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A Notes field on the character selection screen


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High on my wish-list is a text field the user can view on the character selection screen.  This would be for miscellaneous notes.  


A "for example" to answer "why do you want this?" is to be able to check, at a glance, whether a character needs the current WST or not.  Let me preemptively ask that someone not bother to counter with "you don't need that for WST just *blah*".  Again, this is just for example, there are dozens of other use cases for the "why".


Ideally we would be able to edit this field in game.  Editing it on the character selection would also be nice.


I'm no UI designer (the proof is linked to below), so I hate to go into specifics.  Personally, something on the order of 24-32 characters would be fine.  More is better but I won't be particular about the size.



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