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Performance Shifter: +End Text Issue


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Not a huge deal, but the text of the Performance Shifter: +End when it procs has a problem. 


Currently, the message is - "Electro - Cutie grants you 10.5 points of endurance with his Performance Shifter: Chance for +Endurance!
You grant Electro - Cutie an infusion of 10.5 endurance!"


Only problem is, the character is female and it ALWAYS says HIS.  So someone has hard coded it for male characters, not checked to see what the sex of the character really is I think.  I've got it in Stamina on both of my 50's (both female) and it has the same message (except for the character name).


Anyhow, like I said not a huge deal, but it is annoying when it catches my eye.


Thank you.

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I also have the proc in my female character, but never noticed this. I'll have to double check when I get a chance!


[EDIT] So I looked, and yeah, sure enough, it says "his"! Other procs say "their", which would probably be better for this proc to announce, as well!

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