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Hamidon Raid/Interface? Bug


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Killed Hamidon In 10 seconds with a league of 4-5 teams 5 separate times on Sunday. After that tested A "HAMIKAZE" kill on Hamidon with a league of 5.5 teams without even touching the Mitochondria. Hamidon went down in 10 seconds or so. Either Main hamidon Nucleus is Bugged or its the New Interface slot powers Overstacking. The Healer(green) Mitos stood no chance in stopping our damage. and the other reblooms couldnt even get into the scene fast enough to do anything to stop our kill on Hami. Perhaps The interface for Degenerative -Max HP or Reactive -Res or both are overstacking on the nucleus. Ran All Trials After Hamidon and we killed Marauder in the LAMBDA Sector without using grenades in about 4 minutes flat, which it usually takes at least about 10-13 minutes with a good team/league which leads me to believe it might be the overstacking interface Slot Powers.

I lead Hamidon Raids and All Incarnate Trials pretty much daily for Indomitable Shard.

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From my understanding several people mathematically proofed the formula for interface procs, that said they weren't working how they were apparently meant to before.


This could be a victim of power creep and actually how it's supposed to work based on the math.


That said, I've long thought that the Hamidon needs a serious buff as it was never designed around IO's let alone Incarnate Abilities. It used to be a challenge that it was a sign of accomplishment to have a bunch of Hammi-O's, now, the Hive is just another Safe Space where HO's or Merits are given out like participation ribbons.

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19 hours ago, Hatecrew25 said:

Confirmed Main Hamidon Nucleus is at 7.500-8000 HP at time of death. Interface -MaxHP is overstacking and perhaps others such as Reactive. Several times.

Had him down to 6500 by the time we finished.

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