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  1. What's your character's name? Is she a hero, villain, rogue, vigilante, don't-care?
  2. I should probably reply to you directly, though, right? I don't want to hijack the thread or start an unrelated side-topic.
  3. As you may have suspected, I was hoping you'd say something like that. 😛 The main thing I was thinking of was Decay/Rot (powerset suggestions: rad, zombies, dark [colored like dust or fungal spores], plants/thorns/nature and/or bio armor [colored a dead brown/black]). I thought about suggesting Madness, but you've kind-of got that covered with Night (esp. the Princess of Night *shudders*). I also thought of maybe a Wildness/Wilderness court (powerset suggestions: beasts, plants/thorns/nature, savage). If we had the wind control powerset, I'd suggest Tempest, but it feels a bit
  4. Agreed! Are you going to add more courts as you go?
  5. Oddly enough, I'm in the "accepting" category for brutes, but have a hard time figuring out why corruptors are a thing anymore... As far as "the brutiest brute", I'd like to recommend a rad/bio with damage and debuff procs in the DoT auras. You basically jump into the middle of a huge mob, beat up on the bosses, and by the time they're down everything else is dead. Seems pretty brutish to me: jump right in, kill EVERYTHING, repeat. I tend to view brutes as in between scrappers and tanks; less dmg than a scrapper (although that seems more and more dubious the more I play my scrappers) bu
  6. Ha! I actually got to donate this time! Keep up the good work, HC team! 😄
  7. Okay, I just HAD to try my hand at this banshee costume. I looked up "banshee" on wikipedia and this costume is somewhat based on that (gray cloak, green dress, long hair, Irish-theme). The idea is that she looks mostly normal from the back, but when you see her face... HOLY $H17!! I used the fireflies aura for eyes in combat only in red for an extra bit of freaky when she's fighting. Costume file: bansheeS.costume Back, mostly normal-looking: Front, no aura: Front, with aura ("now she's pissed off"):
  8. Thought I'd add: There are two of the backpack options (Apocalypse 2 and 3, I think) that look like air tanks, but they have the biohazard symbol on them. Can we get a plain version of these to use as breathing/SCUBA tanks?
  9. Has anyone else here heard good things about plant/savage? I don't play doms much, bit IIRC this combo is pretty sweet. Thematically, I suppose you could do a wild/feral creature and/or nature guardian type character
  10. I never knew that! Thanks! Also, for anyone willing to share their costume awesomeness (or if you just like to play with the costume creator), there's the new Costume Exchange Warehouse!
  11. If you don't want to have to wait for a request, you can show off costumes you want to share at the Costume Exchange Warehouse!
  12. Finally, a male costume! I made this for a friend and he altered it quite a bit, so I thought I'd post the original here. skinned.costume I don't know why I chose a red skin tone for this one, but I think it looks decent. It's fairly generic, so tweak away! yellowholes.costume Hopefully, these will help get things started. Don't worry; I've got more 😛 I'd love to see what you guys have made just playing around in the costume creator! Do you have any costumes in need of a good home? Donate to the Costume Exchange Warehouse today!
  13. Not my usual aesthetic, and I usually don't like to play characters that show this much skin, but I thought someone else might have fun with it. She has a pink Fairy Dust aura for extra sparkelz! gunbunny.costume Yet another costume in need of a a good home! mask.costume
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