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Cold Mastery help..Ice/Ice blaster


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Looking for input as I'm not sure what I want to take. Depending on what powers from secondary I take I would have room for up to all 5 powers. Not sure if that is necessary, as I already have taken tough/weave. And I'm not sure how well these perform. 

Any pros able to edumacate me on these powers?

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Snowstorm is generally not too useful on a blaster, you are better off killing stuff rather than debuffing their speed, which still allow them to fight back.


Frozen armor is most likely a must for most builds because it gives you S/L defense and for the Luck of the Gambler +Recharge IO. But to really reap the benefits of frozen armor you'd most likely want to stack some smashing/lethal defense set bonuses and pool powers like weave which you already have, and manuevers/hover/combat jumping on top of the armor to give you respectable defense against the most common damage types. Are you trying to build for defense? What's your playstyle? Do you use any of your melee powers? Melee powers, even if you don't use them are nice mules for kinetic combat which offers high S/L defense set bonus for 4 slots. Enfeebled operation is another great and cheap immobolization set that you can 4 or 6 slot in chilblain for S/L defense.


Flash freeze is great if you solo, not too great if you team. It depends on your play preference, if you prefer the tactical "pick them off one by one" approach and solo a lot this power is fine, and it's a great power for the fortunata hypnosis set. However, if you are constantly on steamrolling teams then this is a skip.


Hoarfrost and hibernate are both great. If you can fit them in by all means. I'd prioritize slotting hoarfrost though. The downside to Hibernate is that you are stuck and may present challenges when you unfreeze and enemies are just waiting to pounce on you, and there are other ways to save yourself with inspirations and most importantly, by moving away and break line of sight from danger.

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