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  1. Actually it would probably be pretty easy. As other people have pointed out, you can kind of do it NOW. You just need to build out the new incarnate power you want to switch to, through emp. merits and threads or shards or whatever. You can have as many of them as you want, just not slotted at the same time. The only sensible equivalent of a "respec" would just be a matter of allowing someone to "trade in" a currently built incarnate button for another one at the same level. Or break down one they have into components that could be used to build another one. Whether they ever WOULD do it is another matter altogether. The game was designed to make it a pretty serious choice. Each one is expensive and time consuming to build. 10 million inf. would be nothing to someone at that level. A more reasonable cost might be 10 empyrean merits or 100 threads. Or, 2-3 merits/10 threads to break a tier 4 into the 2 tier 3 + components it cost to make the t4, and then another 2-3 merits to break t3>t2 etc. 10 merits would break a T4 down into just threads and merits.
  2. I just recently did a search for CoH Homecoming on Google and the first link to appear is a PAID add to "Buy CoH Influence and power leveling". It was probably not all that expensive since the market for buying a Google add for results in "City of Heroes Homecoming" is probably not that great. But it is kind of a sign that Homecoming has made it. You have generated a parasitic secondary market.
  3. I agree that Ill/Rad doesn't need buffs, and I also agree that it would be nice if a ranged pet, like Phantasm, just behaved in a reasonably logical way. I'm cool with the illusion he summons running in and mixing it up with a hord of Knives of Vengeance bosses. He can't be hurt. The Phant can, and DOES. And if he had even ONE melee attack you could argue that he maybe should run in there once and a while. And since I don't think he does, yeah. He should just hang out with me and watch the fireworks from the PA pack, and feel free to shoot in there whenever the mood strikes him.
  4. I have received the Time Lord badge but did not get the Time Lord's Boon accolade. On the Paragon wiki it says this is all that is required to get the accolade. Is this mistaken or is this a bug? https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Time_Lord_Badge
  5. Ah, AC. I remember my days as a young Sho warrior camping the Lithos room in the Lugian Citadel. What server did you play on AC?
  6. I don't think the issue is with how hard it would be to add them. That would probably be a flip of the switch sort of thing. The problem is with adding pools that are balanced. Useful enough for people to want to take them, but not so broken or just universally useful that they become must haves. Hasten from Speed is an example of a power that is just so good that almost everyone takes it. Everyone interested in optimizing at least. As opposed to Flurry from the same pool that almost no one takes. All the work would go into making sure the new pools had stuff that was between the two.
  7. Have not read every post here, but is the problem with key binds and animation times an asynchronous problem? Meaning the reason it won't work is because the bind macro will try to initiate each power in a row immediately, and if one of them forces you to wait for an animation to run it will stop the subsequent ones from running? If that is the case it would seem that you CAN have one power in a series with an animation time. As long as it is the LAST power. Would that work?
  8. You can use your "global email handle". Create and email, and send it to "@MyEmailHandle". I think you can find it under your information panel in game. The email has a box for influence. Here is a link to the mail system https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Mail_System
  9. I can understand how someone would be willing to sell inf. or some in game item for real money. What's not to like about getting paid for doing something you find fun, like playing a game. What I DON'T understand is how someone would be willing to PAY for such stuff. If you don't enjoy the game enough to get the item through playing the game then, play another game.
  10. I see a number of posts where people compare damage done by various attacks on various standard mobs, usually something like a Rikti Pylon or some such. I know in some games they have target dummies that people use for this. Something similar to what they have in the Rikti War Zone near Serpent Drummer. The problem with the dummies in RWZ is that when you hit them they say you did "0 damage". Is there any chance we could get this changed? So that we can make informed decision about how much damage a given attack does? You could give the dummies, or any object or mob you want for the sake of testing, zero resistance to every damage type, and zero defense but they have 1,000,000 health and regenerate 10,000 health per tick. You may need to do some hack to keep this from counting toward badges or something because I know SOMEONE will try and use it that way. But unless there is some other reason I don't see why we can't have something like this to allow for testing and number crunching, for those of us so inclined. The live game devs. seemed to be REALLY opposed to allowing player to have anything more than a cursory knowledge of the games inner workings, but they ain't the boss of us any more. Right?
  11. I just got Wormhole and have yet to work out how to make it really useful. I mostly open up with Crushing Field and Freezing Rain to hold them in place, then single target them, as has been said before in this thread. I find the hurricane to be incredibly useful with CoT ghosts though. Not sure why, I think the holds just don't seem to work as well on them? Maybe makes sense since, you know, ghosts, gravity? Not sure, but those things would eat my lunch until I got Hurricane. With it running though they will be too busy rushing in and getting pushed back to actually attack as much and it gives me time to burn them down. Everyone else probably knows this already, but I restate it because it took a while for it to actually sink in with me. Some mobs are more resistant to certain hold effects, not just damage typesd. Like the Vahzilok zombies will not stay asleep, although dominate/holds seems to work much better. Don't know if anyone has compiled a list of holds that work better on one thing than another, but I would love to see one if they have. Those Arachnose Fortunata mentalists are pretty slippery as well. Not sure what works on them.
  12. Anything /rad has some awesome debuffs and one great buff, but most groups, at least all the ones you want to stay in, will likely be steamrolling missions whether you do anything or not. I rarely get a chance to anchor a debuff before the mob it is on is down and we are moving on to the next group. The one I had the most luck with, in groups, although it was a bit slow until around lvl 22, was Gravity/Storm. Crushing field and Freezing Rain come up often enough and do enough debuffing and damage that I can usually get them both off on every spawn which makes me feel productive. Not to mention Wormhole. But that, like the /rad debuffs is more useful in a group willing to spend more than .05 seconds planning an attack.
  13. I think the idea for having them cost endurance when you use them is to make them work like ever other power? All kidding aside, I can definitely agree, however, that if their effectiveness is reduced when in combat then their end. cost should be reduced as well.
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