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Freedom Phalanx - The Costume Contest

Ruin Mage

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A costume contest on the forums a long time ago (when the game was under Paragon Studios) was based around the idea of redesigning the Freedom Phalanx. It's time to do it but Homecoming styled. This costume contest will ask you to redesign lore heroes with your own spin. For this one - to both see how it goes and keep it relatively small - you will be asked to redesign a Freedom Phalanx member in your own way. You can even get timeline-y/alternate universe with it, but the core aspect of it being Freedom Phalanx members must remain. 

This means: Positron, Numina, Synapse, Back Alley Brawler, Statesman, Citadel, Sister Psyche, and Manticore. I will not be counting Penelope Yin for the sake of this, but rather the original group that lasted throughout the game until Who Will Die?  - So keep it to those ones only. I would include historical members, but most of them don't have costumes and this is about redesign. So choose one member of the FP, remake them, and come on down on the specified date!


WHERE: Kallisti Wharf, Statesman Plaza
WHEN: November 1st, 2019 / 7pm EST
WHAT: Redesigning the Freedom Phalanx - Costume Contest
PRIZE: Over 500 million influence, maybe some purples or shit. Prize could grow before then! 

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alright buddy, it's time to shit yourself
casts earthquake, activates dispersion bubble

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