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Suggestion: Power preview before committing to selection


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Simply put, I would love to be able to preview a power while we're selecting one during level up, but before we commit to it.  I know that we can preview all powers for our primary or secondary during character selection, but for things like pool or APP/PPP powers, that isn't available then.  Further, it'd be awesome if we could choose the animation or tint, (if available for said power).  Your thoughts?  Thanks for reading!

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16 hours ago, biostem said:

Further, it'd be awesome if we could choose the animation or tint, (if available for said power).

Yes please. I'm tired of going to the tailor to change ice armor to minimal fx every time I select it as an epic.

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I'd be happy with being able to see, up-front, before I take the power, exactly what IO Set Categories it can take.  I've been surprised a few times.

So far, I only know of a way to do that in Manage Enhancements AFTER I've already taken the power.  Not on the respec screen, and not in Manage Enhancements for a power I don't own yet.

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