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  1. You can try pressing command + shift + 3 to take a screenshot of your entire screen, saved to your desktop.
  2. Love Fly, always take it. Nothing better than Up UP and Away!
  3. I have graphics turned down on my laptop but I think Alpha Fists gets closest. I think it looks pretty cool with Street Justice.
  4. ninja surprise

    Tank Elec/Dark

    Old thread that popped up, I'd comment on your original build no Pont in the performance shifter proc in power sink, it'll already refill your endurance with just a couple critters around you. Dark Consumption could use some accuracy, maybe slot it as an attack that's up every 30 seconds or so.
  5. Conditions: In base with Salvage rack storage open. Count the number of Catalysts in storage. Have one Catalyst in inventory Do the Enhancement catalyze thing The wizard says 100% chance of success; hit Combine - wizard kinda grays out/pauses; click Exit Enhancement is unmodified; Catalyst is gone from inventory; Salvage rack Catalyst inventory has increased by 1 If you do this with more than 1 Catalyst in your character's inventory the combination will succeed but 1 Catalyst will be consumed and 1 Catalyst will be sent to the Salvage rack. See also:
  6. Defeat alls are less of a pain than having to constantly run from the far end of IP to the far end of Talos, and back, and forth, and back. It's nice when you wind up getting the same door several times in a row but also somewhat ridiculous to leave a cave, have the next mission on the same door, and inside is a completely different cave map stocked with new badguys. And the extreme crookedness of the tunnels... it would be incredibly difficult to dig tunnels that crooked.
  7. Key ask: In zones with north and south trams, add base TP anchors for north and south. The existing anchors for Steel Canyon, Skyway and Independence Port TP to the north, so it would only be adding new ones for the south. As a bonus, this would reduce some of the grind for Citadel and Synapse where you're constantly jumping back and forth between two zones and the mission is nearly always on the opposite side of the zone from the base TP destination. Sure you can run to the train and take it south but that still detracts from time spent punching things in the face.
  8. Or two alternatives: Ability to add an Aspect of the Whatever crystal thing to our bases that goes to Cim, like the one in the Midnighter club, Add a Crystal to Night Ward. The biggest pain in the butt is that however you get to Steel, Croatoa, or Founders Falls you have to travel quite a ways to the club. In Night Ward the house is right there near the base TP landing zone and the "tunnel" transporter. But for some reason that zone didn't get a crystal.
  9. Or a super useful tweak: On the Contact screen add a button "Set this mission" so that we can set the mission from the person we just talked to without having to switch to the Mission tab and figure out which mission was just given. Often I'll have a bunch of tips and mission arcs and the short text is ... not quite descriptive, so I have to click through a few missions to figure out which is the one I just received and want to run next.
  10. A person could roll street justice and in the costume creator give it the big pom poms.
  11. Yep, same with clicking a store, trainer, or other thing on the map.
  12. When running missions, after talking to a contact and getting a new mission, you then have to switch from the Contact tab to Mission, identify the mission you just received (if you have multiple active you have to figure out which is the brand-new mission), select it, wait for the window to stop resizing, then click Select Task to set it as the active mission so the team knows where to go. How about an option to enable "Auto-select new mission" that automatically sets the active mission to the one just received from the contact? Such a nice QoL timesaver.
  13. Tankers also have to be strategic about when to *stop* attacking with TW. When the spawn's whittled down and your 7 teammates are competing to finish off the last boss or the last 2 or 3 critters and you ran out of momentum, you have to have the character strength to stop attacking and run away (to the next spawn) instead of starting another swing and then being stuck in animation for a few seconds after the critter's already been defeated and the whole team's watching you swing at nothing and the Blaster is already heading off to nuke the next spawn. You'd think people would learn this by the end of their second DFB but it's amazing how many TW tanks think it's their duty to defeat every last critter. Even though almost everyone else on the team can defeat a minion before TW has built momentum (exaggeration for emphasis). Don't try to defeat every single enemy yourself. Go find big spawns and start swinging like crazy!
  14. My Ice Armor/Stone Melee is a blast to play and I don't remember seeing another out and about.
  15. WP/DB will be fine. If you're worried you can roll it on Pineapple, bump it to 50, give it a bunch of free sets, and run a few radios or arcs. If you like the animations you'll love playing it. Without looking, I don't think Willpower has any clicky powers that would cause re-draw so it's non-stop cutting action 🙂
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