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  1. Specific info on pet changes so far Staying at range - Basically they modified the AI so that pets which are primarily ranged damage do not ever try to run into melee anymore. As someone said, they will brawl if nothing else is up to use and things are in range. This makes bots and mercs particularly flag planters. Put them somewhere and they tend to stay there. Goto command - I'm pretty proud of this one, it was my direct suggestion to the devs and they did it. The old goto command would move pets towards a location, but very unreliably. They modified the goto comman
  2. I giggled at your misfortune ngl, but glad it had a happy ending =D
  3. Step 1: Make merits by running TFs Step 2: Turn merits into enhancement converters Step 3: Bid on cheap yellow recipes lvl 30+ Step 4: Turn 80 recipes into 80 enhancements, buying salvage off the AH Step 5: Pray to the RNG gods and use converters to turn yellows into oranges by converting in type to get a rare then converting in rare to get a valuable enhancement Step 6: Sell enhancements, profit
  4. lol My niche is something no one can intrude on. I just have stacks upon stacks of recipes and absolutely shit merits into converters to seek out enhancements which are lower in stock and valuable. I blow as much as 1000 converters to get 80 enhancements, but every enhancement I sell is worth a minimum of 3 million and I've got a good sense of which enhancements on the market regularly need restock. As long as I keep pumping enough merits to keep me in converters, I can find listings that need to be filled and make money. And I PL all my alts to 50 now then play them slotted out, so j
  5. I was gonna say yes but then I saw your definition and I guess no I'm primarily a craft converter, 99% of my income comes from running TFs and using merits entirely to buy converters and converting until I get shit that's worth money.
  6. I only have about 3 billion influence total sitting around on all my characters (with about 200 IOs worth 4m+ each for sale on two characters) but does it count if I have 23 50s and every single one of them is purpled out to the tune of a minimum of 800m including catalysts and boosters?
  7. Upgrade powers hit your henchman and any henchman who is within 30 feet of that henchmen, though it only gives the animation towards the one you target. Make sure your minions are clustered up and you only have to cast each upgrade once for all pets to get them. You do not have to individually upgrade each minion, learn the visual signs of upgrades so that you can tell by looking if a hench is fully upgraded, you can also see the upgrades in the buff bar on the side of the pet window (arrow makes it expand or retract) The upgrade abilities are, in general, non negotiable. Most eve
  8. I think it's fair if you do that to all of your builds and are also rating how well they exemplar. I don't consider rating things based on how they level to be fair, I think that until a build is slotted out you haven't really seen what it can do and because some sets get their major powers way early while others get their best powers very late makes leveling a very bad place to look to determine how good a given set is. I don't include incarnates for the most part in my analysis, but I do include slotting and set bonuses, as much of those can be kept down into deep exemplar level
  9. A comment on Traps. Traps is slow because of cooldowns, but a massive recharge build mitigates this quite alot. Its not all that difficult if you spend the money to purple out a traps build to get caltrops down to a 15 second recharge with no recharge slotted. It's pretty easy to get poison trap and acid mortar down to like 25 second recharges and seeker drones down to like 20 seconds. Triage beacon down to about a minute which lets them double stack. Traps on teams is actually solid in all but the most ridiculous steamrollery teams. You know, if you're doing Mis Lib
  10. For end game, the general wisdom is that Resistance matches best with resistance based sets and def with defense based sets. So bots and thugs are defense based, Zombies, mercs, and demons are resistance based, Beasts are a bit of a mix but can softcap themselves with Fortify Pack so they are a bit more open to synergy, and Ninjas pretty much need /time and /mace for power boosted farsight to hit the softcap and be survivable end game. Special cases: Secondaries that deserve some discourse Electric affinity secondary is a special case. It is so defensively
  11. Thugs/thermal is a decent set combination. It absolutely needs all the pet uniques for the defense and resistance, as you're going to be short of the softcap no matter what you do. It's going to be a pretty active set as well, requiring you to keep up healing to keep your thugs alive. Expect to resummon T1s pretty frequently and to almost never lose your bruiser. It'll do good damage and contribute to the team very well, soloing +4x8 may be a bit difficult or annoying, but likely very possible. Needs alot of recharge so your heals are up constantly and your debuffs are perma. You
  12. Toggle size and cast times suck. Make the Rad debuffs 25 feet wide, and make the toggles for rad specifically have instant cast times and take 1 second to come into effect after you cast. Boom. Rad is now competitive with other MM secondaries.
  13. This is the only factually correct answer to this post.
  14. I know I'm in a minority but I hate this change. I hate streaming culture, I don't want to invite Twitch streamers in, I just want to play the game. Bad change imo. Also like is there any actual word on "negotiations" cause at this point like after 2 years I would have expected to see more than "we're talking" that doesn't sound legit tbh.
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