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  1. Thanks for that information because Wiki does not have that so I was lost. Also in the Badger Listings for exploration, it states multiple locations for the badge. That can be confusing.
  2. I know about the Tried and True Veteran Badge but in the Badger Listings, it shows a Tried and True that is an exploration badge. It shows it to be in multiple locations but exactly where because I can't get any information about this exploration badge???
  3. The attack on PI is accessed in Brickstown through a truck. This mission is given to you after you have saved the Brickstown bank with the New Praetorians doing their own missions. You enter the truck to appear on PI. Look for the beach as the first thing you have to do is eliminate 8 IDF groups off the beach. Then you head out to the ship anchored in the harbor. Enter the ship where you have to take out 2 IDF Commanders and 1 IDF Engineer along with their entourages. After you defeat them, you leave the ship to fight Tremblor and Fusion on the beach. That is the mission in a nutshell. By the way, the mission after this one involves taking the transit.
  4. Seems to be a common problem. Pendragon is the most useless as he gets defeated all the time.
  5. More I go through the exploration badges, I am stumbling upon error. LOL Now I have discovered that a badge in The Sewer network has the same coordinates as a badge in The Abandoned Sewer Network. Persephone and that Vazhilok badge I believe. Coordinates given are 320.0 -576.0 1536.0 It's the same for both of them.
  6. You have an error in your Badger. I found it in your Exploration Badges. Two badges in Kings Row have the same coordinates. One of them is wrong. You have Upgraded and Summoned with the same coordinates.
  7. Ok I have this downloaded and unzipped into my CoH directory. Now how do I get this exactly to work? One goes C:/CoH/logs/game This one is always empty though. I always find other folders in my CoH directory which are also empty such as Custom_Critter; CustomVillainGroup; and Missions. Don't know why either. The second one which is how I got Herostats to work at least halfway is C:/CoH/Elemento/logs which gets me into my chatlogs. Elemento is my global which would be naturally different for each person.
  8. I got it to work kind of. It is only scanning Endurance; Experience; and HP: Current. It will not pick up on any other statistics such as badges, and there is no hero or villain information given. Even powers are not being scanned so the scanner is far from being complete. The scanner does work without using Safe Mode. It picks up the chat logs.
  9. Version does not work on Windows 10 for 64 bit. 64 bit is what the highest is on Homecoming. When checking for updates, it says that Herostats is current. There's a link on Herostats for their website but the link actually sends you to an insurance advertising page. City Info Tracker worked better back then anyway. Wish someone would upgrade that one instead.
  10. I'm not getting this to scan at all. Does not seem to be working.
  11. I'll recheck. Maybe they decided to place both in the game at different places of course. Paragon Dance Party is in its old place as well connecting Steel Canyon, Talos Island, and Independence Port. Guess maybe they wanted both versions in the game.
  12. Okay but now I have to ask, where is Pocket D? All I have found is the older Paragon Dance Party but no Pocket D.
  13. All I have seen is the old Paragon Dance Party. Does anyone know when they'll change this? Otherwise it seems the Winter event won't be going on this year.
  14. There is no Pocket D as of yet. They still have the old Paragon Dance Party.
  15. I find this to be great just that I still have to write down individually what each of my characters has earned especially so far. It is a shame that the old defunct CIT did not keep what badges I had received back then. However that being said, this is a huge leap. This still does not automatically record right from the game as to what badges you have gotten like CIT used to do. Otherwise my character Amalgamite would be showing his badges instead of "0" badges.
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