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  1. Sorry for the necro, but I found this just today after one of my SG-mates mentioned having posted it way back when. Now that I look at it, I'm surprised it's got so few comments because it's a genuinely awesome idea.
  2. Is your character looking for a SG, but the recruitment thread doesn't have what you're looking for? Are you uninterested in joining a SG, but want to put your character out there in hopes of setting up RP interactions in-game? Just plain looking for anything that might suit your character RP-wise and want to spread the word? Post your character's info here! The format of your post should be roughly as follows: [Global Handle]: Name: Side: (Redside/Blueside) Alignment: (Hero/Villain/Vigilante/Rogue/NPC) Origin/Archetype: Powers: Character Bio: SG Status: (specify whether character is in SG/Seeking SG/Not Seeking SG/Open to SG) (optional) Focus of desired RP: Preferred First Contact: (Forum PM/In-Game PM/Walk-up/No preference) Feel free to share multiple characters in a single post. -------------------- [Global Handle]: Star Paragon Name: High Impact Side: Blueside Alignment: Hero Origin/Archetype: Mutation Brute Powers: Absorbs kinetic energy from physical impact on contact; can then use it to enhance potency of own physical attacks or increase speed/agility, among other things Bio: Richie Parker grew up in St. Mary's Orphanage, his addict mother having given him up shortly after birth. Somewhat smaller than the other kids, Richie was regularly bullied... until the day his mutation manifested. Shortly after his 12th birthday, a drunk driver ran into him with a car... only for the car to instantly stop the moment it touched the boy, who was entirely unhurt. Frightened by the gathered onlookers, Richie ran... barreling at high speeds straight through a concrete wall, with the wall coming off worse for it. Richie, who had always taken heart in stories of heroes, was thrilled at the prospect of having powers. He thought this would be the end of his bullying and the beginning of a new life, and that perhaps his mutation would get him adopted faster. He turned out to be wrong; the bullies who once picked on him no longer tried to harm him, but continued to jeer and call him a "freak". Prospective parents regularly passed him over, both due to his age (most seeking a child to adopt prefer a very young child) and his mutation (old-fashioned prejudice plus the worry that a "gifted" child would be difficult to handle). As time went by and he saw adult after adult ignore him and give homes to other children, he became more and more frustrated. At the age of 14, Richie's frustration is a genuine struggle, but the dream of being a hero--better yet, being adopted and being a hero--is something he intends to hold onto, until his dream of a family finally comes true. SG Status: Open to SG; if supergroup, prefer not a teen hero group or super school; If no group, prefer having him sidekicked to an adult hero or adopted into a Super family or something along those lines Preferred RP Focus: Being a sidekick/adoption/finding a home or family Preferred First Contact: Forum PM or walk-up -------------------- Name: Bloodprice Side: Redside Alignment: Villain Origin/Archetype: Natural Blaster Powers: Highly trained mercenary/assassin for hire; primary weapon is an illegally customized assault rifle, but also carries a ninja sword for close-combat. Extremely high pain tolerance and will to survive; some cybernetics due to injuries accrued over career; Expert Marksman, skilled in covert assassination, infiltration, and sabotage Bio: Howard Fischer's background is highly classified and known only to a few; what is known is that he was a member of an elite special forces team that tackled some of the biggest threats in the world. One day, the team was sent out, and none came back--every last one, save Fischer, was found dead, each one killed by a single bullet. This turned out to be merely the first in a long streak of kills by Fischer, who rapidly made a name for himself in the criminal underworld as a hired gun with near-imposible accuracy. His utter refusal to die is noteworthy as well; he has been shot, stabbed, blown up, set on fire, fallen off buildings, and much more, only to come back and finish the job against all odds. If he's sent against you, there's little point in running: you're already dead. SG Status: Not Seeking SG Preferred RP Focus: Temporary villain alliance RP, Willing to cross to Blueside to serve as antagonist to Hero SGs Preferred First Contact: No preference
  3. CIRCLE PLOT FOILED, VAULT FULL OF POWERFUL ARTIFACTS RECLAIMED MAGI reported yesterday that they had successfully finished cataloging a massive collection of magical artifacts seized in an impromptu raid conducted by two students of the Paragon Junior Supers Academy on a Circle of Thorns operation. The collection, containing over 500 artifacts, had been stored in a vault that had once belonged to Aufidius, a regular opponent of the legendary hero Stalwart Citadel. Aufidius, notorious for stealing and collecting powerful magical artifacts, died almost 40 years ago, but the location of his collection had remained a mystery until today. Among the artifacts recovered was the infamous Horn of Valketh, which is allegedly capable of inciting violent rages in those unfortunate enough to hear its call when blown. As for the students responsible for uncovering this trove--one of whom recently made headlines as the successor to the famous hero Star Paragon--official response has been a mix of praise and chiding. "I'm of two minds here," spoke Mag. Sgt. Richard Acklen of MAGI. "I knew Stalwart Citadel personally, and I worked with Star Paragon, too. On the one hand, they'd both call these kids idiots for running in without backup, and I'd agree with them. On the other hand, the Circle could've done a lot of damage if they hadn't been stopped, and containing the fallout would've been extremely difficult, and for that I think both would agree these kids did good." No word has been given from MAGI or the PJSA on how the Circle plot was uncovered or how the PJSA students knew of the vault.
  4. Paragon Junior Supers Academy may be right for you, then. 🙂
  5. 'Revived' Star Paragon Revealed To Be Homeless Teen Hopes that the famous hero known as Star Paragon, declared dead one year ago, was still alive were dashed recently when the identity of the mysterious hero resembling Star Paragon was released by City Hall yesterday. Lucas Harper, a 16-year-old homeless teenager, officially registered as a hero today. According to the boy, the original Star Paragon sacrificed himself to save Harper, in the process granting the teen his powers. Questions remain as to the specific details of this transfer, as well as the circumstances of his registration considering a distinct lack of legal identity, but officials insist that everything is being taken care of. As for Harper himself, he refused an on-camera interview but stated his intention to attend Paragon Junior Supers Academy in order to learn more about his abilities.
  6. CoGDork

    Hero Laws?

    Are there canon laws in-universe that deal with who can be a hero? Are there regulations or registration requirements?
  7. Star Paragon: Dead or Alive? One year ago today, the famous hero known as Star Paragon was reported dead, his body having been discovered near the unconscious forms of no fewer than twenty Hellions who were immediately taken into custody. The criminals in question reported the presence of an unidentified teenager being defended by the hero until his last breath, but the boy in question was nowhere to be found when police arrived on the scene. Recently, however, sightings of an individual of similar appearance to Star Paragon have begun to cast doubt on the death of the hero; close acquaintances of Star Paragon have mostly refused to comment, though some have suggested the possibility of a copycat or impostor. The individual in question--whether Paragon himself or a new hero inspired by him--has been careful not to be seen closely, but has otherwise displayed nothing but heroic behavior. Whatever the case, some remain hopeful that the hero they once knew has returned to continue his fight against evil; time will tell if their hope is rewarded.
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