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Vazhilok DFB Badge


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That badge can be notoriously difficult to get. Mainly because noone running DFB wants to take any time and explain things. Players sometimes get a little happy with the AoEs while fighting the boss mob; and as TraumaTrain points out the barrel bombs can kill one. Some times you have one or more players who don't know there is a badge, or how to get it. That happened to me first couple times I ran the mission.


Best way to get the badge is have everyone stop prior to going into the room. Tell everyone how to get the badge. Then, set off the two bombs right next to the door and heal up before starting the fight. I usually bring it up in the first room, while still fighting the Hellions, by asking in chat, "are we going for badges this run?" and then explaining, or asking for an explanation on how to get them. And it STILL does not stop people from Zergging in.

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