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  1. Fire is my most taken epic pool specifically because of bonfire. I make MMs that aren't that active, I support the pets and take support powers and go tanky, do not take many personal attacks at all, if any. But bonfire's CC is amazing for pet survivability.
  2. Frankenslot pet uniques to fit as many of them as you can and take mu so you can use electric fences to keep things in burn patches, put a soulbound allegience proc in the Assault Bot probably
  3. Nail meet head. Thugs/time for me feels like a more survivable with less damage version of thugs/traps. The "it's basically an armor set" is precisely on point. Thugs/time is my only time mastermind so I will say that that biases me, Thugs with Time can be min maxed pretty well, easy to softcap while still fitting 2 procs into enforcers, easy to fit every MM unique for defenses into the build without compromising pet enhancement values. At the same time, /Time is in fact one of the most proccable secondaries. It helps alot, you can double stack the bubble and proc it out with a good recharge build. You can fit a slotted bonfire into the build for CC and -res and damage procs, you can fit procs into a number of the powers without compromising anything about the core build and get high proc rates out of it, And with the slows Time brings to enemies, they aren't running out of your thugs massive AOE damage or your proc fields easily at all, allow you to maximize your actual thugs DPS with pet positioning, keeping things grouped up for enforcer cones and such.
  4. Time is T1. The debuffs are weak but farsight is the best overall defensive buff specifically for masterminds. Once cast it lasts 2 minutes, you can easily get the recharge down to a minute for reapplying to any pets who die, and it has no range limitation. Once cast your pets just have farsight on them, like cold's buffs, which elevates Time combined with it's heal, it's extra -tohit, it's slows, and it's procability. Time brings not only overall utility that is specifically good for masterminds, but it brings build utility with how much fun you can have with procs with it, how many slows you can stack on things, and well, if you take bonfire as your epic pick things just get nuts. It synergizes too well with pets to not be T1 even if the numbers don't quite stack up against like /traps.
  5. TheSpiritFox

    MM Duo?

    If you want the ultimate force multiplier MM duo I would say that it would be Beast/kin alongside thugs/time. Between farsight, two maneuvers, thugs leadership, all the pets will be softcapped. And then at the same time, the kin will damage cap all the pets, resulting in a massive boost to damage. With thugs/time you can double gang war and things will really get ridiculous, with a total of 32 fulcrum shifted pets on the field that are all protected by farsight and leadership.
  6. I gotta be honest, while EA may edge nature out on pure math grounds with absorb, natures absorb shield very often results in little to no health damage before the next application barring the highest end content, and the larger absorb shield gives your minions time to heal health damage under the absorb if they have taken damage. It also applies a heal over time and stacks of bloom which enhance other nature heals applied to the target. It's not JUST absorb, it also heals and enhances future heals on the target, which makes the power have multiple functions and EA's absorb is a one trick pony, only additionally granting stacks of static to increase the number of allies that it chains to, not increasing it's effectiveness on any one thing it hits. Then going further, EA only offers resistance and absorb to prevent damage, while nature has a toggle aura which does -tohit AND -damage and -damage is not resistable, so anything that is debuffed is essentially stacking both defense and resistance on top of your defense and resistance. My demons with the pet defense auras and maneuvers hit like 14% defense, With the -17% tohit applied by nature that's effectively 30% defense on top of high resistances plus the -damage. Before heals, which nature clearly does wayyyyyyyy better than EA could dream of doing. While EA is absolutely solid as shit, if you take everything that each set has to offer (/nature also does -damage to single targets with corrosive spores, hell) nature absolutely does not lose in tankiness to EA and honestly probably outstrips it by a solid margin. EA has 4 powers that affect pet survivability directly by somehow mitigating incoming damage - A single target damage debuff for enemies - A chain heal that just heals your pets - A chain absorb that just puts a small absorb shield on your pets - A location based aoe resistance and mez protection I don't count endurance drain because EA doesn't drain endurance from foes effectively enough to be like considered endurance drain crowd control, you can't walk into a crowd and sap them all and laugh at their inability to attack. Nature has 7, 8 if you count the T9 because it adds 5 stacks of bloom to enhance future heals. - A single target debuff that lowers enemy damage - An aoe heal cone heal - An aoe buff that increases resistance, regeneration, and adds a heal enhancement - A targeted aoe debuff which reduces both enemy accuracy and damage - A location based heal patch - An absorb shield that also adds a solid heal over time on application and a heal enhancement for future heals - An AOE hold power which is easily enhanceable to the point it stacks on itself and holds minions and lts permanently - A T9 which in addition to being one of the best team buffs in the game adds 5 bloom for even more heal enhancement The entire point of wild bastion is that the big absorb shield doesn't HAVE to be up constantly. It's more of an "oh shit" button than it is something you depend on to keep your pets alive. It doesn't have to be on a short cooldown because in general /nature can straight up outheal incoming damage alot of the time without even using your absorb shield, or your toggle debuff, or your single target damage/resistance debuff, or your hold power. EA cannot do that. Electric Affinity is a solidly balanced buff/debuff/healing hybrid set that is awesome for team content and solidly good for mastermind pets as a secondary. Nature Affinity is an overpowered healing set which was also given extremely synergistic buffs and debuffs which is awesome for team content and better for mastermind pets as a secondary. Mathematically speaking, nature is just far tankier than EA is. It brings too much to the table besides absorb and too many of it's powers do more than one thing well.
  7. People do not sing the praises of demons nature enough. It is tankier than any other MM save probably /EA. It brings better overall buffs and debuffs to the table than /ea does. Nature is a much better overall set than EA for most conent. The other recommendation is thugs/time, which gets my vote for the strongest overall mastermind in any content. Pets can hit beyond softcap easily beyond incarnate softcap with power boost. Has a -tohit aura to add insult to serious inaccuracy, has a bunch of slows which keep stuff nearby, is one of the best secondaries for damage procs, and by default gives you some extra recharge to make things just that much more ridiculous. My thugs/time recharges burnout in like 6-7 minutes and gang war's recharge is 30 second longer than it's duration I think meaning that I can basically run around with 16 pets close to permanently and hit 26 if and when shit hits the fan. Throw on destiny barrier and support core hybrid and even your gang war is tanky, throw an opposing force knockdown proc in gang war and every attack every single one of them does has a 20% chance to knock down whatever it aims at. It's fucking hilarious and chaotic and an EXCELLENT duo choice with literally any class or spec thanks to the +def, +tohit, and +recharge that time puts out, plus a nice damage buff on single targets that lasts a long while and you can get the recharge low enough to keep up on multiple pets/allies.
  8. Softcapping yourself as a traps is pointless though. First off, traps are long enough recharge that getting mezzed is overall not a big deal and debuffs that aren't mez are even less of a deal, nothing should be spending much time attacking you UNLESS you take provoke and standing mezzed for a few seconds doesnt hurt much with a traps build, especially if it happens after your traps are down. The bodyguard argument is great because traps is the least busy secondary MMs have by far. If you were talking about time? Different story. Dark? Wayyyyyyy different story. But Traps? Softcapping yourself is about pointless unless you are tanking with your MM. And add to that, while your argument is about debuffs, scorpion shield is typed defense not positional, so you only avoid debuffs or mez that come with smashing/lethal attacks, literally everything else (most debuffs and mez do not have smashing or lethal damage attached to them) gets through. There are no debuffs to eat, the resistance is specifically to like allow you to target fire your thugs and drop bodyguard then pull it back up in defensive if you get aggro, and allows you to take less damage from Aoe attacks which in turn offloads less damage to your pets, since if you're going to softcap to a positional it is usually not AOE that you choose and it is absolutely going to gimp the rest of your build to forgo enough recharge with /traps to attempt to softcap both ranged and aoe.
  9. I wanted to comment. Nature is the ultimate opposite of the tankermind. Demons/nature is a pet tanking set combo all the way and does it insanely well. You can cast the ground based aoe heal patch from stealth without breaking it or drawing aggro, so I usually fire that up while I send in the pets. As soon as the pets have aggro, a boss gets the toggle debuff. I flit around with stealthy super speed on and shit kinda just ignores me 99% of the time unless I start losing pets, which does not happen often as demons/nature is tanky as fuuuuuuuck. If you let your pets tank and stay in position to actually use your cone heal on all your pets at once, you never get attacked much less mezzed. My demons/nature is vet level 42 and does not have the first mez badge for time being held or whatever yet. My bots and thugs /traps mms by comparison are working their way up that ladder as stealthing in and using poison trap and such puts me in mez range, especially like aoe sleeps and shit that some enemies have which ffgen does not guard against.
  10. Make a demons storm and put some FF+rech procs in your storm powers and you can get it really, really, really low.
  11. No I was saying that if you don't take provoke, scorpion shield is basically useless as a power pick and web envelope is not worth taking on it's own when you can take electric fences instead and for a mastermind if you're going to take a shield especially on a /traps you'd do better with the mu resistance shield to help lower incoming damage to smaller numbers to get further broken up by bodyguard. I was saying that if you are NOT tankerminding, you should also not be trying to build to the personal softcap anywhere when you have bodyguard.
  12. I would highly, highly suggest you switch maneuvers and super speed first off. You do not need maneuvers early game like you really honestly do not need that until past 32 at the earliest and super speed is useful in exemplar content. Second, softcapping yourself to smashing and lethal when you don't take provoke is kinda useless. Exchange scorpion shield and web envelope for a 6 slotted bonfire with procs and 1 endurance IO + sudden accel kb->kd, and burnout for double gang war. It's a solid build, honestly besides the two above changes I would personally just move some slots around a little bit but it's mostly about personal preference. I can't stand travel powers that don't have maxed move speed and 3 slot both SJ and SS on my thugs/traps. I took aid pool up to field medic because losing the interrupt on your aid other is fucking useful and the extra heal when you click field medic helps too in a pinch. Your build will do more damage than my build will by a bit, my build is more survivable than your build by a bit. Seriously though, take bonfire. The amount of incoming damage mitigation that provides FAR outstrips what scorpion shield provides not just you but your pets and it does damage on top of it. Take burnout, double gangwar is hilarious and burnout is also useful for double trapping right from the start of an AV encounter.
  13. Take super speed on MMs. Do it. Take it, put celerity stealth in it, use it. If you move fast enough you outpace your pets significantly and if you outpace your pets significantly they warp closer to you. The key to being an MM on speed runs it to go faster, not slower, so that pets have an illogically easier time catching up with you. That said, expect to be useless on a speed lambda and expect to be annoyed as fuck on TPN campus as an MM.
  14. This is much closer to reality imo One note. Temporal selection increases healing done by time's heals on a specific pet, it is a long lasting buff that increases damage a decent bit which you don't have a ton of ways to do with pets, it also increases regeneration which is meh but hey it helps. Temporal selection is a good power and worth taking esp on a demons or thugs or bots mm. With a high recharge build you can keep it perma on 4 targets. So like, your assault bot and all three drones. Or your bruiser and arsonist and 2 team mates. Or your T2 and T3 demons. You can drop it on a pet that is almost dead and heal that pet more than the rest, saving you healing casts potentially in keeping pets alive. Temporal selection is a good power.
  15. Traps and nature are T1 fyi. Traps may not have a heal but it has the best debuffs bar none, solid soft control, the best defense power in the game, and it's a light set both because you can completely skip Trip mine and detonator and because several of the powers are effective with light slotting. Nature is the best healing set in the game, which comes with some solid hard control, a solid toggle debuff, and awesome buffs both for pets (+dam on pets is great, absorb on pets is fucking incredible) and for teammates.
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