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Clicking and Dragging Enhancements (Or anything for that matter)


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I have been noticing lately (about a little over a week I think) that when I click and drag enhancements, they can't decide if they want to let me move them or jump out of my grabby hand of my mouse pointer. At first I thought maybe that my mouse was starting to go bad (even though I have only owned my newest Razor Basilisk for a couple of months now) so I tested it on other things, like clicking and dragging Windows pages, or clicking and dragging pictures from one folder to another. Works perfectly. Yet in game, clicking and dragging enhancements (or anything else) can intermittently cause my enhancement to spazz out and drop someplace unintended.


I have asked around in game within the Help channel, and it looks like I am not alone with this newly found experience.


Hope you guys look in to this...this has foreseeable bad potential to cause players to lose a purple enhancement. The rage on these forums would be real.  😄

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