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Badge Strangeness

Scarlet Shocker

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So tonight I completeyed Numina & Synapse to get the final two badges for the TF accolade on Slay Belle.


She is an unashamed Rogue but I ddin't get the accolade, though the bar for it is full. Do I need to be a Hero or Vigilante to get it?


What is even weirder, that having run those two missions, at the end of Synapse, I got the Abomination badge. That tells me that the Vahzilok fear me. That is, of course, splendid and makes me glad to know, they should of course. But it does seem to rather lack context, given that I don't think I'd seen any this evening.


There seems to be a disconnect here. Is it a bug or am I missing something weird?

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You get the Abomination badge for completing the Synapse TF for no good reason - except that perhaps the Vazhilok fear the Clockwork King, & since you just helped out Synapse with his Clockwork problem 


& whipped the Clockwork King in the process,

the Vazh now rightfully fear you as well? 😉


In order to get the accolade you do need to switch over to blue-side, however briefly.  You'll keep the accolade power when you switch back to redside.

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