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Mercy Island Story Arc Accolade Badge


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Almost all of them. This is how I figured it out. I basically looked at the title and the contact of each arc, and then searched through the Paragon Wiki. If the contact was in Mercy, I did those arcs. It's been a couple of weeks, so I don't remember, but it's all of them except one contact, if I remember right. Just find out who's in Mercy and do those arcs. That said, if it's badges you want - may as well do all the arcs. They'll all help in someway - debt, mez, inf, damage...

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The one contact/arc most people forget about, and which leads to this question, is Seer Marino's arc Oh, Wretched Man! (15-19). Since the contact and missions are in Mercy she counts as a Mercy Island arc, even though she's outside of the normal level range of the zone.

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On 10/28/2019 at 1:55 AM, brighellac said:

Does anyone have a list of the required story arcs?


Complete every story arc in Mercy Island to earn this badge. These arcs are:


Earning Arachnos' Favor given by Kalinda. (-4164, 163, -2982)
The Origins of the Snakes given by Matthew Burke. (-1180, 96, -394)
Snake Uprising given by Mongoose. (-1180, 96, -394)
Weird Science given by Doctor Creed. (-1891.5, 96, -1574)
Underdogs Never Win given by Operative Kuzmin. (-1219, 243, -88)
Fire and Heist given by Fire Wire. (-2726, 239, 139)
Higher Purpose given by Doctor Weber. (-1037, 239, 525)
Price of Friendship given by Lt. Harris. (-533, 98, -1295)
The Hearts of Darkness Ch. 1,2,&3 given by Dr. Graves (-1066, 239, -9)
Oh, Wretched Man! given by Seer Marino (-3042, 176, 1330)


(copied from info provided in Badger)

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