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Incarnate QoL suggestion


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This is only a suggestion to assist in the creation of higher tiered incarnate items, and only as a quality of life suggestion ...


As I been leveling my alt's tier incarnate abilities, I do all the incarnate TFs religiously and go for the luck of the draw salvage drop.


It should not come as a surprise that I wind up with a bunch of redundant or useless salvage that I can not  transfer to another alt that could use it, sell it on AH or convert them into empyreans merits where I could craft what I need.


But it occurs to me, how you could combine 3 inspirations of a kind to manufacture another, why not use the rule of four to build up? Saw take any four tier 1 salvage and convert them into any tier 2 of your choice, subsequently take any 4 tier two salvage and combine them into a tier 4 of your choice, and finally combine any tier 4 salvage to get a tier 4 piece.


Ay thoughts or alrternate suggestions?

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I know there is a way to break down unneeded parts into threads that you can then use to make what you do need, but you get pitifully few threads compared to what it takes to make the part in the first place.  Not knowing how difficult the code is to change, it might be easier for them to increase the number of threads you get when breaking down a component so you dont lose progress.  


A lot of the rare and very rare components are made of one each of the four lower tier components and you can sidegrade many components so maybe your idea is actually already theoretically possible, we just have to hit on the magic formula to make it work.

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Only correcting my original post...


Take any 4 tier one to create a tier 2; then combine any 4 tier 2 to create a tier 3; and lastly take any 4 tier 3 to create a tier 4


The math behind this...


A tier 1 cost 20 threads or 1 empyrean

A tier 2 cost 60 threads or 3 empyreans

A tier 3 cost 8 Empyreans

A tier 4 cost 30 Empyreans


Thus 4 tier 1 would effectively cost 4 empyreans to get the 3 empyrean cost tier 2 salvage

The 4 tier 2 would effectively cost 12 empyreans to get the 8 empyrean cost tier 3 salvage

The 4 tier 3 would effectively cost 32 empyreans to get the 30 empyrean cost tier 1 salvage


At one time I considered the three for 1, as it it was done in Diablo, but the effective costs would render the conversions way too cost effective, and would lend itself to abuse

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If you look at the interface there are already upgrade options...

They take both lower tier bits and a crap-ton of INF, though.


(Something like one of each Rare + 100m INF to make a VR, IIRC? It's been awhile since I looked at that. And no. I'm not really a "City of Marketeering" type, so 100m still looks like a lot of INF to me. XD)

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