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  1. This was waaay back when the servers were 'live'. I remember a wave of Chinese bot farmer accounts appearing both EU and NA trying to peddle their inf selling services... ...only to get laughed out of the place when people pointed out making inf via either farming or simple market play far outstripped the time = money cost the Chinese bot farmer accounts could do. I distinctly remember one of them spamming chat where it was like 100 million inf for $50 and the chat responding "I can literally make that in about 30 to 60 minutes...that's not even cost effective on an hourly wage fro
  2. Yeah one of the main reasons I take Super Jump over Force of Will is because on a lot of my builds they're power pools are already full and I want to work Combat Jumping in without taking an extra pool, it adds an extra 3.5-5% defense.
  3. Currently got an Nrg/Nrg scrapper fully IO'd out, the build wasn't made specifically to be 'the best' in terms of DPM (running Zap instead of Moonbeam and adding in Ball Lightning for more AoE). but she's running 177% recharge without Ageless, softcapped defenses to all but Psi and she hits like a truck I've noticed, I've not done my standard 'marauder test' (putting them up against Marauder as an AV that I've done for my TW/Bio and Psi/Bio) yet as she's not fully incarnated out.
  4. Firstly, fair enough, yes I have made an AR/Invuln Sentinel but AR/Invuln are pretty much the two easiest sets to build, you want everything from Invuln. From AR you want all your cones and the tier 3 (IIRC) that says it does low damage, high stun, when in fact it does high damage and basically out DPAs every other single target attack. I will also point out that I have stated several times that AR/Invuln was so miserable to play and left such a terrible first impression that I'd effectively sworn off playing Sentinels and this Water/SR one was going to be my return to the fold to see how it w
  5. Well not really, you're building for Typed defenses on Energy and Positional on SR plus Energy gets its own heal, SR does not.
  6. No I haven't played it yet, keep in mind I have NO idea what I'm doing on sentinels. Water Jet and Steam Spray are usually skipped on Water Blasters so I was going on that. Why do you think I was asking people to take a look at the build...there's no need to give off that kind of attitude just because someone is asking for help, let alone not explain those choices (WHY is Water Jet and Steam Spray good on Sentinels but Steam Spray is usually skipped on Blasters for example). I mean I was just going to give on advice since the topic had literally sat there for five days unanswered.
  7. AH I knew saying anything about sentinels would get attention :D. But yeah my opinion and the opinion of most in the discussion was that Sentinels don't suck...they're perfectly well balanced...a little TOO well balanced (I get the feeling the HC devs erred on the side of caution when making them), the Target caps, the shorter range, the lower damage, it's not really a good enough trade off for the secondary armour effects in my opinion. However, it's just that, my opinion and people are free to disagree with it and, like I said, 90% of the time it's REALLY not going to matter, it'
  8. Honestly surprised I got the name Venomtide on Everlast today. Also managed to snag the name (this is a long time ago mind you) of Invulnerabelle.
  9. I will say we got in to a discussion on Sentinels on Everlasting with various people chiming in and it never really got hostile. Most people understand where others were coming from (why Assault Rifle/Invuln sentinels make just the WORST first impression because Assault Rifle is F tier bad on Sentinels with only Sonic below it), why Sentinels are in a kind of funky spot right now (they don't really do anything better than any other AT, IMO they're balanced so well that they're bland...especially in a game with extremes outshining them AND being able to be survivable enough that secondaries are
  10. As someone who, back in the day, had an EU account and an NA account and use to play on Virtue and Union. plus RP'd in WoW. I have this to say, RP groups in general is very cliquey. The thing I found interesting between Union and Virtue was that Virtue had 'group canon' that whatever was happening to that group was what was going on and any other groups largely did not interfere with it, which leads to a conflict if there is cross group roleplay, after all whose group canon is the correct canon? On Union, because of the smaller playerbase, you had 'server canon'. That was things that were firm
  11. Hi guys just wondering what you more knowledgeable people thought about a test run build I came up with for water/SR.
  12. Sadly no. It also really changed the vibe of Astoria. Original DA was very much Silent Hill inspired, with the thick fog and the ghosts vanishing the moment you got too close to them, the fact we only sort of knew what was going on. Modern DA is kind of more end times Cthulhu inspired what with cultists in the street, the red sky, the fog being removed etc. I kind of preferred the original look if I;m honest.
  13. Rather annoyed my fun discussion with people about how 'content' is a nebulous term got deleted, seems like all my posts after the first one got removed...I mean you could have just edited or removed the offending post since it was literally just TWO posts that needed to be removed (even then it was friendly enough and we'd all moved on), the rest were harmless discussion. Anyway, griping aside it has been pretty obvious that the lack of content over the past 6-8 months is probably the major contributing factor as to why numbers have gone down. The content drought is understandable
  14. I mean the tech is already there...You'd just do the model swap trick and combine it with the various flight forms that don't allow combat. HOWEVER it would have to be a separate power like the P2W vendor ones purely because fly, as a power, already has all the animations in it for variants to powers off the ground whilst I have no idea how you'd 'Rib Cracker' someone whilst as a swarm of bats unless it had its own generic melee attack and ranged attack animation that played for each and... ...ok we're getting well past the stuff you're able to do on those half dead batteries.
  15. Yup. With Certain mods installed they're also used for boss mechanics where it's "X player has a bomb effect on them" and you either move or don't move depending on what type of mechanic it is (like for flame wreathe you stood still but for others you'd move it to the edge of the boss arena and drop the effect there).
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