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  1. I mean the dude who did those arcs had a serious hateboner for old States. Also Sister P isn't in the LRSF still, she's replaced by Penny IIRC.
  2. Keep in mind, not everyone is an IO'd out tanker. If, for example, my Invuln tanker who isn't IO'd out (running on SOs) is going up against Arachnos or Carnies, they're probably not going to leap in due to the heavy Psi damage which can AND WILL spike her down, especially if a mob has a Tarantula mistress Boss, a Fortunata Boss and a regular Fortunata in it. Also the reason people put more spam out for DFB is because you'll often get people just having created new characters who won't have seen the previous messages. The people complaining about 'gather for buffs', it's just considered polite ok, Jesus H Christ, I want to make sure everyone gets the buff, I'm sorry if a little courtesy upsets you >.>
  3. As others have mentioned, if you're going AR, go Blaster. Assault Rifle is freaking AWFUL on Sentinels and widely considered one of, if not THE, worst sets on sentinels. It's why if you check the Sentinel section almost nobody is posting AR builds. The Narrowing of the cones, the lower target cap and the lower damage turn an already struggling set on Blaster into a weaksauce set on Sentinel. My first Sentinel was an AR/Invuln and it made me hate sentinels...that's how bad it is...
  4. This stems mainly from NCsoft being Korean. As a Korean company if someone buys your failed IP and then goes on to have a success with it, no matter how mild, it's considered a failing of the company that original owned the IP (which it is, lets be honest) and a black mark against it. so most Korean companies will make a token gesture at selling the IP with the understanding nobody will actually buy it. NCsoft were clearly worried someone WOULD buy the IP so they asked for an outrageous asking price then when it turned out people were more than willing to pay it (especially western companies who could see the Marvel revival on the horizon and probably there was word about the buyout from Disney floating around at that time) they panicked and shut down all negotiation.
  5. My own personal vote is AR/Invuln Sentinel. AR on a sentinel is just straight hot garbage. With its the lower target cap, the narrower cones and lower damage it took what was already a suffering primary on Blasters and just made it straight up god damn awful. Combined with Invuln offering very little to help buff its primary or add any secondary damage out put (at least SR gets the recharge boost...). That combo was the one that single handedly killed my interest in sentinels stone cold dead and since that point I've refused to make one.
  6. I agreed with the idea of doing away with TOs and DOs as vendor items and instead selling SOs purely through them. However judging by the costs it's still going to be MUCH cheaper to do the standard drop of IOs at level 32. That's the major draw of generic IOs once you hit that level, they're an initial big expenditure but a much less 'upkeep' costs.
  7. Dr. Graves and Twinshot, despite being some of the newest introduced story arcs...are probably the two I'd vote as most crap especially because their level ranges and what they set out to do (especially the first 5-10 arc) means that unless you PL'd yourself to level 5, never leveled up at Ms Liberty, never did any of the tutorials, THEN they'd be useful...
  8. Yeah lets be honest, the Twinshot arc REALLY needed to be a level 1-5 intro, in fact the entire set of arcs should be bumped down a level bracket. 1-5, 5-10 and 10-15. The writing may be kinda crap but atleast then they'd function as their intended 'extended tutorial'. Otherwise we get into the problems of them making no freaking sense for their level range, especially the intro arc being 5-10...because you've probably already learned like 90% of the stuff in the arc before even starting it.
  9. I think the other problem is that it's actually causing frame rate issues for a decent amount of people as well as all these BNYs are causing the servers to chug kinda hard.
  10. Taking it purely for theme since my character is based on Crash from Quake 3 Arena and thus a certain other particular character Thus having LRM plays into the 'classic FPS' style even if it doesn't make sense. However yes Munitions Mastery is one of the weakest APPs/PPPs on blaster and could do with a rather large upgrade if I'm honest.
  11. Oof yeah gotta say the 'bring your child to work day' thing doesn't seem to be too popular ingame either...people are loving the nerf bat and the brawl changes but this...wasn't exactly well received as it is causing the server and framerates to kinda chug for some people.
  12. This was done using an attuned IO so it should have covered the entire level range Air burst is available, however it seems that, from my guess, the attuned one is looking at it as its lowest level and not its max level.
  13. Wait people didn't do that already? I mean that's exactly what I did because apart from the rare chance when you got none, you'd likely get 1 or 2 winter IOs per pack and farming you'd get the catalysts flowing so I just used to send them to my alts. Especially when you get a twofer it saves you like 20-30 million inf and all the rest of the stuff went into the farmer (merits etc.)
  14. Air burst cannot be converted within type (targeted AoE) but only as an 'uncommon'.
  15. I think they're misunderstanding that you're pointing out that in order to make it so an 'average' player can get things like purple IOs without having to play the market that they'll also have to go after marketeers. However they seem reluctant to hurt their profit margins by bringing down the prices of all IOs so that a single purple IO is easily affordable by the 'average joe'.
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