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2 hours ago, Haijinx said:

None of my suggestions were serious. 


Its true there are too many AT suggestions.  Often they are made seemingly because people want to play around with inherents.


Thats what this seems to be too.  


Maybe because that's the one area you can't really modify much in the current game? 


The Devs have had trouble with inherent balancing too .. seems a challenging ask.  Not sure ATOs that multiply the permutations will actually make things better.


You have a point.  I probably do come across overly sarcastic and close minded in my earlier posts in this thread.  


Mad respect for being courteous and reflective.  Thanks.

1 hour ago, MTeague said:

Some of the other suggestions though I would run screaming from like a vampire in the sun.  Remove +Mag of Domination?  Egads.

Entirely self-serving suggestion, lol.  I have an electric control dominator that doesn't get a lot of benefit from domination (knockdowns and the sleep pulse -- which does NOT gain the benefit of domination).  So the end refill and the mez protection are the only real draws for that character.


Mostly, though, I was just trying to throw out suggestions that would shake up playstyle significantly, or add a new thematic element, without simply turning them into a different AT.

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