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Inspiration Tray moves when entering mission


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Doesnt happen often but occasionally on different characters when I enter a mission/tf/etc my floating Insp Tray moves to a different spot and always the same spot.
I have my powers tray at the bottom-center of my screen and the Insp Tray off to the right side of the powers tray by ~5mm.
When this occurs the Insp Tray appears at the top-left of my powers tray by a good ~3cm.

I would say that its a rare occurrence.

Anyone else have this issue?

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I've experienced this as well.  The best short-term advice I can give is to position all your trays/windows exactly where you want then use wdwsave and wdwload, (possibly even binding the load command to a handy key).  The latter command should restore the windows/trays to the exact position they were at when you used the save command.


If you have multiple characters you want to do this with, use the wdwsavefile filename and wdwloadfile filename commands instead.

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