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Hami-O enhancement enhancements


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On the test server (and no doubt all servers) when slotting you are offered the chance to enhance your enhancements from normal to superior. You are also given the chance to enhance Hami's.

Why? What is the benefit of enhancing a Hami.

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Sorry for the late reply. Call me dimbo but is this the way it works:-

OK lets say for instance I've bought a couple of Might Of The Tankers for roughly 20 million. For the cost of a couple  of catalysts for 40 merits I can gain 2% extra damage from those (now Superior)Might of the Tankers.


Lets say I've bought 2 Cytoskeletons for roughly 80 million, I would have to spend another 80 million just to enable me to fight at 50+1 rather than 50

Is this what your saying???

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