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Clarification and adjusting of Task Force minimum level Enemies

Razor Cure

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Last night, I was on my new baby stalker, level 8. A friend logs in on her level 11 scrapper. I invite her, and we kick of a Posi1, since its the weekly. I did not even think before starting it, and we starting at MY (8) level. We get to mission 2, and Gearteeth is PURPLE. Purple..when I am set to +0. AT this point, I am like..oh shit..I am pretty sure Doc Buzzsaw is gonna be 'max' level for the TF (15).

And she was. A level 15, +7(!!) elite boss. With us as unslotted lowbies. We couldnt dent her, at all.

Now, to be fair, I DO know that she actually does always spawn at 15, cause I have done the tf a few times at 13-14ish, and the same thing happened. I just didn't think.


My question is WHY. Why does she have to spawn at 15? I need to check the preTF briefing, but I am almost sure that Posi does NOT mention anything about a max level eliteboss. He just goes ahead and lets you kick it off, at the minimum level. Of course, perhaps with a full team of 8, she would be killable (but still, if everyone was unslotted, its gonna take a bit).


Now, there are other TFs in game that have Max Level baddies, such as STF/RSF, Lady Grey. ANd in those cases, it totally makes sense, as you are fighting Hami, Recluse, the Phalanx etc etc. But there are also others where the final boss SCALES down to whatever the leader is. Morty Kal, Sutter, and even Imperious do this! I know because I have done them all, including a lvl 35 ITF. So if Romulus (one of the hardest 'normal, single, non incarnate AV' fights) can scale down to 35 (and with seemingly all the power he had at 50, just less hp etc etc), why cant a lvl 15 Elite Boss (with maybe 4? attacks) scale down to level 8..when the TF is started by a level 8?


I am not sure what other TF bosses scale, since I usually do things above their max level anyway, but if some can manage scaling (especially ITF), there is no reason such a low tf (that is basically advertised as the lowbie tf) in which NO other, besides gearteeth, bosses are max'd, it makes no sense at all.

AT the very least, the mission briefings should clarify the difficulty a bit. The LFG info is basically shit all, and just has rewards, length, and level ranges. Granted, it does have recommended player amounts, which in the case of Posi1 is 3. I doubt many unslotted level 8 lowbies could kill a +7 Elite Boss.

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All TFs have always been at the max end of their level range. Doing one back in the old days would require at least half the team to be at the max lvl range if you didnt want everything conning purple. The idea behind the 5 lvl range to the best of my guesses has to do with the idea the very max thing you should be able to beat is 5 lvls above you. So doing a TF at its min lvl is like a ultimate challenge mode from the pre challenge setting days.


And yeah its kind of a blind side to the over eager new comers. No idea how hard it would be for them to remove that aspect from TF codes and not sure I care enough even for a second to be spent on it with other things to take up their time.

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It's not every Task Force it's every "Signature" TF, which are to be fair most of them. The ones that are considered misc like Katie Hannon, Moonfire, Hess, Imperious, and the shadow shard ones - those will scale fully. The ones from major heroes like Positron, Synapse, Yin will always be top level. All the villain strike forces are signature. The Paragon Wiki explains it though note it is in error in saying the split Posi TF won't act as signature (might be a HC change not sure).




I do feel your pain I got in the exact same situation with a +6 doc buzzsaw. I blew through about (actual estimate here) 120 charges of envenomed dagger and 6 team wipes but we did take her down.

See me on Excelsior as Eridanus - Whisperkill - Kid Physics - Ranger Wilde - The Hometown Scrapper - Firewatch - and more!

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