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  1. Well, I got into an ITF today and leveled again and like others I got slots and then a power choice. So no respec needed now. Totally weird though. Thanks all.
  2. I also had this issue last night. I leveled from 34 to 35, but when I finally got to the trainer it just opened and closed it. Never let me pick a power. Before that though, I had it showing that I had a level to collect. My character also has Super Speed as a power. I was probably running it at that point, but because of endurance sometimes I turn it off. Not sure if you just have to have the power or have it running for the issue to occur. Anyhow they are researching it and I hope to get a respec token so I can fix it. I normally don't respec again until 42nd t
  3. If you get that problem and have authority to edit the base you can use /editbase 1 to open the base editor and then editbase 0 to turn it off but you should be free. Normally it is the base portal has been moved to a spot that isn't working. GM Korvin has the right of it, try moving it slightly can permanently corrects the issue. Good luck.
  4. G1ass

    Stuck minion

    I'm sure this has been reported, more than once but I'm not seeing it right now. I'm on map - Zone/Mission: Abandoned_Office_30_Layout_06 (which is the 1st Defeat all Outcasts in base mission) on Server: Excelsior and I've got an Outcast (the last one) stuck in the ceiling. I can go into the room, and he can shoot me, but I can't shoot at him. At 8th level, I don't have an AoE that I can use to dig him out and none of my single target attacks goes off when I'm circling the stuck Outcast trying to find an angle that will allow me to attack him. The thing that sucks is if I get in the
  5. Still a problem on 30 April. Had it happen to me earlier this evening on a new character I had on Indomitable.
  6. I've used 2 computers now for the game. Not that the first one was giving me any real issues, but it was originally built back in 2012 to run CoH and I've been wanting to build a new one. The first computer has - Needed info: Manufacturer: AMD Model: Radeon HD5800 Operating System and version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version: 10.0.18363 Does the game load (and error you get if not): Game loaded just fine, no real issues there. Optional info you like: Driver Version: 15.301.1901.0 (was always telling me my driver was out of date,
  7. Not a huge deal, but the text of the Performance Shifter: +End when it procs has a problem. Currently, the message is - "Electro - Cutie grants you 10.5 points of endurance with his Performance Shifter: Chance for +Endurance! You grant Electro - Cutie an infusion of 10.5 endurance!" Only problem is, the character is female and it ALWAYS says HIS. So someone has hard coded it for male characters, not checked to see what the sex of the character really is I think. I've got it in Stamina on both of my 50's (both female) and it has the same message (except for the char
  8. I noticed bad text in the final of the Revenant Hero Project text box. Second to last line reads "...thank you for brining closure to their loss..." I believe it should read "....thank you for BRINGING closure to their loss..." Attached is the screen shot I took of it. Thank you.
  9. I have had this happen to me twice and one of the CR's said I should check if it was already in the bug list (not seeing it) or put it in. For the first instance on July 26th I was running a radio mission in Steel that was one of the Warrior missions. I also had a hunt Warriors mission so I used the radio mission to complete the hunt. While still in the radio mission, I got a notice that another mission was running w/ a timer! I had pulled the Defeat Auctioneer mission by completing the hunt! Well I hurriedly finished the radio, jumped outside and the text telling me where the
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