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Suggestions for a Praetorian Sentinel?


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So, I want to take a Sentinel through all the Praetorian content. That means starting off in Nova Praetoria at level one and ending in Night Ward at level 40. 


I would like to complete as many of the arcs possible without switching sides to Hero or Villain. That means I'm looking for a Sentinel combo that does well at lower levels and before set bonuses. Also, something that can handle psi damage attacks.  


I was considering Dual Pistols/Ninjutsu but I'm not 100% sure. Any thoughts or suggestions folks? 

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(From a players perspective) Sent is a decent choice for Praetoria. Prae is difficult content - the mobs are hard and they throw a lot at you (multiple bosses even doing solo content). I ran through on bio and it saved my life multiple times. As for primaries, DP is a little low on dmg but its fun as heck.

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Dual Pistols with Ninjutsu is a fun combo.  It can feel a little slow going at first, and really a lot of Sentinels can, but it will get better.  The lack of Aim means no means to create situational bursts of damage which is were I found the low level struggle.  In higher levels, the build decisions with the pairing is very open ended.  

So if you feel you are about to hit some tough content early on, then pack some damage inspirations.  

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I actually ended up going Dual Pistols/ Super Reflexes for a few reasons. One of them being I know I'll be dealing with the Awakened later on in First Ward. And SR has resistance to both blind and confuse. Got from 1-13 doing resistance arcs. SR feels a little weaker at low levels than Ninjitsu did, but a few inspirations help out a lot. I'm pretty satisfied with my choice... and thanks for the help. 

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