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  1. I tried this one (obviously heavily inspired by Captain Mako). I used the slime aura in red for blood. The red around her jaw is supposed to be a mess left over from feeding. I put some lighter grey in there to keep it from being too boring (and b/c I thought it looked right). I hope you like it! shark girl.costume
  2. Unfortunately, no. I'm not after keybinds. I'm after macros.
  3. I seem to recall seeing a thread where someone had created macros where you could select one for which pets you wanted, select another for which stance you wanted, and select a third for which command you wanted (so you could mix and match without having to have a macro for each combination). My search-fu has failed me. Does anyone know where this is? Can you give me a link? Or did I just hallucinate this?
  4. ... I know you said you wanted to keep the cybertech top, but hear me out... The "Fire and Ice" fire top looks like glowing lava! I tried a version of this with that fiery backpack, too, but I don't really think it needs it. I used the seismic path aura colored orange to suggest that the extreme heat she puts out is causing the ground to crack and even melt a little. I hope you like it! kilauea.costume
  5. I usually check Badger: https://n15g.github.io/badger/homecoming
  6. IO set bonuses and Impervious Skin and Aegis special +psi resist IOs. Also, WP has psi resistance also. I always enjoy getting on my elec/WP brute on a team that's fighting Carnies, hearing everyone moan and groan, and then smashing through the mobs like they're hardly even there.
  7. Wait... someone actually played my arc?! Is it odd that my first reaction was "... why?"? Anyway, I hope you liked it, or at least found it tolerable.
  8. I mostly soloed my ill/dark, too. I took group invisibility rather than superior invisibility because you can have group invisibility active at the same time as shadow fall, and my recharge is boosted so high that I always have group invisibility up anyway. With near-perma PA (only off by about half a second, so I can resummon by the time they finish disappearing), my minions draw most of the aggro, anyway. Besides, group invisibility helps protect the phantasm and dark servant pets, too. I can actually keep the phantasm alive most of the time against +3/x8 mobs!
  9. While I'm levelling, I tend to use four of the "Expedient Reinforcement" set (all 3 of the ones with a Recharge component, plus the Damage/Endurance one) and either two recharge enhancements or one recharge and one damage. At level 50, I replaced the generic IOs with two from the "Soulbound Allegiance" set (the Chance for Build-Up, which does apply to PA, unlike most buffs; and the Damage/Recharge one). Using 4 of the "Expedient Reinforcement" set will give you a global recharge bonus. I'd also recommend trying to slot the "Luck of the Gambler" Increase Global Recharge enhancement into any
  10. It's a fireball with a dark right hand grasping the top (you can only see the thumb and pointer finger), to go with the name "Dominating Grasp". Here's one: What the 'ell is that thing!? Is it a keystone? A fortress of some kind? A big concrete block? I can get most of these, but this one confuses me.
  11. Here's a good place to check to see if the name you're suggesting is already taken: https://n15g.github.io/badger/homecoming I'd like to suggest "Thriving", from the word "thrive" which means "1. to prosper; be fortunate or successful 2. to grow or develop vigorously; to flourish". Given all that the new devs have done in the past year, I'd say that we've definitely been "growing and developing vigorously"!
  12. ... I'm afraid I'm going to have to necro this thread... 😞 The "replace enhancement" prompt exists for a reason. That reason is so that you don't replace a super-expensive IO that you want to keep rather than the throwaway one right next to it. ... I put a purple on top of another purple. It still hurts. 😢 I really wish that when this prompt came up, it highlighted the enh you were set to replace, because sometimes I'm click "OK" without realizing I placed the enh in the wrong slot. I also wish that there was an option for only getting this prompt for PvP and Purple IOs ins
  13. Love it! ... I'm so, so sorry, but the first pic... with the lighting... it's like he's going "Behold my glowing red crotch of DOOOOOOOM!!!1!" ... please tell me I'm not the only one that sees that?
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