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Is your character looking for a SG, but the recruitment thread doesn't have what you're looking for? Are you uninterested in joining a SG, but want to put your character out there in hopes of setting up RP interactions in-game? Just plain looking for anything that might suit your character RP-wise and want to spread the word? Post your character's info here!

The format of your post should be roughly as follows:


[Global Handle]:



Side: (Redside/Blueside)

Alignment: (Hero/Villain/Vigilante/Rogue/NPC)



Character Bio:

SG Status: (specify whether character is in SG/Seeking SG/Not Seeking SG/Open to SG)

(optional) Focus of desired RP:

Preferred First Contact: (Forum PM/In-Game PM/Walk-up/No preference)


Feel free to share multiple characters in a single post.




[Global Handle]: Star Paragon


Name: High Impact

Side: Blueside

Alignment: Hero

Origin/Archetype: Mutation Brute

Powers: Absorbs kinetic energy from physical impact on contact; can then use it to enhance potency of own physical attacks or increase speed/agility, among other things

Bio: Richie Parker grew up in St. Mary's Orphanage, his addict mother having given him up shortly after birth. Somewhat smaller than the other kids, Richie was regularly bullied... until the day his mutation manifested. Shortly after his 12th birthday, a drunk driver ran into him with a car... only for the car to instantly stop the moment it touched the boy, who was entirely unhurt. Frightened by the gathered onlookers, Richie ran... barreling at high speeds straight through a concrete wall, with the wall coming off worse for it. Richie, who had always taken heart in stories of heroes, was thrilled at the prospect of having powers. He thought this would be the end of his bullying and the beginning of a new life, and that perhaps his mutation would get him adopted faster. He turned out to be wrong; the bullies who once picked on him no longer tried to harm him, but continued to jeer and call him a "freak". Prospective parents regularly passed him over, both due to his age (most seeking a child to adopt prefer a very young child) and his mutation (old-fashioned prejudice plus the worry that a "gifted" child would be difficult to handle). As time went by and he saw adult after adult ignore him and give homes to other children, he became more and more frustrated. At the age of 14, Richie's frustration is a genuine struggle, but the dream of being a hero--better yet, being adopted and being a hero--is something he intends to hold onto, until his dream of a family finally comes true.

SG Status: Open to SG; if supergroup, prefer not a teen hero group or super school; If no group, prefer having him sidekicked to an adult hero or adopted into a Super family or something along those lines

Preferred RP Focus: Being a sidekick/adoption/finding a home or family

Preferred First Contact: Forum PM or walk-up 




Name: Bloodprice

Side: Redside

Alignment: Villain

Origin/Archetype: Natural Blaster

Powers: Highly trained mercenary/assassin for hire; primary weapon is an illegally customized assault rifle, but also carries a ninja sword for close-combat. Extremely high pain tolerance and will to survive; some cybernetics due to injuries accrued over career; Expert Marksman, skilled in covert assassination, infiltration, and sabotage

Bio:  Howard Fischer's background is highly classified and known only to a few; what is known is that he was a member of an elite special forces team that tackled some of the biggest threats in the world. One day, the team was sent out, and none came back--every last one, save Fischer, was found dead, each one killed by a single bullet. This turned out to be merely the first in a long streak of kills by Fischer, who rapidly made a name for himself in the criminal underworld as a hired gun with near-imposible accuracy. His utter refusal to die is noteworthy as well; he has been shot, stabbed, blown up, set on fire, fallen off buildings, and much more, only to come back and finish the job against all odds. If he's sent against you, there's little point in running: you're already dead.

SG Status: Not Seeking SG

Preferred RP Focus: Temporary villain alliance RP, Willing to cross to Blueside to serve as antagonist to Hero SGs

Preferred First Contact: No preference 



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This thread is a great idea!


I have a pair of toons on Everlasting who could use a supergroup or other roleplaying contacts. They are based on the same non-canon story. Both are mid-level (as of 2019-12-15), but I'm developing them for endgame content. Of the two, I am more excited about Joe, because Time Manipulation and unreliable narrators are awesome.


Global Handle: Bastille Boy


Name: Turnkey Tom

Side: Redside. Can run occasional blueside missions.

Alignment: Rogue. Formerly villain, but guarding imprisoned heroes has reformed him.

Origin/Archetype: Natural Defender

Powers: Empathy/Sonic


Some young villains dream of conquering the world. Tom had a more modest dream: a small house, a steady job, three weeks' vacation a year, and a fortress with a few hundred defeated heroes in cages.

The Rogue Isles Police Department was hiring. They needed more prison guards.

Tom had two useful qualifications: an imposing presence and a powerful command voice. He was hired. After starting the job, he was dismayed to discover that he has empathy.

His moonlighting isn't for the money. It's to let out aggression he won't let himself show in his regular job. 

Desired RP Focus: Moonlighting. Reliable narrator: Tom tells the truth about his day job (though he's discreet about some details, especially when heroes are present).

RP/mission limts: Cannot attack the RIPD. Can only run blueside missions occasionally, due to limited vacation time. Really wants to use his sonic attack powers.

SG Status: No SG yet. Interested.

Preferred First Contact: No preference


Name: Jailbird Joe

Side: Redside. Can run blueside missions regularly.

Alignment: Rogue. Formerly hero, but correctional officers have corrupted him.

Origin/Archetype: Defender; primary powerset is Science origin

Powers: Time/Sonic


Joe didn’t understand why he was sent to the Zig for protesting. All he did was yell at people. He didn’t understand why Arachnos busted him out of the Zig and called him a “chosen one.” He had no powers! Alone on the streets of Mercy Island, he tried to survive by stealing. Soon he was behind bars again.

The Pen was very different from the Zig. Most of the prisoners seemed weirdly happy. The food was good, the guards weren't hostile, and there was a generous work release program. Was that the whole explanation?

The warden pulled Joe aside. “Doing time is easier if you can control it,” he said. He handed Joe a bottle of pills.

If you see Joe on the streets of the Rogue Isles or Paragon City, the RIPD knows where he is, how much money he’s about to make them, and when he’ll be back in prison to get his drugs.

Desired RP Focus: Hired help. Unreliable narrator: Joe isn't supposed to tell the truth about his living arrangement and his "work release." His cover story is always changing and never convincing. He knows that perceptive people can figure out he's been in prison, so he usually claims to be an ex-con. He knows that fights go faster when he shouts, but he doesn't understand that his voice causes his opponents physical harm.

RP/mission limits: Cannot attack the RIPD. Won't get along well with truly vile villains. Must wear a mask in Paragon City. Will have an anxiety attack if he goes to Brickstown.

SG Status: No SG yet. Interested.

Preferred First Contact: No preference

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[Global Handle]: Undark


Name: Lord Cobblestone

Side: Blueside, but willing to relocate

Alignment: Hero, but villianous (see bio)

Origin/Archetype: Magic/Dominator

Powers: Mind/Dark

Character Bio: Lord Cobblestone is the definition of old money. Determined to eternally hold onto his power and riches by defeating old age and death itself, he dove into the occult and found a way. But, there was a cost. His large body became nearly stone-like and simply living became pure suffering and pain. Using his endless connections (and his old money), the best scientists and sorcerers were summoned and devised a way for him to live on with his new condition. A special dome was constructed using state-of-the-art technology and magical enchantments. This dome, he would have to wear over his head the rest of his life, but to Cobblestone, it was worth it. He would now be eternal. In order to protect the sensitive information about his new dome-helmet, he eliminated those who created it. This vile act had a consequence. Lord Cobblestone was placed into a Super Prison. The best lawyers were hired with nearly all the money he had left, and a compromise was made. Lord Cobblestone would prove to the world that he was worth being free by becoming what he hated more than all: a Super Hero. Presently, he is saving lives and rescuing those in need, at his own disgust. But, this ultimate PR-Stunt is paying off. Although his entitled attitude remains, the general public and the Super community view him as an asset in protecting Paragon City. Little do they know, this is but a step in Lord Cobblestone restoring his money and creating a new empire to be ruled under his massive fist.


Personality: Lord Cobblestone is egotistical and self-entitled. He looks down upon all others and is incapable from recognizing that his own attitude could be considered rude or otherwise. He is sophisticated and will not be afraid to let everyone know this.


Physical description: Old looking man. Extremely pale, skin looks pure white like marble. Very tall and large. Bald. Wears a monocle and a very expensive suit. Has a glass-like dome he always wears over his head. Due to his incredible mass, the ground quakes beneath his feet.


Sidenote: The bio was created like that because I wanted an RP way to have Lord Cobblestone be on the Hero-side if need be. If the best opportunity for RP and a group to be a part of is, however, on the Villain-side, I would be happy to relocate him to the Rogue Isles and integrate as such. With that said, I played CoH/CoV religiously when it was LIVE from launch to close to the end. I absolutely love the game and am looking for a group to be a part of to enhance the experience of the game with roleplaying, friendship, adventures, and plain ole fun. Please do not hesitate to contact me here on the forums, or in-game. When Lord Cobblestone is not doing missions, I tend to visit under the Atlas statue frequently. Thank you for your consideration!


SG Status: Seeking SG/VG

(optional) Focus of desired RP: No preference.

Preferred First Contact: No preference.

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