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  1. It was pretty cool. A lot harder than modern MMOs. No in game instance maps. No icon indicating what direction you were supposed to go to get to your destination for a quest. You want some idea how hard a mob will be to fight BEFORE it kills you the first 11 times? What are you some kind of pansy?!? These kids today! They don't know just how good they've got it!
  2. I am fine with it not doing AoE. My problem is that if you want it to do damage to only one thing, and knock the others down through, I suppose a "shockwave effect" or something, then don't have the object be an entire dumpster or a CAR. Have the power summon a lamp or a chair. I always feel more self conscious about using propel on my Gravity Controller than I do energy blasts on my blaster. Just because all the garbage left lying around annoys me enough that I know other people find it so. A half dozen nick nacks people won't notice but a dumpster, a forklift and 79 Chrysler Cordoba sedan is a different matter.
  3. Ah, Shadowrun I was in a long running game for several years back in the day. That was long ago, when the internet was wild and free. Before half of us started playing Asheron's Call and the other half started being annoyed by all the discussion about Asheron's Call.
  4. I agree that knockback is cool. It turns all of your attacks into a tiny bit of a control power. I like it. I am not sure I would slot Energy Torrent for MORE of it, thought, at least not to add to the distance things get knocked back, but if there is something that adds to the chance of doing knockback I would slot that in SECOND. Is there such a thing? Also, I find it curious that you say you get tells complaining about knockback. It may be because I solo a lot but I have been on quite a few teams with a 50+ En/En blaster and have never had anyone in a PUG even mention knockback once. I usually stick to single target attacks in a group, though, unless the spawn is in an alcove or I am hovering overhead. And I don't have knockdown converters in ANY of my powers either. Not even the AoEs. Maybe it is a different server? My guy is on Excelsior. Although, maybe they were griping about it and just never sent me a tell.
  5. I usually do 2-3 damage a couple accuracies and 1-2 hold duration. As for FF on a pet the only thing I found was this discussion that says it only procs when you summon the pet. As for wormhole slotting the only time I ever find KB>KD is on teams and I rarely use it then, since they are usually moving too fast to bother with setting up such a maneuver. And if I ever did, it is usually too easy to aim them at a wall or corner where they bunch up nice. It just seems like something that would be handy on occasion but not often enough to merit giving up a slot. My 2 cents.
  6. People seem to be missing the OPs point that the power sets are determined by the theme of the character. Which I assume /time and /kin might not go with very well. If that is the case then Rad/Rad might work better? I never ran a corrupter with Rad secondary but on a controller it is pretty strong. Lots of good debuffs and just about the best single buff in the game. Not a lot of control, though. Not saying fire/time and anything/kin might not be way stronger, so go with those if I am off base with the theme thing. If not I cannot think of any more "corrupter-ish" sets to pair up. Dark? Dark is pretty strong I think, and has a built in stealth, as well as some controle which is nice for a ranged character. Being hidden allows you to choose the distance at which to start a fight, because nothing sucks more as a sqishy than running around a corner and aggroing things that you cannot keep at bay. Of course you can pick up stealth as a pool power, so it is not necessary to have it as part of a secondary, just nice.
  7. If you type "/loc" in game you can get your positional coordinates. With that and the coordinates from the wiki...
  8. Singularity is probably the best. It is like having a controller as a pet. Or, more like a controller/tank. It is incredibly tough, has a repulsion field that keeps virtually anything from getting into melee with it, or YOU if you stand by/in it and as has been said it helps you set up containment for double damage by hitting things with holds.
  9. I can see why people would not like them. It ticked me off quite a bit. Especially since I actually remembered reading that I had to catch the guy, and put two and to together, but only AFTER I saw him run by me while I was fighting an unrelated spawn and couldn't get away to catch him. I am cool with adding twists to a mission and even with making the mission difficult by not explicitly calling out what exactly you need to do in order to succeed. But your decisions on a mission and the content of the text makes a difference so very RARELY that when you get one where it actually DOES you will never notice. They can put all the twists and turns they want in a mission and I would be happy to run them, as long as they are distinguished from the run of the mill missions where you travel to the entrance and begin engaging mobs and clicking on items until everything on the map(s) are inert.
  10. I believe so. I'm pretty sure one of my guys has 1 out of 4 IOs that is NOT attuned and I am almost certain he gets the 4 item bonus. Edit note : This will not be true for a set and a "superior" version of that set. The Will of The Controller set and the Superior Will of The Controller sets are two different sets, for example, and will not combine to give the set bonus.
  11. OK, so BOOMtown, not BRICKStown. I cAn sOMe rEaD GOod tiMe aT Am. While I think my original sentiment still kind of stand, it's way less strong. I know I've done content there, but not much. Now that I think about it I can't remember if I have ever actually talked to contact IN that zone. Are there any?
  12. I don't know about this. I've done the "prison break" event there and have had several contacts give me missions there as well. Not saying it is jam packed with content or anything. Just that there are things to do and that it is hardly a content wasteland. It might be the origins of the characters I chose led me there on a few guys? I'm pretty sure that has a bit of an effect on the chain of contacts you get.
  13. I beg to differ. Most recent example I can recall was a mission to save some Rikti diplomats in the War Zone who had been kidnapped by Nemesis. The first one I rescued was some kind of "Chief Mentalist" or something who wanted to help attack stuff; which is fine. But because it was F***ing Nemesis there were snipers which meant he aggroed 2-3 spawns that once and wound up dying. The instant that happened I was kicked out of the mission and it failed. That is fine. But it should have spelled that out in the mission because I would have been much more cautious in how I aggroed stuff. Doing corner pulls and stuff. I was just careless, but in 99% of the missions you can BE careless. I would amend number 3, (not just to correct my typo, "dies" instead of "does") but to add "if it escapes" as well. Since I had one mission where I was supposed to stop an Arachnos guy from getting away and did not realize he was going to be running through the mission and I might miss him as he ran by. Again, I am ok with there being such missions, and would be fine playing them. They are fun. And a nice change. But they are so, so rare, that when they do get assigned I almost never realize it until I have failed them. All because 99% of the missions are of type "A" and when you get a "B" 1% of the time you are usually on autopilot. And there is never any indicator to show it. THAT is incredibly frustrating.
  14. Seems like, in the absence of an in-game list, this section of the forums would be as good a place to make up one in the time being. Then the people making the stories arcs could keep it updated. Maybe the devs could sticky a new thread and people could put in one entry per person and containing updated lists of their missions with appropriate search parameters. One question would be, if someone on Excelsior created a mission is it available for people on any other server? Or would the user need to save and upload it to each server? Could the dev team push this content across all servers? Just bringing it up to see if the creator of a mission needs to specify the server(s) on which it is available or not.
  15. All I want is a warning for a couple things BEFORE I accept it. 1) about how long will it take. 2) does it have a time limit. 3) Is there a mob in it that if it does will fail the mission. That last one is one I don't particularly like. Mainly because the AI is stupid and will get them killed. Often these mob are "assistants" who will attack stuff and get themselves killed if I am not running a guy with taunt. I would accept a mission that broke any of the OP rules as long as I had some way of telling what I was getting into beforehand. That may not be "realistic" but I have a job and other obligations in the "realistic" world.
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