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  1. I never took Choking cloud on my Ill/Rad because I rarely entered melee range and it just seemed like a waste. But I took it on the Fire/Rad and it is working out REALLY well so far. If I open up with Flashfire to stun the mobs and then move it I take only minimal damage. I did not take it until after I got the imps so it might be different without them burning things down in addition to Hotfeet. His main problem is still endurance, which is in constant short supply. It is better now with the imps because he does not have to run the two toggles and kill everything himself. But he is running with bosses off and I don't know if he will ever be good at taking on EBs or AVs. His ST damage is just so, so meh. I made 35 this weekend and am working on taking Mu for his Patron pool. I thought about switching to Hero long enough to take Fire, since that would match both the theme as well as give him access to fire ball, and Consume. But have never taken one of the Villain pools so figured I'd check it out.
  2. It seems like the WS/PB slot issue could be solved by just giving the Nova/Dwarf forms powers a couple extra slot. Each power comes with a single slot. When someone takes Dwarf form, for example, instead of each of the inherent powers that come with that getting a single slot, they each get 2, or 2 slots on one or two powers, whatever will make taking the form be more viable. This assumes that you need as many slots for a Kheld to begin with. Don't they already get pretty generous modifiers? Nova form gets a higher damage modifier than a blaster. That would seem to make up for a slot. Maybe not enough, but you could up the modifier for damage, in Nova, and maybe in Dwarf form too. To make it account for a slot worth of enhancement.
  3. Well, obviously, this is not meant to be taken literally. It refers to any manufacturers of dairy products.
  4. Overthinking things is kind of what I do, so I will admit to a bit of that. But this doesn't seem that way. Not completely. At the risk of proving you right, though, I will point out that the phrase "changing oil in a car" is not considered a recreational activity in my country. Is it something you consider "fun" in Ooozebecky-becky-becky-stan-stan? Or is that some sort of prison slang you picked up in "the joint"? 😉
  5. To me, this makes no sense though. At least, not for someone who has a farmer. If you were morally opposed to farming or something then fine. But if you have one then you can PL your OWN guy. This game can run on a flip phone. Almost any PC not made out of bamboo and coconut shells can run two instances of it. A second account is allowed by the terms of service, withing reasonable limit. (You'll have to look up what those are.) Any time you spend farming all you need to do is put that farmer in a group with the toon you want to PL. You get the same amount of inf. from the farm run, more in fact since there is a group bonus, and you level a toon. And yet you would spend the inf. that you gain, in large part by farming, to pay someone else to level your guy so you don't have to do it? Obviously, you and anyone else is free to play or not play the game however you like. And I understand how the beginner content is kind of done to death and was not all that good from the start. I just don't understand the reasoning here.
  6. That's explains it then I guess. I was just unaware and had never seen it mentioned before that all epic pool powers used the same modifier regardless of whether it matches the type of attack or not. That just seemed strange to me.
  7. Something here confuses me. Probably because of my ignorance. It says Brute's melee and ranged modifiers are now .75. (ParagonWiki says ranged used to be .5. Is that wrong?) Then "Note that due to the above changes, Epic Pools should see no damage change at all.". But shouldn't ranged damage for butes increase if the modifier went up from .5 to .75? Were Brute Epic powers using the Melee Damage Modifier before? Even on ranged attacks?
  8. Yeah, I was pretty confident that once I got Imps the combination of AM and all the debuffs would be pretty strong. All the other controllers I have run were kind of slow going in the mid-low range. I took Hot Feet but almost never run it. The problem is that running on normal difficulty +0/x1 most mission spawns are 3 minions or 1 min. 1 Lt. That just doesn't justify the cost to run it when it is just damaging 2-3 mobs. Not compared to using the endurance to do attacks. If I were in a group with someone tanking for me it might be worth it, but then I would probably want to hang back and attack at range. I have thought about running at -1/x2-3 and see if that makes it worthwhile. Has anyone tried that?
  9. Yeah, Crushing Field is bad for this. It immobilizes and does damage. In a LARGE area. For some reason mobs HATE that. I learned pretty quick to at least wait until someone did a foot stomp before whipping that one out.
  10. I personally don't care where they hang out, or if they use LFG. As has been said, people spam that for all kinds of groups. It is what it is for. But walking up to random people and asking for a favor is kind of annoying, if only because of how easy it would be to do for themselves what they are asking me, a total stranger, to do for them. I have not read the entire thread, and don't think people should be jerks about it. But I sympathize a certain amount with the complaints of people asking for AE farms. If it were a difficult task they needed help with that is a different matter altogether. I have had people send me a tell asking for help doing the mission to unlock their Alpha Slot. Something most people solo without much trouble, but it can be a challenge for certain archetypes. Whatever the case it is WAAAAY more time consuming than sitting in on my farm mission. But I'm happy to do THAT. My complain it not that people are awful for asking for help levelling, even in a game where it is so easy. If you need help learning how to get food that is one thing. Even when there is food lying all over the ground and growing on trees. I am happy to point to the tree and say, "there food!" But I don't want to chew it for you. Asking for an AE session is a bit like asking someone to baby bird you a GAME. It kind of crosses a line of, how easy do you want things to be?
  11. I made up a red side Fire/Rad controller a few weeks ago. I like him fine. But probably should have done some other secondary. The debuffs in Rad seem to only ever be worthwhile in groups because in solo they eat up so much end that I am better off just using it to do damage. Not posting a build to get detailed build help. Just looking for general tips on skipable powers and if there is a specific point where they usually take off.
  12. This is not exactly true. Spamming FLG to find a fire farm is pretty much the same as using it to do DFB. That IS true. But there are people who panhandle in the AE mission room. It is nothing I would call a problem. I just don't understand it. Random guys will come up and ask to door sit my mission. I probably should not find it annoying, but yeah, kinda? Not because it would cost me that much. It wouldn't. It's just that fire farming doesn't require ANY kind of special resources to start. There are TONS of tutorials out there telling people how to do it. You can create a second account and make up your own guy and FF yourself until your hearts content. There are challenges in running at +4/x8 with solo bosses on and in getting your clear times down and optimizing your inf./hour. That is as much why I do it as to finance my alts. But creating a second account and getting a farmer to 50 who can PL your main account toons up to 30ish is a breeze. If you are impatient with your level progression, even with XP boosts and patrol XP and mission groups then why not just make up a FF of your own?
  13. I am fine with PA jumping into melee, because the members of Phantom Army are invulnerable. Phantasm on the other hand, is not PA. 😄 It can die in a couple swipes from a boss and DOES. It would be nice if the decoy he summons jumped into melee and he did not. But if I had my preferences I would have them both stay at ranged. (by both here I mean Phantasm and his decoy, not PA. PA, as you said, should jump in there and mix it up.)
  14. While it is nice that MM pet AI got fixed it would be cool if the Phantasm AI got something similar so that he no longer runs in for a hug after blasting mobs with a ranged attack. At least, I assume that's what he is doing since he doesn't even HAVE any melee attacks.
  15. I'm cool with some missions forcing you to lead the hostage to the exit. In fact I think it would be cool to have them be vulnerable to attack, the way some mission NPCs are. It would need to be a special class of escort mission, though. Not the norm. One CLEARLY MARKED as special where you NEED to read the briefing if you want to succeed. Like in some timed missions where it warns you there will be a time limit. In this case it would be CLEARLY spelled out in the mission briefing that the hostage would be vulnerable and the bad guys would try to kill them. If you DID succeed, however, you would get a much bigger XP/INF. bonus. Because it would be very difficult, and probably frustrating for some people. And harder for some ATs than others. But as long as it was optional, people could ignore it if they don't want to do it. There is at least one mission in RWZ where you have to be careful not to meet any of the patrols; which are all drones so having stealth does not help in avoiding them. If you aggro any patrol you trigger repeated attacks by bosses and will eventually fail the mission. I think because you aggro a named mob you are not supposed to kill. The most frustrating aspect of that mission for ME is that it is not clearly spelled out that this mission is different from the other 99% of those you go on where what is written in the briefing is just flavor text you can ignore or read if you want.
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