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  1. To continue with my suggestions. 8: On the belts where they have a Jewel belt, instead of a jewel, they could have a letter, symbol, or number. 9: I would like to see them implement more power pools for the Peacebringer, Warshade, Arachnos Widow, and Arachnos Soldier. Having just one does not give one really the urge to create a character with only one. 10: Expand the parity between the primary and secondary powers as they have done with some powers. Examples include 1st Radiation Emission to 2nd Radiation Blast; 1st Earth Control to 2nd Earth Assault; 1st Energy Melee to 2nd Energy Aura; 1st Ice Blast to 2nd Ice Manipulation; 1st Fire Blast to 2nd Fire Manipulation; etc. A Water to water would be nice, plant to plant, poison to poison.
  2. I was speaking for those that are not quite there at those levels in PI.
  3. If running solo on hunting down the Rikti Monkeys, may I suggest Crey's Folly. It takes a bit of work but nowhere will you quite find the abundance of those that do spawn and with AoE, it is also quite relaxing. 🙂 I just hope eventually that the Paladin Event gets a permanent fix. Still if one wants to get the Paladin Event with his Conduits, one must request it from a GM. The GM will then redraw a second map of KR to produce the Paladin. As far as the option goes to save Twinshot and that bunch, that has not ever been fixed. Most people only care anyway about the Paladin and his Conduits as the Knight Errant you receive I have found to be the strongest partner when soloing against bosses.
  4. I mentioned this years ago when CoH/CoV was in NCSoft's hands. 1: A lot of us want the hat/hair option where when you place a hat on the toon, it does not change the toon's hairstyle. Most hairstyles for female toons end up bald when they wear a hat. It is like they all of a sudden developed cancer or alopecia. I never liked the idea of a hat changing the way the hair looked. 2: Add a Glass or Jewel Texture to costumes. For my character Amalgamite, it would be a perfect addition as I am trying the best that I can to emulate Metamorpho. 3: Add Glass wings. 4: With the recent addition of assymetrical pieces namely the gloves and boots, I hope you expand on this to include the upper and lower body parts. Again in tribute to Metamorpho, a assymetrical chest and pants would be perfect. 5: This has probably been mentioned. More animal body types. With that in mind, I would like to add the fact that more appendages could be added. An octopus with his eight tentacles, a spider with his eight legs, an insect with his six legs, maybe even a snake, a frog with his webbed feet, etc.. 6. More facial types that explore multiple facets such as more than normal amount of eyes, nose, mouth, etc. 7. Multiple heads which of course would include multiple necks as well.
  5. So it's a zip file but I always was used to zip files just being .zip. You did not mention where I should have this. Should this file be under CoH or is there some particular folder of CoH to place this in? I got it unzipped but it says to drop the data into the Tequila Score Game directory. There's no such thing under my CoH. Do I just drop this data file under CoH then?
  6. Okay I downloaded this but where do I place it and how does it open? Apparently the Transportation & Badge Pop Menu.7z file isn't being recognized to be opened.
  7. I still recall you. In the old days, I was there from the very beginning when we were just a forum in 2002 until 2009 when I could not afford to pay anymore. I came back for the ending in 2012. I created The Drunken Gargoyle on those forums which became Cryptic's inspiration to turn Paragon Dance Party into the Pocket D. Was a part of the CoHGurus on those forums as well. Most of my 26 characters back then were on Virtue. I had some on Pinnacle. I had several mains back then and belonged to six groups I believe. The original Knights of Paragon, PAYROLL, TEAM1, The original Outsiders, Justice Force, and the Paragonian Knights on Virtue. Shades of Grey on Pinnacle. Only villains I had were with Justice Force and the Paragonian Knights. With Homecoming, I brought back all of my characters plus added quite a few more. I'm up to 77 now. Only use two of them for main heroes and two for main villains. Familiar names of mine were Amalgamite, Boomer, Traveller, Icebreaker, Wild Fury, Ravensword, and Supermole. This time around, I had to add periods to the end of Boomer, Traveller, and Icebreaker because someone else grabbed the names before I could. The Paragonian Knights are back in action as is Justice Force but this time around, we had to add International to Justice Force because someone else grabbed our SG name before we could.
  8. We still exist. Shad0hawk and Pendragon plus some others are still here with the Paragonian Knights.
  9. Elemento

    CoH Guru

    This is Elemento. I'm around. My two mains are with the Paragonian Knights and Justice Force International. The original Justice Force we had back then had to add on the International because someone grabbed the name before Superstellar could. Emerald Sky and I seem to be the only ones active in JFI. I lead the rogue side of the SG. There are a few of us active with the Paragonian Knights most notably Becky Thunder and Pendragon. Hey Nyx and One Hit Wonder.
  10. GM_Korvin said that I should post this here. Two of the History badges I noticed are not recording progression. One is Arachnos Rising and the other is a Villain History badge: Swashbuckler. Now getting all the plaques for Arachnos Rising, I did get the History badge at the end but meanwhile before that, there was no progression. Haven't finished up with Swashbuckler so that one, I'm still unsure of. I have included a screenshot of a History badge still in progression so yeah, the History badges should show how far one has to go yet.
  11. Since now everything has been given to us, I have found out that Supergroup badges do not exist. I tried and went over the exploration badges while in SG Mode, and received no beacon badge. I have to truly believe that Homecoming did away with Supergroup badges. There is not even a specific category for those under the badge tab. If anyone has found out any differently, please let me know.
  12. I have a total now of 54 characters. I brought back the 29 characters I had back when CoH was live and those have biographies. The other 25 characters I created when Homecoming came about. Amalgamite and Icebreaker Prime are my two main characters. Of those original 29 I had on Virtue & Pinnacle servers, 3 of them had to have their names tweaked this time because I was not quick enough to regrab them. Amalgamite -- Icebreaker Prime (formerly Icebreaker) -- Wild Fury -- Boomer O'Shea (formerly Boomer) -- Traveller Prime (formerly Traveller) -- Soul of Justice -- Supermole -- Ravensword Crimson Tanager -- Grey Ptarmigan -- Merlyn De Camelot -- Gen. Cyrus McDuff -- Father Thomas -- Gryphon Granite -- Squire Obsidian -- Toper -- These are the original heroes, and the other 13 are the original villains but I'm not posting them here. Just way too time consuming anyway. 🙂 Amalgamite is my tribute hero to my favorite superhero from DC Comics.
  13. Elemento

    Valet badge

    It would be very difficult but another instance where the Freakshow tear up vehicles is at the Prison Breakout in Brickstown.
  14. Okay there is suppose to be a badge for taking down the Vazhilok Leader without killing off any of the cadavers in the Death From Below Trial. At 11:10 to 11:15PM CST tonight, we did just that and NO Badge. What gives?
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