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Question re Unrelenting


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The Unrelenting power from the Presence Pool says 'if you are defeated when you use this power, you will be revived with 50% health.'


Does that mean if the power is active at the moment you get defeated you will be auto-rezzed, or that you can activate this power after you have been defeated in order to rez?

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From ParagonWiki

Manipulation Unrelenting.png Unrelenting

You channel your inner confidence to become a relentless opponent, gaining significant boosts to your damage, recovery and attack speed for a short while. Additionally, you will be able to fight though the pain caused by opponents, healing continuously over time. You can also use this power to fight your way back to the living after defeat - if you are defeated when you use this power, you will be revived with 50% health. You must be level 14 and have trained any two other Presence pool powers before you can train Unrelenting.

Recharge Very Long
Minimum Level 14
Effects Self, Heal over Time, +DMG(All), +Rech, +Rec, Self Resurrect (Special)
Enhancements TO Training Heal.png Enhance Heal
  TO Training Attack Rate.png Increase Attack Rate
  TO Training Endurance Modification.png Enhance Endurance Modification
Set Categories IO Healing-Absorb.png Healing/Absorb
  IO Endurance Modification.png Endurance Modification

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