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MM 4some


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My wife and I played some MM's on live, Thugs/Dark and Thugs/Poison. I haven't started an MM on Homecoming yet, but I'm making plans. Something new added to the mix though, is dual-boxing. My wife and I each have a separate account for which we can add a helper to the party. We've done it a little bit with some brutes, but I'm wondering if it wouldn't be really crazy on MM's as our mains.


The thought is to have a Sonic Defender with leadership toggles and another defender with either more resistance or defense toggles, and these two just follow. I swap over every 4 minutes to recast shields, and otherwise leave them alone.


What MM set would be most enhanced by having a pair of pocket defenders and another MM. I was thinking Thugs/Dark and Thugs/Rad, backed by a Sonic/Sonic and Thermal/Fire defenders, each with Leadership toggles/hover/stealth following. The two sets of thermal shields and leadership toggles combined with two MM leadership toggles and Enforcer toggles should get all pets pretty close to defense soft cap and resist hard cap for most things. Then I read a post about Beasts, and that sounds pretty good where I could change one of the Defenders to Cold Dom and get the Demons soft capped.


Anyways, I don't know as much about Masterminds as brutes, so I would love to hear some suggestions about fun combos we could do this with.


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I'll be honest, that sounds like way too much work with the dual boxing and kinda irrelevant. Dual boxing just for a few buffs? To each their own I guess. 


If I wanted to dual two MMs though? Just overall? Bots/Traps, Thugs/time, Demons/nature pick two. All three will synergize well and play off of each other. All three do different debuffs in different amounts. Thugs/time and demons/nature will do the most damage. Bots/traps and demons/nature will be the most tanky. Bots/traps and thugs/time together will murder the fuck out of AVs and GMs the best imo. 

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Thugs/Dark and Thugs/Nature maybe? Backed with a Cold & Sonic defender.


As above Demons/Nature would work too provides you can handle the annoyance of demons (big, bulky and noisy. Same with bots).


Reason being Nature lets you augment resist too, and has the lovely lovely other buffs (aoe damage tier 9 and the aoe absorb) plus immense heals and a sprinkling of debuffs and control. 


Defender-wise Sonic gives you anti-mez coverage. Cold gives you shields and you can stick its nastiest debuff on auto so itll cast through you onto an enemy. 

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