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What about Wind Control?

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I was poking around on ParagonWiki a few days ago, and I noticed that they had a page on the Wind Control powerset.  It looks pretty sweet!  

Are there plans to get it released to the Homecoming servers?  I'd really like to play with it; I'm already getting ideas for more alts! 😄
(I'm not sure if someone said something about this before... I kinda think so, but I don't remember for sure, so I thought I'd ask)

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I think at the moment Wind Control is just data and power icons, there's no FX for it, which is the hardest part of making a powerset. However, I think we could potentially 'borrow' FX from a few different sources; namely Storm Summoning, MinFX Ice Armor and maybe a few things from Darkness Control. Player animations from other control sets would probably be the easiest way to go about this too.


WindControl Updraft.png - Updraft: Animation (Same as Lift/Levitate) - FX (the whirlwind from MinFX Ice Armor)

WindControl Downdraft.png - Downdraft: Animation (Same as Frostbite) - FX (whirlwind from MinFX Ice Armor, but in reverse)

WindControl Breathless.png - Breathless: Animation (Same as Shadow Field) - FX (same as Shadow Field, but with the vapor of Steamy Mist too, individual targets gain a small whirlwind around their head)

WindControl WindShear.png - Wind Shear: Animation (Same as Hurricane) - FX (smaller version of the Breathless FX, with Hurricane FX around you legs)

WindControl Thundergust.png - Thundergust: Animation (Same as Gust) - FX (Smaller version of Gust)

WindControl Microburst.png - Microburst: Animation (Same as Flashfire/Thunder Clap) - FX (Gust from above)

WindControl KeeningWinds.png - Keening Winds: Animation (Same as Snow Storm) - FX (Same as Breathless, but with Arctic Air FX too)

WindControl Vacuum.png - Vacuum: Animation (Same as Crush) - FX (Tornado FX, but with a small whirlwind around their body)

WindControl Vortex.png - Vortex: Animation (Same as Singularity) - FX (a tiny version of the Breathless FX that hovers around like Singularity)


Vortex Powers:

WindControl Vortex BlastOfDebris.png - Blast of Debris: FX (Same projectile as 'Throw Debris' from Slag Golems)

WindControl Vortex Whirlwind.png - Whirlwind: FX (Smaller version of Hurricane)

WindControl Vortex HailOfDebris.png - Hail of Debris: FX (Sped up version of the 'Magnetism' costume aura)

WindControl Vortex CrashOfThunder.png - Crash of Thunder: FX (Same as Thunder Clap from Storm Summoning)

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3 hours ago, Saiyajinzoningen said:

i believe most of this stuff is already in game it just hasn't been implemented yet.

The powers are in the game, the animations aren't.  You can look at the set in Titan Icon, and it's all placeholder animations and VFX from Ice Control and, oddly, Fire Control.


The "pressure" effect is probably unimplemented, as well.

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5 minutes ago, Shadeknight said:

The thing also is that most other servers are on i24 with OuroDev. HC is different.

HC probably has to do their own stuff to make Wind Control a thing.

Quite likely, which is why I figured making a few suggestions for asset reuse would help conceptualize it :classic_laugh:

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