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Ouroboros badges not working?


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I posted a similar thing on the badges thread:

I've done a bunch of Ouroboros missions today on Don Corr Lou on Ice (hero side, level 15) on Torchbearer. The first one I did dropped Bronze medalist and Refrained. After that I got no badges at all, no matter what mission I select from the lowest level range (1-9) or the second tier (10-14). I've tried a combination of different limits, silver and gold time limits, no death limits etc and they're all "successful" when I'm done but no badges. Not even the badge for doing 5 ouro missions go up every time. I've only had 4 of them count for that one.

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This is probably not the case since you said you tried all missions in the first two level tiers, but it's worth mentioning -- Accomplishment badge Flashback missions (Spelunker, Plague Stopper, et al.) don't count towards the Ouroboros badges.

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