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  1. I've recently had fun with a rad/bio brute. It is slightly squishier when not using the defensive adaptation, but IMO that's why that adaptation power exists; so you can tweak your character to fit the situation. It can be a bit clicky because I rely somewhat on the heal power and absorb power to stay alive sometimes. I use mids, but I'm not too much of a min/maxer, so I'm sure a sturdier version could be built (with incarnate powers, I can usually run at +3x8 for solo missions. I could probably do +4x8 for most enemy groups, but I find that +3 is more efficient). The most fun p
  2. Yes, I knew this much. Given this information, I'd recommend that OP switch out Superior Invisibility for Group Invisibility to get the stacking defense benefits. Since OP has enough recharge to have near-perma PA, Group Invis will be up all the time anyway (if stealth is a concern).
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't Shadow Fall and Superior Invisibility mutually exclusive (cannot activate both at once)?
  4. 😮 WOW! These look AMAZING! Also, welcome back! 😄
  5. I got something semi-okay using the Jackets option with the Official Shirt and Pushed sleeves. For bottoms, it was a toss-up whether to go with regular pants, tight pants, or baggy pants, although I used the "Cargo" option in any case. For the belt, I used Leather Eyelets, although there are several options that approximate the look in the movie. I hope this helps!
  6. Would a Gravity/Time Controller work? It's got better damage and more direct attacks for a controller, and /Time is a good set for self- and teammate-protection. I'm not sure how well it would work with your character concept, though (I'm kind-of spitballing here. Sorry).
  7. Oh, but it gets better: Since you're using the female body type and neglected to cover her chest, she's a Topless Steampunk Bikini Gorilla!
  8. I have this website ( https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Main_Page ) bookmarked, but it hasn't been working lately. The CoX archive wiki ( https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page ) works fine. Regular Wikipedia works fine. Is the Homecoming Wiki down, or is my computer being stupid?
  9. Thanks for the updates. I would appreciate it if you could include the Paladin gathering spots, though, so that it's possible to check if all 3 have spawned since, if that is the case, the event will not be able to activate until at least one of them is defeated.
  10. So, for the paladin construction event (since it's been reverted), you have to wait until they start building the paladin, right? I see levelless clockwork showing up, but I don't start defeating them until the construction scaffold thingy appears, right?
  11. Here's my attempt. I really liked the green on the mask in the first picture, so I tried to do something like that, with some of the stuff from your third costume added in. I don't know if this is exactly what you were going for, but hopefully it helps! scarecrowhood.costume
  12. Thank you for this! I've been waiting and waiting on my badger to get that badge. No dice with the new system. If this goes to the main servers, I'll at least have a chance...
  13. Okay, I had to take a crack at this one. I ended up going in a different direction a bit: I wanted her gathered fashion accessories to come from various points in history, hence the Roman vambrace, Old West boots and shoulder piece, fancy ascot, acid-washed jeans, and techno-style trenchcoat. I also tried to pick bits that someone of a demonic persuasion might find appealing (especially with the skull shoulder piece and the wickedly-curved spurs on the boots). For the demonic armor, I mostly used CoT pieces, with pain pads and the ascension face piece, mostly because they're pointy, in the
  14. I tried this one (obviously heavily inspired by Captain Mako). I used the slime aura in red for blood. The red around her jaw is supposed to be a mess left over from feeding. I put some lighter grey in there to keep it from being too boring (and b/c I thought it looked right). I hope you like it! shark girl.costume
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