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Build Help please :BIO/DUAL BLADES TANK

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Just to get this out of the way my character is already at 50. I have had an awesome journey to get her there. It took me down memory lane again to start a new character and stick with her without switching to alts.But now is where I need some help for when it comes to building for end game. I really need some help and suggestions on where to and how to advance her further. I basically took all the powers from both sets but have the slightest idea on what sets I should invest in or incarnates to go for. I do have pines builder but I'm kind of clueless on where to begin.


Please someone help me set up a build with these sets. Thank you ahead of time for your help and suggestions

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I've just posted two /Bio builds, so feel free to check, copy the /Bio part and paste the DB/ part. What you want is Ablative with good slotting and 45% defense at least.


I've never played DB/ so I don't know what are the good powers to go for in order to help.

@sovera in Everlasting - I love teaming up so hit me up.


Simple guide for newcomers. - Money making included among other things.


Fire Armor/Martial Arts: the Brunker - Altitis cure.

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