gave any trouble....now we get to the big problem itself that I can't get passed. Dr Aeon. The Doc by himself isn't much of a problem, what IS a problem are the bosses he summons which are /rad, flooring your resistances and debuffs. Now I don't know if setting solo bosses to off would cause them to spawn as Lts and be able to kill them in one Arc>Whirlwind sweep but it's something I'll have to work on. Naturally I got hard stopped her by the good Doctor so I have no idea how the last mission would have gone.
  11. It's VERY well known that the inherent for Sentinels is kinda garbage and its been mentioned by the devs that they're going to be looking at Sentinels as a whole in the future. In fact Sentinels themselves suffer from being good solo class but not filling any kind of niche on a team that a blaster (damage) or scrapper (survivability) could already fill, they don't really have a 'niche' as it were. They're already lower damage than blasters but also suffer from smaller AoEs (which makes no sense to me, surely just lower damage would be enough) which makes AoE heavy sets like Assault Rifle feel like complete crap on a Sentinel since it's key attacks are all cones.
  12. Mirroring this I would like the 'Spectrum' texture to have a non-glowing matt version as well as the glowing version. Also a very easy option for the devs to add since it's already in the game files is the 'Athletic' tights option. Currently it's dev only but it's a bit more subtle than the bodysuit version and would allow for a nice muscular build.
  13. Thanks Sov, didn't mean to be rude, your work is hella appreciated. 😄 However definitely am going to wait until we go test things out fully on the test server and then see how it plays/feels. Like I said, the elec/shield stalker was fun but felt crippled by the lack of a heal and the build didn't have the space or the slots to get it in and still maintain perma-hasten so I've stripped out the IOs and reworked my TW/Bio scrapper and I'll use the other stuff to help build other character :D.
  14. One thing I'm hoping for is when the test server comes back to its non-live state that I can simply see how this plays. If I'd have known how my elec/shield stalker played I probably wouldn't have gone to the problem of getting her up to level 50 and completely IOing her out as she just feels...eh...to me, far too squishy imo even with all the the trimmings.
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