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  1. Gimme an insects pet set please I want to order my giant stag beetle into battle.
  2. I literally do not enjoy playing non MM supports for this reason. I build all of my MMs around few to no personal attacks, heavy support, heavy tanking, and as heavy pet damage as I can achieve. When I want to play a character that does actual personal attacking I start making blasters, scrappers, stalkers, and brutes. Well, my water/storm corr is a bit different but I consider that all attacking as well.l
  3. There's really only ever a reason to make one of each of the epics. Like, I have 6 fully T4ed masterminds. Why would I do that with VEATs? I have a crab and it has a second spec for bane no reason to have to switch between characters when I can switch builds every 60 seconds.
  4. My bane is my second spec. I made it a crab and then decided to drop a second about a billion on the most expensive single target bane build. Yeah, it does less overall damage than the crab by alot, but goddamn if it doesn't chew down single targets faster than the crab could ever dream of. I set up my macros and have it set up so I can lock my trays and switch. Costs me recharges. If I'm below 45 that means it costs me basically nothing to switch back and forth, at 45 and up content I have to think about losing lore pet cooldowns and that's about it. Means I almost never get to use TT or ATT on teh character lol, but ehh I'll take that loss.
  5. I made two neckbeard themed characters and I am looking for the most neckbeardy badge titles in the game. Suggestions? Currently using Ninja Monkey but I want something even neckbeardier
  6. I really suggest support. Hybrid does work, it is an absolute pain in the ass to use. You lose some of it's effective time resumoning, and it completely interrupts all of your flow. Its genuinely not worth the tradeoff unless you are DPS testing against a pylon or specifically about to solo an AV and want the extra damage for it. Support is fire and forget, which overall is much more useful, and it buffs everyone including your pets in a number of ways. I would say that the micromanagement of assault hybrid is not worth it. If you want to up your pet DPS with an incarnate, pick a radial interface instead of a core. MMs benefit more from radial interfaces than any other class because we throw out a larger number of attacks, it is easier to maintain full stacks of the actual debuffs with an MM with radial on a single target than it is to keep the same stacks of debuff on a single target for a normal AT with core, and the damage procs from interface add up quite alot with the number of pet attacks. Thugs in particular a hilarious boost to their damage with the arsonist and enforces all constantly throwing out aoes in very direction.
  7. You did not at all choose a bad combo you don't know how to play /dark yet. /Dark is a bit different from most other secondaries. Time, cold, thermal, nature, traps, all of those can allow you to let the pets lead because they give you the ability to seriously buff your pets survivability or heal without thinking about it. Dark requires that you target someone for your heal, it WILL miss 5% of the time no matter how much accuracy you stack. And rather than buffing, dark is primarily a debuffing set. So how do you play Dark? You put your pets in defensive follow, and you pick a boss out of the group and cast darkest knight on him, then immediately drop your tar patch if it's up, then move into melee range with your pets following and fire off your heal. Bodyguard mode means you can take the alpha better than your pets can. Even my demons/dark, I send in the pets and it's really, really easy to lose 1-3 of them and demons are the tankiest pets, but often the T1s just melt. Unless the enemies are so debuffed they can't hit shit. Darkest knight both reduces accuracy AND damage, and with the exception of AVs nothing can resist -damage that I am aware of. So immediately, you use that and it's like adding defense and resistance to your pets. Once the fight has started and your pets start to pull aggro from you, that's when you can like give them attack commands if you want and such, when everyone is debuffed, slowed, less accurate, less damaging, and you're in melee range with your pets to start just spamming your big ass aoe heal. Try that method and you'll find that suddenly you're pretty good in a fight. Also, until you have enough sets to give you decent -recharge bonuses, slot some recharge, endurance drain, and -tohit in darkest night in that order. You'll need your endurance, but more importantly darkest night has like an 8 second recharge or something base and that is really annoying as fuck. You have to pay attention to it, drop it as soon as the fight is over so it recharges before the next group, and if you have to switch targets mid fight it really sucks to have an 8 second recharge, as you've seen you can die in that time frame. Recharge in darkest night will save your ass.
  8. You should NOT be fighting +4s at lvl 20. Stop jacking up the level and jack up the number of enemies. Do like +0 or +1 x3 or x4 and don't go above +1 until you can handle +1x8. You genuinely cannot set yourself up to handle +4s without a solid team of buff/debuff/heals/aggro mangement/dps all covered, or being high level enough to slot out sets and turn your toon into a demigod.
  9. The only guide you need to epics is this. "Do you need a shield? Take the shield. Do you need power boost? Take power boost. Do you not need a shield or power boost? Take bonfire." Good guide though lol
  10. Demons/thermal is the best combination of the ones you mentioned, cold being next, but thermal has heals which you really need and cold is a defense set where demons are a resistance primary so mixing your mitigation isn't going to work well in a set with no heals, Cold absolutely needs to softcap the pets to really be solid.
  11. TheSpiritFox

    Pet Names

    lol nice Oh and now my Demons/Elec is finished and I forgot to list their names. Zappy Mcsummonsalot has 6 pets Zzt, Zzzt, Zzzzt, Zzzzzt, Zzzzzzzt and Zzzzzzzzt Those are Zs not underlined 7s lmao
  12. Please allow grav controllers to wormhole lvl 54 bosses into my thugs traps death pit thanks
  13. Yeah I can agree with that. No other powerset in the game besides mm primaries has like 6 default IOs it needs for the build to be solid and missing them is a compromise and a felt loss every time. The fact that my thugs MMs are infinitely tankier than my bots MM is ridiculous.
  14. Sup all. So I have three blasters who I like. The fairly typical Archery/TA, a Fire/Ice, and a Beam/Dev. And like, I have no idea what or how exactly to build these out. I see alot of recharge and ranged defense, but like I haven't spent enough time on blasters to get a good idea of what the sets can do on the high end or what I should be building them to try to do. And money is no object, I spend whatever the best build I can come up with costs if I get something to 50. But like...what? What are my build goals and playstyle with each of these blasters? Whats possible? Do i have choices or is there kinda an ideal build for each one? How do I turn each of these blasters into an absolute murder machine with as much survivability as I can reasonably expect? Actual build suggestions for each would be nice as I am not really sure where to start on them, but I would like some meta talk more cause I can eventually figure out a build if I know what to build for, all my other 50s are IOed out beasts, help me do the same to these three.
  15. Beasts need more AOE. Simple, add or replace attacks to add to aoe damage. Needs a mule for pet uniques. Ninjas need survivability. Give them some kinda inherent defense, an aura from the lts like other sets, something that will help them stay alive. Needs a mule for pet uniques. Zombies need damage. Speed up their running and reaction pace, give them some more single target and aoe damage. Mercs need everything. Rework the entire goddamn set from the ground up. Needs a mule for pet sets Bots need survivability. Make protector bot bubbles apply in an AOE including to the casting protector bot like it works with other buff sets to reduce downtime on resummons, make repair apply in an AOE and heal your entire team of pets and make it take pet uniques.
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