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  1. I take the term to be more of a statement of how you will deal with any fight and has nothing to do with completing the mission. It is an analogy for the actual steamroller machine. You call it steamrolling because a steamroller is a massive blunt object that has one strategy, one purpose, to flatten anything it runs across and not look back. It lacks all subtlety because it does not need it. This is usually because the group is overpowered for the content, but they don't have to be. It's just that being UNDER powered and trying to steam roll a mission usually results in several wipes and the group disbanding. I consider a group to be steamrolling if they blow through a mission without the need for any communication on how to handle a fight. Everyone just runs into every room spamming their attack chain until all mobs are dead. People can talk in chat as much as they like, but it is usually to do with almost anything BUT the fight at hand. THAT is a foregone conclusion.
  2. I screwed up a couple badge runs my first couple DFBs myself. In my experience it is the fault of the team leader. All he needed to do was take a few seconds at the start of the mission and say, "Does anyone need the badges?" If nobody says yes, you just run through and kill everything. If they do say yes he takes like two minutes and explains it in chat how you get the badges in DFB. I usually mention it once at the start whether I am leading a team or not. Most people don't even take the minimal time to do that, they just GO, GO, GO! Even if you don't listen at all it won't get you banned. Maybe booted from the team. But not banned. The person telling you this was probably nine. Mentally or chronologically, doesn't matter. Nine.
  3. Illusion/Rad has always been the AV solo killer among controllers. If you plan on playing together, and want thematic pairings, then you could split them up. One Illusion/Time, the other Fire/Rad, or Mind/Rad. The primary benefit being the debuffs available to Rad, especially to regen rate, for killing the AVs.
  4. A lot of the problems could be seriously mitigated, I think, by adding a power that just increased your health, by a fairly large amount. Could be 50% enhanceable up to 100%-150%, whatever amount would be able to give you enough of a cushion to give you the surviveability comparable to invulnerability or willpower. The problem is that increasing health also increases regeneration since it is a percentage of health. So it would have to be very finely tuned.
  5. I would imagine to anyone not alive the last time AC/DC had a single on the charts it could be seen that way. (Does a quick internet search to see when that might have been.) WTF?!? 2015?!? I dind't even know they were still alive. (people were doing a LOT of drugs in the 70s) The last song I remember hearing from them on the radio was Money Talks. And it being on the radio should give a hint to how long ago it was.
  6. Not sure what this analysis proves, though. You realize that CoX is essentially free to play. Even though plenty of people make donations to keep it running they don't have to any many don't. It also WAS a professionally developed game back by a multi-national corporation, just like Champions online, before it was closed down. One would expect that if people could get any kind of a comparable experience without paying for it they would take that instead of the paid option. The fact that so many people don speaks pretty highly for Champions.
  7. By "anchor" do you mean a hold? Or, rather, hold/stun/sleep/immobilize. If so, then you might go Illusion. It is probably the control set that has the least holds. In place of that it has Phantom Army and deceive, both of which I find cooler than most holds. Fire is also one that his less about holds and more about just straight up damage. But, if you don't like using holds you might try something like a blaster, dominator or corrupter, because none of them have to worry about setting up containment for the extra damage.
  8. Out of all the defense sets I have played regen seems to require the most management, as well as situational awareness. I have to constantly watch my health bar and be ready to hit a button if it gets low. That would be fine with me, if it offered some sort of benefit to make up for it. Compare regen to invulnerability which is set-and-forget and you would expect there to be some benefit for all the extra work it requires. The only thing I can think of is that it has a self rez, that gives you invulnerability for like 15 seconds (IIRC) and you start with quite a bit of health and not stunned, which is cool. Which could be part of the design. You die a lot, but some back. But you still get penalized for dying. It might be cool, if using your self rez did not penalize you the way going to the hospital or being rezzed from another does.
  9. thanks @Dementedfor the response. not a lot of interest in this among the general population it would seem. What you have is kind of close to mine, +- a couple powers here and there. The main thing I am looking for are set recommendations to fill the slots. My suggestions for you is to put some LotGs in Stealth, Weave and Moment of Glory. And then put one more slot in Tough, and add the +3% def(all) enhancements from Gladiator's Strike and Steadfast Protections.
  10. Also, from a build perspective. Flash, I would drop. I took it, but almost never use it, It can be handy in rare situations where I get in trouble, but they are rare. Such oh crap moments also, usually, involve a boss mob of some sort, which Flash will not hold in one shot by itself. There are plenty of things that would be better. EM Pulse for instance, which you have. So, duplication. Fire Shield, I would drop this. If you are doing it right PA will be taking all the hits and you will rarely need to mitigate damage to yourself. If you could put this on Phantasm it would be fine, since he usually needs more protection than you. I took Rise of the Phoenix, just because it was handy. Group invisibility, I would drop as well. It does offer another slot to mule a LotG. But if you drop this, Flash and Fire Shield. can take, punch, tough and Weave, which does that and offers more defense, I think? You have teleport, so maybe take Teleport Foe? It is handy to pull one mob over, blind him and then beat him down while the rest are running up. Also, TP foe does not require line of sight, so you can do it from around a corner. In general, I have found that more damage powers >> defensive powers >> damage resistance powers. You have low health so resisting damage is not as important as avoiding it which is not as important as dealing more damage.
  11. They screwed up the AI for Phantasm a long time back, and all controller pets as well, IIRC. In spite of having NO MELEE ATTACKS Phantasm will run into melee range after maybe one or two shots and often get smoked. If he doesn't draw agro, which is rare if PA is out, he will get hit by some AoEs or something. Or, just go down 2 seconds after PA disappears. This is fine for the Gravity Control pet, Singularity. Even though it has not melee attacks either that thing is almost indestructible and has a repulsion field that will throw mobs that close to melee range around like rag dolls. But Phantasm has nothing but energy blasts knock down for damage mitigation. They made changes to MM pets a while back to solve this issue for some of the MM pets that were too anxious to run up and slug stuff instead of standing back and shooting, but did not change the controller pets AI at all as far as I know. That is a fix that really needs to be moved way up the priority list, if you ask me. Which nobody has. It should at LEAST be above adding a new power set. But that's just my opinion.
  12. Is this being enforced, though? I'm pretty sure I have seen posted videos on YouTube of people playing the game, as well as people live streaming game play.
  13. Having tried invulnerability and Reflexes I figured I would give Regen a try. It has been ok, but not the greatest. It takes a lot more situational awareness and management than I would like, as opposed to Invulnerability being kind of, set it and forget it. I am constantly forced to keep one eye on my health bar and hit one of the heal buttons I was looking for some cool builds on the forums but Claws/Regen does not seem to be all that popular, at least not from the searches I have done on the forums. Anyone have a good build I can use as a template?
  14. Have not run many dominators, more a controller guy myself. but something I have wondered is; since permadom is so central to dominator builds I assume you always take Hasten, but then which power to you put on auto-fire? Domination? Or Hasten? Because, in most builds for just about every character I take Hasten, which I place on auto. I am under the impression that you can only have one power set this way.
  15. I have on MM, bots/FF because I heard it was easiest. I second that it is pretty sturdy, and kind boring.
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