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  1. Is this just for look-alikes/homages?
  2. I'm doing Praetorian content now, and this is still an issue.
  3. Ah. Like I said, I'm used to Willpower, which skews my perception. Maybe the ones that have fear and confuse protection could include that in the powerset description, then?
  4. Thanks Darneblade! While going through other armor sets, I noticed that a number of them don't mention anything about Fear/Confuse. Does Fear/Confuse protection not come standard with these sets? If so, it would be nice to note in their descriptions which ones have it and which ones don't (just FYI, I use Willpower on most of my melee characters, so my expectations are biased).
  5. The description for Dark Armor says that it has no protection against Knockback. Descriptions for other armor sets let you know where their holes are ("No defense against psionics" or "No resistance to toxic", usually). Why doesn't the Bio Armor description let you know that it has no protection against Fear and Confuse effects? I was leveling a Bio Armor Tanker and got a very nasty surprise when I ran into some Circle of Thorns mobs. Also, any suggestions for patching this hole? It's honestly ruined Bio Armor for me, and if I'd known about it, I would've planned accordingly or picked something else.
  6. Okay, here's what I came up with. I tend to play female characters, so I made a female costume. I've been wanting to use the Tech Sleek top and bottom for some time now, but the weird blue sheen always threw me off. For a technology-based ninja character, though, it's a cloaking/stealth field! The chest piece and belt are meant to be control/projector units for the stealth field. I didn't want something too bulky or flashy. I thought about using the Ascension chest piece, but went with the Celestial Armor one instead, partly because it also wraps around the back. I tried to get the blue to match the sheen on the Tech Sleek pieces. I used the circuitry pattern in a subtle dark grey on the top and bottom. I used the Imperial Dynasty gloves because they're shiny enough to be tech-y and I thought they looked cool. I didn't really know what to do with the boots; a lot of the tech options felt bulky, which doesn't fit with the ninja aesthetic. I didn't know which powersets you were using, so I tried her out with the Vanguard Katana and the Vanguard Claws, both of which look pretty awesome in my opinion (I have a slight preference for how the claws look, but that's just me). I'm not sure if this is what you wanted, but I hope it's at least useful! tech-ninja.costume
  7. Something I forgot to ask: Do you have an archetype and powersets picked out? (Basically, do I need to choose weapons in the Costume Creator?)
  8. Male/female/huge/don't care? Hero/vigilante/rogue/villain? Any ideas on colors you'd like to use? Any backstory or other "flavor text" for this character? If none of the above, that's fine. I'm just trying to narrow down what you're looking for as much as possible before I let my creative side off the leash. 🙂
  9. During the shutdown, when the devs were RPing as various important NPCs... Tyrant: What the... ?! Tyrant: What's this seagull doing on my throne?!?! I laughed SO hard! 😄 Keep on flyin', devs! And don't let anyone kick you off of "their" throne!
  10. I recently got over 1400, so I thought I'd update.
  11. This would probably be better off in the Archetypes -> Stalker section of the Forums, or The Arena -> PvP Build Discussions, if that's what you want it for.
  12. I was about to suggest using Kallisti Wharf for this. You went much more in-depth with the idea. I'd love to see this in-game, too!
  13. Does this still work? And is it alignment-dependent (can Vigilantes get the badge this way, or do you have to be a Rogue or Villain)?
  14. 😮 I would definitely be interested in seeing you do it, if only because then I would know who to ask about potential AT/powerset combos. You would basically be THE expert on EVERYTHING!
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