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  1. Well, unfortunately, a lot of the ATO uniques kinda suck for a few classes. Tankers and Brutes get ones that are decent. Scrappers and Stalkers get ones that are life changing. Controllers get ones that are on par with Sentinel in being just god damn awful as do Blaster IIRC.
  2. As the original poster, the explanation that was posted by Jimmy (its on the recommended post tab up the top) is more than enough for me. Thank you for your time I was just curious as to why we hadn't seen things like new powersets or new costumes and you gave an explanation as to why, things like the 64 bit server and technical back end stuff.
  3. To be fair this problem IS solved but require putting the 'chance to hide' proc in AS. Since your combo goes BU>AS>CU since you're attacking from hide this also means that CU will crit as well, this pushes your alpha strike powers waaay past that of a scrapper since you're doing two massive hits that can (and I've done this myself) shave off half of an elite bosses health bar in 2 hits.
  4. My main point of contention is the large number of currently NPC only costumes that already work just fine, don't cause clipping or animation issues, in the -n version of Titan Icon. Surely they wouldn't take too much work to flip off the switch form NPC/DEV only to PC availability.
  5. Look at CoXG/Rebirth, they've had tons of stuff added, new powersets, a new AT, new costume options, lifting the restriction on NPC parts going to players (not all of them but those that make sense and work without any issue). Meanwhile CoXH has had 1 new AT (which is in need of a rework, admitted by the devs themselves since it is currently seen as a bit lackluster), We've not had any new costumes (we've had patterns but no actually new costume pieces) or had the restrictions lifted like on CoXG. We've had 2 new story arcs and a lot of back end power balancing work (which also goes on on CoXG I might add). It just feels like things are a touch slow when compared to both Rebirth/CoXG and I'm curious if, because CoXH is looking to become 'official' that they're currently being rather conservative and restricting to mostly power changes.
  6. Sorry to resurrect and old topic but did we hear anything more from this and our dear William Valence?
  7. Well M40 Grenade for assault rifle deals just terrible damage and requires a KB-KD IO in it to make it worth while. That's the only one I can think of that really needs a good look at.
  8. I'd actually like to see a proper fantasy style hammer for Titan Weapons, you know the ridiculous oversized one that would never work in reality. Currently we only have axes and swords in a fantasy style (even if the default sword does look a bit janky) but no hammers.
  9. Just because some builds have it does not mean that it doesn't need buffs. Repair really does need to have its recharge time cut down imo since it is a heal that only applies to henchmen, not to self or allies. For what it is the recharge really is aggressive.
  10. Fair enough, I missed that post since everyone else was like "Yeah I never take it since it's useless..." which, having played a bots/FF on live...yeah I gotta agree that it really needs a major buff or a complete rework. I'm not sure which guides he's thinking of...since heck even medicine is more effective I think.
  11. Personally my own buffs to Regen would be give it large absorbs on most of its heals, making them useful pre-fight like steampunkette suggested and turn IH back into a toggle. I get the feeling that powers like Dull Pain etc. Would be absorb instead of +max HP if they were made in modern CoH and not one of the 'classic' sets. I'd have it so that a Regen character could have like 75-80% of its HP bar as absorb since it has no other defenses.
  12. Literally EVERYONE in this thread is agreeing that repair needs a buff or a complete rework....what on earth are you talking about? What people are talking about is how people are working on getting the AI is in the midst of being looked at and talking about how the AI works.
  13. Attuned and Catalyzed are basically the same thing. What you're thinking of is Attuned and Boosted (using the enhancement boosters to raise it up to +5). An IO cannot be both boosted and attuned.
  14. Bio armour is basically what Regen should be with more focus on the Absorb/regen side of things. Bio armour in offensive mode is actually less squishy than regen and it gives a large damage boost.
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