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Wish there were some cool Mods to install?


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Well now there is!


I have been working on a few mods as of late and I wanted to share them with the rest of the community. The mods I have set up so far are as follows.


  • Revamp of the City of Heroes theme song
  • Revamp of the Atlas Plaza theme song
  • Star Wars Blaster SFX for Dual Pistols
  • A very appealing SFX Mod for Beam Rifle
  • Original Peacebringer SFX that reverts the recent PB SFX nerf.


There are more mods out there that have been created by several other players and I am working with another poster on getting these mods all together and into a centralized location. The goal is to make ALL CoH Mods accessible to all players and easy to find. You'll be updated once this happens. As of right now...


The link, description and directions on how to install the mods that have been mentioned are in my Sig.



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