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Crazy, Stupid Scrapper/Brute Tricks


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Back during Live, I recall a thread where scrappers would go and post the outrageous things they've managed to accomplish solo.


Things like:

AV soloing

TF Soloing

Rikti Raid stuff

Just general "how the hell are they doing that???" stuff.


This time I've included Brutes to the mix. Keep any rivialy friendly and jovial, and lets hear your craziest feats!

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Back in when the game was official live, I mained a Katan/Regen Scrapper named Slices, a cool 70's looking lady with a big afro (I was so happy when they added the Foxxy hair and i could move on from the plain afro).


Abnyway, this one time, my team was wiped out by a bunch of purples and I was the last one standing. Most of the team went to the hospital, but a few stayed and watch as i killed each of the remaining purples one by one slowly but surely. I kept almost dying, but my heals kept coming back just in time and i never ran out of endurance. The team leader kept telling everyone to leave the mission so he could lower the difficultly, but they asked him to wait cause I was taking out all the mobs myself after they had just wiped the entire team. It was a great moment and i'm glad i had witnesses.


A few other things i recall is being on the pvp maps to do the pve missions because they were good exp. But of course, there were always Stalkers EVERYWHERE. And by this time, the game was free to play so 90% of them were really mean and horrible people who would antagonize you whether you engaged with them or not and if you beat them or not. This one Stalker kept.....stalking me, trying to get stealth hits. I hate pvp, but i since i was in the pvp zone, i didnt mind that people kept trying to kill me and could always just survive and run away. But I had enough of this one stalker, so I decided to just fight him. I beat him after a few minutes and he called me names, but he stopped bothering me at least. But once thing i remember about being in those zones is that not a single player had ever been able to kill me whether I fought them or just ignored them. One time i fought a Brute, but we couldn't kill each other so we stopped, laughed, did some dance emotes and said goodbye.


I love this game.

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Did the Provost Marchand arc tonight. Fought Calvin Scott as an AV for 45 minutes straight while team rezed and died due to the Loyalists. Got him down low enough that the Loyalists healed him 3 times. Drew him far enough away, had my teammate to me out to the Loyalists. Beat them then took on Calvin again in the volcano. Finally, about to beat him.... cut scene and he commits suicide. I feel a bit robbed.


I would rather fight the Giant Jade Spider repeatedly than have to fight Calvin Scott again.

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