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  1. Defense, so I can click a glowie without clearing the room. 😎
  2. Even worse on Stalkers, with fewer AoEs. I recently discovered one of the Incarnate powers adds Immob/Fear/Stun onto all attacks and take that on my Scrappers now. So handy! My Spines/Ice shoots stuff all over and the critters get stuck in it.
  3. Wrong question. You should be asking: Does something need to be arrested, defeated, or destroyed? That's where you leave the Scrapper. You need to listen to the theme song again!
  4. My Fire Melee/EA Scrapper is around level 35 right now. Just did a Moonfire earlier and was astonished when on the first mission I ran into a big spawn of Vamps and promptly got held 😪 At least I got one attack off first. I think the team couldn't tell because of all the other visual FX going on.
  5. ninja surprise


    Indeed. I put a Zephyr -KB in Mystic Flight at about level 10 and forget about it.
  6. Revisiting this, I think it'd be great if we could talk to either Detective. So people could choose whether to go indoors or outside. Also, why the heck are the police vans so far away from the police station? I'm leveling up and doing the Radios & Bank in each zone. The vans in Independence Port, Brickstown, and Peregrine Island are almost a mile away from the station. What the heck for? Why travel so far to get to the van, then all the way back to the Detective? Why no cell phone?
  7. Welcome back! It's Mid's Reborn now, there's a link to download it in the Tools section of the forum. I think your build looks solid for farming smashing/lethal farms. I'd avoid pairing Super Strength with Defense armor because the Rage crash smacks you down 20%, to 32% on your build.
  8. I have a DB/SR Scrapper and it's one of my favorite toons. DB is just fine on a Scrapper.
  9. It would also be great if the "anchor after zoning while a power turns back on" time could be decreased or eliminated. I really notice it on my Rad/Rad Defender who has to wait 2 seconds for Choking Cloud to reactivate in every doorway. The whole time, being pushed sideways by everyone else coming through the door.
  10. I have a Dark Melee / Ice Armor brute and it's great fun. Can still generate plenty of fury by attacking things.
  11. It would be cool, but I think the lists would be huge. Some would be anyway. Air Burst often won't let me convert it to anything.
  12. Is it possible to change the direction characters run when "exiting" a helicopter mission? Ex: Penelope Yin, 3 helicopter missions. When the mission ends and you Exit, you (and your 7 teammates) appear at the base of the helicopter and (no matter what you do) run up the ramp towards the inside of the helicopter. All 8 people are trying to turn around and leave the helicopter but are animation-forced to run up into it before you're allowed to leave. Can that be turned around, so we run "out" of the helicopter when exiting? That would be so nice and expected-behavior when exiting a mission. I know it's going to happen so I try flying backwards out of there but it rubber-bands me back in until it's forced me all the way into the helicopter before it sets me free. If it's possible to standardize direction faced when exiting the RWZ portals into/out of the base, that would be great too. I never know which way I'm facing and need to turn to go up the stairs and out of the portal area. Other hazard zone doors, like Hollows, place you facing the exit, which is absolutely wonderful.
  13. I only have Bonfire on a blaster and I love it with the KD enhancer. They flop a few times and by then I've defeated them. I might get it on my fire/kin soon and I'll stick with the KD, I much prefer it to shooting foes all over the area after gathering them for destruction.
  14. This would make tremendous sense. This is the opposite of the purpose of Ouro. It isn't just a zone to form BAF, it's where you go to time travel. You have to flashback so you become the level of the contact and get the correct-level foes.
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