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Something is rotten in High Park (OR: Where's the Paladin?)


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Has anyone seen the Paladin recently?  I know I defeated him on another character because they have the badge, which I think happened relatively early on in Homecoming.  But now I just cannot find him at all.  Supposedly the new zone event is on a timer to respawn 20 minutes after the Paladin's last defeat, but I just spent 40 minutes at High Park in King's Row and there's no sign of him.  The first 20 minutes was interrupted by a Deadly Apocalypse, so I stopped my timer at 17 minutes and waited it out until the Banners finally cleared.  After another 3 minutes there was no Paladin, so I restarted the timer.  After another 20 minutes (this time uninterrupted) still no Paladin.  And now, zombies.


I did notice something odd, spawns of Clockwork triplets engaged in some sort of electricity animation on certain objects in High Park (including, perplexingly, the concrete north wall of the zone), and I found in a thread from this summer someone speculating if maybe the Paladin event worked similarly to the Council War Walker event in Boomtown.  But after defeating 30 of these triplets (90 Clockwork total, as well as some that weren't in triplets; definitely more than 100 in all) nothing happened.


So what's the deal -- is the Paladin event broken?

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