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Savage/Rad build help


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Fun fact: I don't actually know anything about end-game builds! Whee!


As such, I have no idea what sets I should aim for. I don't know how to reach the Def cap.


From Savage Melee, I have everything except Taunt and Hemorrhage, and I have everything from Rad Armor.


I took Super Jump as my travel power. I have Tough (currently 3-slotted with Unbreakable Guard) and Weave (currently has EndRdx and LotG: +Recharge)


For my Epic pool, I took Energy Mastery and have Superior Conditioning and Physical Perfection, although I was thinking of taking Arctic Mastery to get Block of Ice, Shiver, and Ice Storm...more for thematic reasons.


Any help from our resident build gurus would be greatly appreciated!

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@NemeanLiondo you hav mids? I'll help with a build, but you'll need mids to see it (savage melee is my own current hype project). So please get it off these forums if you don't have it already.


I wouldn't take shred, taunt, or hemorrhage n savage melee. I would also take maneuvers, tough and weave, combat jumping, and super speed as it allows you to take hasten with it. You'll likely be better served with a different epic with different attacks/debuffs depending on how you plan to use the character (teaming, soloing, TFs, exemplar etc.). I'll post a build based on what you intend to do with the character.

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