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Make Amy Jonsson targetable again

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  • 6 months later

I was going to make a post for this, but after searching I was simultaneously glad to see it was already mentioned and saddened it got NO backing or support in 6 months.


I will disagree with the OP that she shouldn't be teleportable though.  She gets stuck in cave geometry ALL THE TIME.  Well, a significant amount of the time.  It's at least a 50-50 proposition.  To resolve you have to either restart or pray a GM can help.  On some rare occasions she'll free herself.


She used to be able to be teleported, but among the many Katie nerfs (when this was the speed runners choice) this was changed.  We're now in a world where Katie Hannon reward abuse is the least of the issues.  


Please make it so players can teleport her.  I know of people that avoid this tf just to not have to deal with this.  The players will have a less frustrating experience and the GM team would be freed from the requests they get hit with to resolve.

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