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Water/Time Questions


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Anyone with experience with this build?  Right now, I'm looking at take all the Primary except Aqua Bolt and part of me wants to take it for when I'm mezzed.  Or does that happen less often now, with the ATOs?


As for Time side, with all the water attacks, I felt like skipping a lot of Time and just go for the utility powers (Time Crawl, Chronos, Temporal Healing and Time Lord).

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1: I'm taking Aqua Bolt over the Tier 2 attack... both are filler at higher levels, so getting +1 Hydro Power in a shorter activation time is useful. Both do about the same DPA. Taking both would be nice for shooting while mezzed, but... these and the Immobilize would give me 3 filler attacks, and that's way more than I want to slot. For a /Plant like I'm running, the Immob is a must-slot because it's Mag 4 and will Immobilize a Boss or an AV so it will get too much use to underslot, so there's no way to slot up both Hydro and Aqua bolts.

2: I'm putting Achilles Heel and Theft of Essence procs in my Dehydrate, I think it turns the power into something awesome and still leaves 4 slots for 3xThunderstrike and a damage proc.

3: I'm running Plant, but both have a comparable Hold, and I am certainly taking the Hold on the Plant side and slotting it up for damage with damage procs. Water Blast isn't a high-damage single-target set, so getting 400 damage out of an attack that also Holds is nice. I'm planning to run this and Char, both slotted up for 400 damage, so I can quickly Hold a boss while still slotting up attacks that would be part of a single-target rotation due to having high DPA.

4: I agree with skipping any melee-range stuff from Time, Water has no reason to enter melee and it does well slowing mobs down from coming to you. On occasion you could Hold targets and go in with a hard-hitting melee attack, but that's situational enough that it's better to just take powers and slot up for ranged combat only.

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Another thing with Immobilize powers, 6-slotted Enfeebled Operations nets you a whopping 4.06% smashing/lethal defense in a single power.  I don't know of any good blaster build that builds for positional, but either way, 4.38%(!) melee is also provided with 6 slots of enfeebled.  Not bad at all, if you have the slots to spare (and for 4% you should).  Best immob set in the game for defense.  Period.


You want high defenses, especially for a blapper build like /Temporal essentially forces you to be.



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