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Phantom Power Bar Won't Go Away


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How can I completely uninstall CoH and Tequila?  A freind is seeing some bizarre interface issues.  I tried deleting the CoH folder and reinstalling but there's data somewhere outside the CoH folder that's preserving this problem.

One of my friends is seeing a power bar labelled "9" on screen for every character she plays.  It can be moved around, Right clicking on it does not give any options (like closing the bar). One time CoH stopped responding to the number keys and switched what power bar it thought was the "ctrl+number" key and which was the "alt+number".

We've tried deleting the entire CoH folder and not just reinstalling but reinstalling the game to a different folder on the machine (original install location was "Documents" for some reason.  Don't ask) but this did not correct the issue.  Logging in to her account on a different machine does not show any problems.

Win10 machine.  What do I need to do to wipe everything CoH and tequila-related out and start over completely?

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