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  1. Well... my immediate reaction, based on the name, is "pig costume". Make of that what you will.
  2. Dad's an engineer. I watched a LOT of Bill Nye. I've always liked science and been good at math. Somewhat socially awkward (I don't always "read" people very well). Tendency to notice and comment on things that many other people don't notice and/or don't care about. Star Trek!!!!!! Star Wars, too. I'm STILL bitter about not being able to get the original cut of the original trilogy on disk 😠 Usually one of the "smart one"s in school. Loved that intro to physics class in community college. Ended up as an astrophysics major. I'll probably have a career as an astronomy and physics professor at a community college somewhere. Mostly, though, my brain WON'T SHUT UP! Getting to sleep tends to be fairly difficult most nights...
  3. Hah! Got 'em! Thanks so much to Glacier Peak (and PrimeFiya and Web Chambers, who helped!).
  4. I have class today that won't be over until 3:15 PST, but I can come after that.
  5. Calling it for now (too many enemy players). Got all of 'em except Penny and Libby, who just would NOT spawn! We must've spawned 10 hero pairs and didn't get them once!
  6. anyone know what voodoo magic i need to do to get ms. lib and penny to spawn?
  7. I had class, but I'm done now, so anytime! Did you want to start out as heroes or as villains?
  8. Thanks! Also, in case anyone's wondering, we're going to have to postpone until friday due to RL scheduling conflicts.
  9. I'm talking about the ones that make you one level higher.
  10. Any suggestions for Incarnate ability slotting? I was thinking Diamagnetic Radial Interface for the -regen. Also, do the Ultimate inspirations work in RV?
  11. Yeah, I was doing some AFK farming for the last "dmg taken" badge. Wednesday sounds good. I probably won't be on until after 3pm PST though because I have class. I've been e-mailing myself some big inspirations (and a few supers) to have ready for this. I also plan to buy ALL teh buffs at my base beforehand.
  12. Maybe we can meet up and work on this together! I'm on Indomitable server. Which server are you on? (also, I'm in California, so... time zones)
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