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Unable to get the tip to start the villain's Pandora's Box SSA


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Has anyone been able to get the tip for this to drop, which allows you to start the redside version of Pandora's Box?


I already have levelled one redside character to 40 without this tip ever seeming to appear... Just levelling a new villain up to 33 and still no tip for her either.


On the otherhand, you can just start the blueside version by just walking up to the contact at level 30. Rather infuriating as someone who mains redside. :/


But anyway, has anyone able to get this tip to drop at all? You'd think the tip would drop practically the moment you can start it similar to the Mortimar Kal SF. The only thing I can think of is that I've set both characters to Rogue alignment via Null the gull.

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From the discord:


Paradox FateToday at 7:45 AM

@GM Sijin @QuixoticNeutral The SSA2 Prologue can be accessed, indeed, through the Pillar of Ice and Flame in Ouroboros.

GM SijinToday at 7:47 AM

Great! That's good to know, thanks. We'd probably still like to have the arc available without having to go through Ouro I think, but we'll see what the team thinks.

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