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what is the /Ice single target damage rotation?


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So the best ST attack chain for ice is Freeze Ray> Bitter Ice Blast> Ice Bolt. The problem is that this requires absolutely crazy amounts of recharge to pull off and it does not consider procs. So let's assume a normal level of recharge of 150% (I believe you can reach this without too much difficulty on a nature/ice while appropriately slotting for def and res also) and factor in proc attacks. I will also assume you took ice bolt and not ice bolt and ice blast. I believe the best proc'd ST attack chain would be Bitter Freeze Ray> Bitter Ice Blast> Freeze Ray>Ice Bolt >Bitter Ice Blast> Freeze Ray (then you would start with bitter freeze ray again). With procs Bitter Freeze Ray becomes your best attack due to being able to slot 6 damage procs in it and its higher cast time of 2.64s (aracana time) with its 15 second base recharge means those procs go off a lot, this is a bit funny considering Bitter Freeze Ray has terrible DPS in a traditional build. 

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Ok, thanks.  I'm thinking about the same build that i had posted in my other Defender post.  I was just thinking about how to rework the attacks if i needed to, in order to provide a smooth rotation.   I did not take Bitter Freeze Ray in that build.

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