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  1. I haven't played my Tw/Nin in a while, so I'm gonna check this out too.
  2. You can copy to test and try it there. I'd suspect that defense and resistance are saving you a lot of healing though.
  3. The irony being, a lot of the builds I see don't get the Brute to 90% resistance vs most damage types. Farmers cap fire resist, some other builds cap S/L. But most barely get to 75%. So I'd tweak the generalization to say resistance armors are better on Brutes because they have more HP. They take longer to whittle down, and get more from the armor's heal. Scrappers, with Defense armors, don't care about lower HP pools when they aren't getting hit. That's just weird, but I hadn't thought about the difference between a taunt aura and a damage aura. Ice has
  4. Breaking line of sight is a great way to force grumpy mobs to gather into a larger battle. Playstyle note: Assuming the player is playing aggro and crowd control, and not personally trying to defeat everything: Taunt a group far away and it'll approach to within their debuffed max range. But things like Rikti Drones, Mentalists, and other primarily ranged attackers will still stay far enough away to be out of the team's AoE. But if the tank runs back and past the group, either just around the corner to break LOS or far enough past the group, the taunted mobs will follow until th
  5. You should have kept it but maybe moved it to a different server. Otherwise, 3 - 10 months from now, you'll start thinking "Hmm maybe I need an invuln/SS toon" and start fresh before remembering you hate it.
  6. Mostly - some badges are for doing a combo of IOs but you might memorize one of the recipes without doing the other IO to get the badge.
  7. Looks like you have to craft 6 of the level 15 and 6 of the level 20 to memorize it. https://cityofheroes.fandom.com/wiki/Hired_Gun_Badge Here's an influence cost chart https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Common_Invention_Recipes
  8. Totally understandable. After re-reading your first post to better answer your question, Claws works just fine for solo tanking. It puts out good damage, the build-up attack is great for Tanks, and like @Hjarki says you can proc up the attacks since you don't have to chase so many survival set bonuses. I suppose it also depends on the playstyle that best supports your burnout. The Scrapper will be frantic - have to keep on top of your Bio clickies and inspirations to stay alive. Like you said, the "functional regen". But oh boy do mobs melt fast. The Tank will be a
  9. The devs on Live never did it, and the new team hasn't either. No reason why. Either it wasn't a priority, too difficult, or they just don't care to.
  10. If I'm thinking about the right one, the banded arms are under the "Robotic Arms" options in Tops.
  11. Cool name! Your build looks super solid with resists and defense way higher than they need to be. Personally I like having more attacks, but if the ones you have recharge quick enough to defeat stuff, that's all you need.
  12. You could not consider me a true friend if I did not say this.
  13. An occasionally frustrating thing about Savage is that Savage Leap can't target everything. Yesterday on a Miss Liberty, I couldn't Leap onto the web parts (those long pipe-looking things) in the first mission. One of the other attacks kept saying they were out of range too, even though the rest of the Savage attacks could hit it. Then on a Lady Gray TF Savage Leap couldn't hit the Gateway Portal Generators in the last mission with the Honoree. So that's annoying.
  14. Portal corp dudes on shrooms or something... [NPC] Portal Corporation scientist: Peaches! Sourdough! Agate! Marine! [NPC] Portal Corporation scientist: You sing happiness go home? [NPC] Portal Corporation scientist: Zip zop. [NPC] Portal Corporation scientist: Boats on banana paper. [NPC] Portal Corporation scientist: Crustacean fancy pants plaza. [NPC] Portal Corporation scientist: Pink snowflakes write sculpture.
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