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Replacing Female footstep sounds

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If you'd prefer your female presenting heroes to sound like they're wearing boots instead of high heels, here's a way to do so.




Download the archive and extract it into your City of Heroes installation folder (The one containing cityofheroes.exe).
If in doubt, make sure the full path to the sound files looks like this:
<City of Heroes install path>/data/sound/Ogg/Feet/FF_FemConcrete_01.ogg



The female footstep sounds in this game are made for characters wearing high heels. I find them sharp and misplaced, especially when playing a character wearing a mech suit.


This replaces the female footstep sounds with the default male ones.



CoH loads any files found in the 'data' directory before the ones found in .pigg resource paks. I found and extracted the default male footstep sounds using a PiggViewer and renamed them so they replace the female footstep sounds.



To remove this modification, delete or move the files and relaunch the game.





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