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  1. Sure it does you just have to imagine it as like those biker gangs that show up to support molestation victims in court Also I feel like your rules require heroes to be lawful or neutral good only and as a chaotic good alignment in real life I take offense.
  2. A good deal of synnergy? Thugs/Traps or Thugs/Cold. Both defensive sets with solid debuffs. Both kinda need aid pool and the resistance uniques to help keep your thugs alive, but with those you can softcap your pets to all positions really easily. Cold blooms earlier than traps does and is more mobile than traps, but traps has stronger debuffs and soft controls and it's defensive power has strong mez protection so long as you keep pets in the forcefield generator bubble. Have a macro to target your bruiser on things alone so you can focus hard targets in bodyguard or keep him attacking something you've got in melee range. Cold is more forgiving of pet scatter but thugs still all need to be in leadership range of the enforcers to have about half of their total positional defense so pet management will always be important. I highly prefer traps for personal reasons. It blooms later but if you get it set up with enough recharge you can have your traps up all the time while being tanky as all hell and having room to pick and choose what you want to add to the build. With thugs/traps though I highly recommend leadership, aid pool, and either bonfire from heat mastery or electric fences from mu. I main a bots/traps and I spend my time playing team support, actually using aid pool and being useful with it while I drop long cooldown traps that buff and debuff huge areas with strong ass debuffs. Poison trap, after all the math is done, drops an AV's regen from 100% to 33% with the floor being 25% regen minimum. One poison trap about floors their regen, it's absolutely ridiculous, and with thugs you actually have high single target damage so you'll be decent at low levels, strong after 26, and with a proper IO build and good incarnates be absolutely ridiculous at 50. Take burnout for double gang war and then throw up a T4 barrier incarnate not just on your pets but on 20 punks all of whom benefit from overwhelming force procs... That and a lore pet and there's not really much you can't solo.
  3. I just need the ability to change the size of minions. Please give me tiny bots. Oh it would be absolutely hilarious please give me a 2 foot tall assault bot.
  4. Masterminds without healing abilities really need the aid pool, at least while leveling. A set like sonic with resistances over defenses, it's going to be a bit more important than like /traps or /cold but even /cold is a hard experience without aid pool. This is honestly why I only take mastermind secondaries that have healing in some form or another and my /traps still took aid pool to supplement triage beacon. I just can't not like /traps.
  5. 3 Raptors, 2 Triceratops, 1 T rex. :Edit: All realistic sizes to really make cave maps a living nightmare for everyone. Also I want a pet so big that it's melee attack has a 20 yard range.
  6. TheSpiritFox

    Brute farmer

    Rad, spines, SS, savage, claws in that order for primary with fire as the secondary so far as just pure infl output. If you like using ST attacks Rad will do you well. If you don't mind cones spines will clear almost as fast. SS suffers a bit with only one AoE that absolutely needs FF+rech and no damage aura but not much, savage and claws trail a bit behind super strength but again not a ton. I have a rad/fire and spines/fire both fully kitted out. The rad is imo both easier and more fun to play efficiently but the clear times between the two of them are under 10s apart with my builds.
  7. I would try /time over /traps for one specific reason. Beasts are all melee, and unless you forgo bodyguard mode by ordering them to attack specific targets, melee pets are just more subject to scatter. Especially with one or two running off while the rest stay where you want them. With /traps, the constantly mobile nature of beasts does not mesh overly well with the set up a killzone playstyle of /traps. /Time will do you much better. You can give lots of defense to your pets, have some solid debuffs and a really good proc mule in distortion field. And farsight is cast and forget every 2 mins. Getting perma chrono and perma farsight isn't super hard and your pets will have a hard time missing with chrono +tactics even against +4s with light accuracy slottiing. When pets run away they still stay mostly softcapped thanks to farsight mechanics which lets you focus more of your time on your personal attacks and buffs/debuffs/heals and less on active pet management. And I've been told beast is one you want to take the personal attacks help your beasts, so something to think about, /time has some powers you can totally skip (like the single target hold, or distortion field if you really need to, to make room. /Time feels like something of a roomy set thanks to how powerful the heal, the debuff toggle, farsight, and chrono shift are. Take those four powers and you can make just about any build with /time pretty viable in end game.
  8. Can ninjas be gotten to the softcap? Thugs can be pretty fragile at times, my thugs/time had real serious issues in a hami raid with full incarnates up, is it possible to get ninjas to enough survivability with the right secondary and power selections, can they be softcapped without incarnates by anything? What's the tankiest ninja build you could make out of all possible secondaries, epics, potentially for surviving and competing in incarnate content? Can you min/max enough to keep them alive? :Edit: /FF bores the shit out of me.
  9. If he's not specced for extreme levels of global recharge burnout is niche because it's not up often. It's a base 30 minute cooldown. My thugs/time took it because with perma chrono and perma hasten plus all the recharge I baked into his built to achieve both easily, my gang war is on a 2m 50s cooldown and burnout is like 7 mins now, so gang war and burnout are actually used alot to create damage absorption and extra damage. Being able to farsight 20 punks is hilarious. On a thugs/storm, if you don't have your recharge high enough for burnout to be up a decent amount, yeah I can see being better served by another power that's more constantly useable.
  10. That I've submitted a ticket about before. I think they consider it a known issue.
  11. The minions are only half the build concept. My thugs/time is named Jim Bob Duggar and he uses the light of God to manipulate time and protect himself and his up to 26 sons. It's really all about how you wanna see it. But I mean, yes this game is ridiculous. Do you really think that like IRL a WILLPOWER tanker could take more damage than an invulnerable scrapper? But that's how the game works. If you need your suspension of disbelief I can understand that, but it's not something most people have an issue with.
  12. This game throws respecs at you and with unslotters anything you buy or make enhancement wise you don't need can be ripped out of your build at a moments notice and thrown back up on the AH. Some toons don't need like an extensive mids plan if you know the sets and what you want to build the character for, and at the same time I've bought the wrong set for what I needed or whatever, spent 120m on a set I ended up not wanting, and did exactly what I said. I ripped it out, relisted it for what I paid for it, and in the end all I was out was AH fees.
  13. Did you submit a support ticket in game about it? It might be a known issue, I know that I submitted one like that about my thugs, just a visual bug but they lose their second upgrade appearances when transitioning between areas and I have to rebuff for them to look right and I'm anal about stuff like that so it bugs me to no end if I don't see fully upgraded thugs.
  14. The problem with /time is that mez filled alphas can and will fuck you up. If you're playing a defense based pet set your pets should have way more defense than you and should survive the alpha way better than you. I send the pets in first aways with my thugs/traps. It is rare that I lose a minion, much less a Lt or bruiser. My bots traps I go in first but that's cause with SS celerity they usually attack the bots before my opening poison trap goes off and then they're throwing up everywhere like it's a high school party.
  15. Yep, this. I have never once in the history of this game had anyone complain about me sending my pets in before the tank attacks, not even the tanks. I don't hold aggro very well, no taunt to anything I do, so I take the alpha and a few provokes and attacks later, everything is on the tank. If there is no tank, by the time DPS opens up the alpha is over and they can only draw individual aggro, and I put out enough support usually to keep even squishies alive through it. My bots/traps puts out 20 defense to the team without incarnates, with support up it goes up to 32, and with barrier lol everyone close enough to get buffed is immortal.
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