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(PvP) Reduce Slow Res Cap to 95%

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So, in light of Electrical Affinity and all the new degrees of debilitating -end that's going to unleash, I want to bring up something underperforming in PvP.




Slows just aren't worth their salt in PvP. -Movement doesn't seem to do a single thing over there, and every other IO comes with slow res to only heighten the issue. Now, I don't know whatever pretenses caused PvP IOs to all come with heaps of slow res, so I won't have any complaints there. Especially since if these changes go through, it won't be an issue as much anyway. Let's take a second to consider:


  1. Reducing the PvP rech res cap to 95% in line with all the other debuff res
  2. Increasing the strength of -movement debuffs on debuff-centered powers for PvP, similar to what currently happens with -regen debuffs like Heat Exhaustion or Envenom

I think that's fair. Everyone goes zipping about in zones right now, kiting and the likes, usually blasters, and controllers have little relevance outside of very specific scenarios. I think starting with making slows actually MEAN something would be a good first step in allowing all the archetypes to have a degree of relevancy again. Obviously, we aren't going to see trolls 1v1ing (competent) blasters or scrappers like ever, but not everything is a 1v1. One of masterminds biggest issues is being thrall to chase tactics, giving them something other than unreliable immobilize (which really only helps if it's web grenade anyway) wouldn't hurt at all.


Frankly, the fact that people can walk around IMMUNE to a cold doms primary debuff is ridiculous, and it's no wonder people don't roll support as much in PvP.


Some of my stuff can be literally ignored, and that's without the intense numbers of recharge that most PvPers jump around with. Am I wrong on this one?

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