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  1. Yep, that's what I do. I make it a very translucent color so it's barely visible. But it still does weird things to some animations like Beast Run, and makes female toons do a weird scream instead of the "Ha!" when taunting. It'd be cool if there were a scale slider on the shield to make it small.
  2. It seems odd that Barrier Radial, with its +Def and +Res buff, also has Ally Rez powers. Rebirth is named Rebirth, which I assume means born again, and does Ally Heal, +Max HP on the Core side, and Ally Heal, +Regeneration on the Radial side. Why doesn't Rebirth do rezzing? Can it be added? That'd be sweet AND thematic.
  3. It's too easy to get carried away here! I was thinking we should really have an electricity-based armor and started brainstorming how to cobble a set together... then remembered there already is Electric Armor 😆
  4. Also, a No FX version of Shield Defense where you just don't have a shield and all the normal attack animations (and female taunt) happen. Conceptually the "shield" could be power armor, force field (aura), magical belt/bracers/necklace, or Monk-type diamond skin... anything besides that massive shield on the left arm.
  5. Yep, you can build anything you want with every enhancement imaginable on test in less time than it takes to run a DFB. If you want to build and play alts that's the place to do it!
  6. Or with set bonuses, since homeboy was worried about end consumption and Weave/Maneuvers is two more toggles to run. Plus you get to see your costume with SR.
  7. I have one, and it's one of my favorite toons for concept and playstyle. But I have so many other alts to play too! With the variety of AoE and melee attacks in Staff it's easy to get the sets to soft-cap SR. Then you just go crazy hitting things with a 10' pole. Lots of KD so things can't try to hit you back. It's fun.
  8. Also you won't run into a bunch of clones of your powersets, which is always award. I haven't seen Shield/SJ very frequently at all.
  9. Yep and the only mission that's a pain in the butt -- a defeat all of Crey tanks and Scorpion dudes -- can be autocompleted to speed the whole arc up.
  10. Shield/Stone Melee is a blast and hits hard with dirt clods flying off the face of everything you hit. It would go great with Ice Melee too. Probably a good unbeatable combo is Invulnerability / Dark Melee. They buffed DM so your AoEs are massive. Shadow Maul hits people standing nearly behind you, up to 10 targets! Even Touch of Fear is a AoE and hits everything around you. Invincibility + Soul Drain gives you massive +tohit and damage buff. My personal favorite right now is Fire Armor / Savage Melee. It's a blast leaping in, lighting everything on fire, and ripping i
  11. It goes back to the question of "what are you doing to revive PvP?" If you know people aren't going to do it for fun or just for the sake of it, are you organizing events, giving prizes, writing guides, etc? How are you making it rewarding for people to participate? Why would someone want to go get ganked by a min/maxer with a billion dollar build? If we assume that most people either don't care about PvP or don't want to, then changing the game to force them to do it will just alienate them or drive them away. You need to entice them with rewards. If Homecoming team doesn't have
  12. In the costume creator there's Costume Sets for various themes and then there's all the other options you can choose. Can Sets be added for some of the animal combinations? There's Insectoid, Reptilian, Lizard... I think that's it for the animal-themes. No bird, fish, cat, wolf, or minotaur sets. Would it be possible to add them in with their legs, tails, wings, etc?
  13. Welcome back! In case you didn't know, there's Mid's Reborn hero planner where you can plan out your power picks and enhancements. There's a Test server. On Test you can boost your Tank to level 50, and use a pop-menu to give it all the enhancements you'd ever need. Then you can try it out on some radios, solo task forces, etc, to see how you like it before creating it on Live. Here on the forums there's already a ton of threads with build suggestions for most power combos, and definitely for every primary/armor set, and you can use those for ideas.
  14. @Bopper For me, I can't figure out how to build a Widow/Fortuna. I don't understand how the powers stack. When I look at it in Mid's it seems like it has a ton of low-buff leadership-like toggles and I don't know what to do with them. Your build is amazing though and I'll give it a try on mine. I think Pokey McPokesalot is in the 30's so can choose a path on respec and get a decent start on being strong. My first main was a SR/DM on Live. It was my second 50 (first was Grav/Kin Controller) and my first Incarnate. After CoV came out it was still a long time before I dabbled in reds
  15. It's worth noting that much of the time the damage output won't make a whole lot of difference. Minions will still go down while you're doing your attack chain on the boss, mixing your AoE with ST attacks. Bosses might take 4 or 5 attacks instead of 3 or 4. It's only in really long fights against very tough opponents like Pylons, GMs, AVs, etc where the time to defeat stretches out by a minute. And that's only when you're solo. On teams the difference shrinks again. SR is easier and cheaper to softcap. Bio requires a lot of expensive sets to max out recharge, resists, def
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